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Driven Sports

Craze V2 40 Servings

Incredible Focus and Power
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  • Driven Sports Craze v2 40 Servings Benefits

    • The legend is back
    • Craze v2 gets you in the zone better than ever before
    • Effortless performance from the first rep to the last
    • A mind-muscle connection that makes you feel as one with the weights
    • Coruscating energy and laser-like focus 
    • Setting personal bests has never been so easy 


    Predator Nutrition Craze v2 40 Servings Review

    No product has been so eagerly anticipated as Craze v2 and once you have tried it you will see why. Driven Sports have done an amazing job not just in creating a great preworkout but completely altering our perception for what a preworkout should look like. When Predator Nutrition first tried Craze v2 we didn't know what to expect but after working on the beta testing with Driven Sports we were seeing results that we had never seen before from any preworkout and this was a blind sampling session where of eight users, none knew what the product they were testing was.

    The feedback from these sessions using Craze v2 was unlike anything we had experienced before in a supplement. Everyone from Predator Nutrition who tested Craze v2 remarked on how they felt as though the weights were almost an extension of their physical selves with many saying they felt in a state of flow, a psychological state characterised by feeling at one with your body, confident that you are powerful and in complete control. Athletes who attain a state of flow, also known as being in the zone, often remark that they experience a zen-like state of joy and are able to perform tremendous physical feats while feeling as though they are completely absorbed in the present moment.

    That is what you can expect from Craze v2.

  • Driven Sports Craze V2 40 Servings Supplement Facts

    40 Servings Craze V2
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (7.38g)
    Servings per container: 40
    Amount Per Serving  
    Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 250mg
    Craze Proprietary Blend 4.75g
    Creatine Monohydrate, Trimethylglycine (Betaine Anhydrous), L-Tyrosine, L-Citrulline, Choline Bitartrate, Greater Galangal Extract (root), Little Clubmoss Extract (whole plant), Caffeine, Anhydrous, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Velvet Bean Extract (seed)

    Other Ingredients:
    Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Silica, Natural & Artificial Flavours, FD&C #40

  • Driven Sports Craze V2 40 Servings Directions

    As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop with 8oz of cold water 15-30 minutes prior to training. Ingredients may settle in water. Consume immediately. Shake container prior to each use. Store in a cool dry place. DO NOT EXCEED 2 SCOOPS IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.

  • Craze V2 & Frenzy


    I must start by saying that I haven`t tried Craze V2 alone, only in combination with Frenzy. I don`t get stimmed up or anything but I can feel a great increase in pumping ability when I use Craze V2 and Frenzy together. I personally like that I don`t crash afterwards either. The price is a little bit to much because of combinating the products. Anyway it will always come down to a personal judgement, so try a sample as sum have recommended before.

    by Swedish trainer

    Stack with frenzy for the ultimate PWO


    By itself this gives good focus and at two that focus is even better but try a scoop of this with one scoop of frenzy and you have an absolute beast of a PWO which is even better than the old craze.

    By itself, this is a great focus supplement but frenzy provides the spark to take things to another level.

    by Jerome

    Pure focus


    Craze v2 I didn't rate at first tbh but then I found that when I adjusted my dose and had it on an empty stomach it was so much better.

    It's not an energy product so much as it gives crystal clear focus and for me at translates into better performance, more endurance and that's even with me taking less rest.

    by John



    Firstly I am a massive driven sports fan & have been using PWO for years since the old Jack3d days.
    Crazev2 is a very poor PWO with only focus boosted, no extra energy pumps or strength! Frenzy is a great and far better product, stacking the 2 is a way of making money IMO, best advice I can give is buy a sample first!!!! so glad I did.

