Resveratrol supplemented men become fitter

Resveratrol supplemented men become fitter

Resveratrol is one of the most popular supplements of recent years with a range of studies supporting its potential for improving health and body composition. The majority of these studies have taken place in animals though so a recent study showing the potential benefits of Resveratrol for adult males makes for promising reading.

In this study eleven healthy but obese men were given 150mg/day of Resveratrol or placebo for 30 days in a double blind crossover design. With no change to their diet a range of health markers improved. Circulating levels of triglycerides, inflammatory markers and fat deposits in the liver fell while metabolic function improved.

While they burned the same number of calories a day, their bodies metabolic rate declined and their muscles’ utilisation of fuel became more efficient similar to how training can induce similar changes but, in this study, in men who were not training. In effect, the Resveratrol supplemented men were becoming fitter as measured by a range of health markers without taking any additional exercise. In addition to the measures mentioned already, glucose levels and blood pressure declined while AMPK, associated with improvements in mitochondria function increased.

The study showed that resveratrol supplementation, even without an adjunctive training and diet program can induce a similar situation as a caloric restricted diet would do as the way these men’s bodies responded to resveratrol was pretty much identical to what we would expect to see in a dieting population.

Although there was no actual weight loss, the results showed improvement across so many different health markers that this study just begs for a follow up one where there is supervision of diets and training to see what real world difference can be made with Resveratrol. At the very least, it would be interesting to see a longer term study to see if the improvement across these range of health markers led to a better long term outcome in terms of health and lifespan for Resveratrol supplemented subjects.


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