    by Stevo

    Fantastic Pre-workout Drink


    i have taken this a few times now and I can honestly say it's one of the best pre workout drinks I have ever taken it seemed to give me relentless energy to keep pushing my self even more. The good thing with craze v2 there was none of the side effects associated with the original craze. Don't get me wrong I still prefer the original craze but I do think this is much better than frenzy and as a pre workout drink I doubt anything would be as good as this

    by David

    not as good as expected :(


    After all the hype of this, im afraid to say it didnt live up to its name, dont get me wrong it does hit you as soon as you take it but after 30 mins you feel normal again, iv only taken it twice, and on my 2nd time i went up to 2 and a half scoops and still not as good as frenzy, ifrenzy is alot more aggresive and you feel pumped even making your way to.the gym, will not be buying this again, will be going back to frenzy,

    by rob



    Picture a heavy weight boxing legend coming back from retirement to have one more fight, like this guy has never lost a fight in his 20 year career, knocking boys out left right and centre. He returns for his come back fight, the crowd are all at the edge of their seats with anticipation and excitment. The bell goes, and the legend gets knocked out with one punch. Fight over. That analogy sums up how I feel about Craze V2. But I keep asking myself, what did I expect?

    by Jonny McC

    Im sorry..


    very quickly, background, training for over 8 years, been using pre-workouts on and off for about 5 years!

    Like everyone else, i couldnt wait to try this, im sorry to say this is the worst pre workout i have ever taken, i loved craze, frenzy was amazing, ive tried them all, mixed them all, the fact is, this product does nothing, and im not sure how people are leaving such good reviews, i get more of a kick from shot of instant coffee, extremely disappointed, not even a placebo effect, absolutely nothing, the best pre workout if you can get your hands on it by far, is unstoppable by dedicated nutrition.

    by MV

    Somewhat Worthy


    First off, lets not compare V2 to V1. Craze V1 was way more dominant than V2, epecially Candy Grape. Ive actually stacked V2 with V1, and it was on point! Focus overkill with the long lasting sustained energy of V1. V2 by itself.....well, It seemed to wear off quickly for me. Decent focus at best, minimum pump in my opinion. Stack V2 with another preworkout/pump supplement, and you could have something.

    by Nick L



    Been using since release day doing 1 scoop of CrazeV2 and 1 scoop of Frenzy , I have to agree the more you use CrazeV2 the more better it seems to be getting whereas Frenzy is very potent on its own but mixing with CrazeV2 makes it a differnet experience altogther, today a few hours after my workout i Felt like i was flying when walking down the road not sure about the long term health risks with combining both but for workouts it cant be beaten , insane potent stuff

    by Mani

    Nummer 1


    sehr guter booster, energie ohne ende!

    by Cem

    Far better than the original


    The OG Craze was amazing!
    I was flying about the gym, energy levels peaking.
    I was so disappointed when it got banned and was so excited to hear about craze 2.
    Craze 2 is far better than the OG.
    Just because there are no shakes and no crazy sweats.
    Its an unusual buzz compared to the original.
    Craze 2 has more of a mental effect than anything and its in a good way.
    It makes you feel positive and alive in the moment.
    I definitely have a better workout using this than any other pre-workout.
    The focus, drive and energy it gives me is amazing.
    Try it for yourself.
    You wont be disappointed.

    by Chris Regan

    Craze-y good for focus.


    Have used this twice now and on both occasions it gave great focus, an ability to move between sets with minimum rest and also imparts a nice feel good factor. Very happy.

    by Mark

    Very disappointed


    Felt awesome on the original craze, liked frenzy as well, but I tried 2 scoops the first time on this and felt nothing at all.
    Original craze had med working and and then going out running for 2 hours straight, on this, i didn't even feel like training arms after I did shoulders, not even on 2 scoops!

    Sorry, completely worthless in my opinion, seeing as its taken like 2 years for it to return, and the price really does not match the quality of this product.

    by Martin Färm

    Very good - even better with Frenzy


    Really really good product alone I rate 4 stars, ebtter than anything else out there. Make this a FIVE STAR if you do a scoop of V2 with a scoop of Frenzy. seriously guys, try it, thank me later!

    by James H

    Awesome leg day


    I just CRUSHED a leg wo after taking one scoop of this. Can't wait to try two scoops for my next workout. It might actually be too strong but we'll see. I'll update this review on the weekend with my results. Can;t wait!

    by Jay Wilks

    might b better than OG


    i consider myself a stim junky and i was a regular user of OG craze so i bought this not expecting much but kinda hoping there was something in it that would pop. i dunno whats in it but it works. very different feel to OG but so far i am thinking it could be even better

    by Andrew Clurman

    Gets better with each workout


    I think some of the poor reviews below are too quick to judge. I've used this for several workouts now and while I liked it a lot for the first workout, I like it even more on the 5th workout, like there is some kind of build up effect.

    It tastes great, mixes really well, starts working fast, and really channels a great workout. If anyone can point me towards a better product available today I'll gladly listen. In the mean while, this is my go-to pre.

    by Craig Capurso

    Mood Elevator


    Craze 2 is a funny one. While my workouts are very good where this really shines for me is as a functional stimulant that makes me focused, alert and in an uplifted mood all day long and does so without any palpitations, blood pressure rises or anything else that is not good for you.

    Training feels easier and pumps seem excellent while the appetite to train harder is there but in a calmer way than the likes of Jack3d. Not everyone will like it as some of the reviews suggest but the people like me who like it, really seem to like it!

    by Neil

    I feel so great on this


    I have used this for both workouts and non-workout days and it is amazing. Better than the old Craze v1 for focus and without the side effects of poor sleep and post-crash mood swings.

    With Craze v2 I find I am in a VERY good mood all day long - everything feels right with the world and I feel both more confident and talkative and yet relaxed without any stimmy feel.

    Funny how some like this and some don't and it probably boils down to those who appreciate/respond well to nootropics and mood elevators like it while those who want something resembling a legal high hate it.

    As far as training goes I feel motivated to train hard not because my heart is pumping blood but because I feel positive and more engaged with life in general.

    Craze v2 is a wonderful supplement and if you respond well to it you will love it too!

    by Brian Harper

    Poor Product


    Bought 4 tubs thinking this is what I've been waiting for, having used Craze V1, original Jack3D, Frenzy, etc. Sadly dissappointed.

    Lacking the focus from original craze, pump was also missing. I would recommend obtaining a sample before you buy a tub. Pretty poor PWO and overpriced as well.

    by Peter

    not great


    They have made crazy pretty much like any other standard pwo out there, too much caffeine as well. Frenzy is a much better shout and is similar to the original craze

    by John R

    Too much focus!


    Overall this was a great pwo. Unlike v1 it had a lot less energy and way more focus. I did not wan to talk to anybody in the gym or even think about anything else for that matter. The downside was i wish i had a bit more energy and a bit less tunnel vision. I was in the gym for about and hour and 30 mins and it felt like i had popped 2 aderall pills for another hour after i had done working out. A great product for people looking to get shit done!

    by Henry Christie

    craze V2 the best


    Meiner Meinung nach besser als craze v1.

    Nach ca 20 Minuten hatte ich einen extremen Fokus (besser als v1) und wollte nur noch Gewichte stemmen.
    Habe Brust trainiert und hatte wie damals beim alten craze das gefühl ich sei hulk und wollte gar nicht mehr aufhören zu trainieren. Hatte nur 15 sekunden pause zwischen den Sätzen da ich sofort wieder loslegen wollte.
    Für mich der beste Booster den ich jemals gehabt habe. Besser als Craze v1 oder Frenzy
    Danke für dieses Produkt Driven Sports ihr seid die besten.

    by Florian Ellensohn

    Don't believe the hype.


    After being a huge fan of the original I had high expectations for Craze V2. The only similarity I have found is that this version gives you a dry mouth just as the original. The taste however is actually really nice which is unusual for a preworkout. It also mixes really well but so do most of the other pre's that are around at the moment, just added to water, bit of a shake around and it's good to go. I have tried many many pre's over the years and some have been good, others great (until they got banned or removed from sale) ,and others just meh. Unfortunately in my opinion Craze v2 is just average and nothing special. I don't get laser like focus, or any super duper mind muscle connection. I have trained for over 20 years and have dabbled with pre's for around 5 so do have some experience and even had none for 6 weeks prior to trying this product. It does mayb make you slightly more alert in the gym but only very slightly. If you are one of these people just starting to think about trying your first pre workout drink and don't want anything to make you go nuts in the gym then this could be for you as it is very mild even at two scoops. So it would be a good one to try. Personally I prefer Frenzy which is also made by Driven Sports and when I finish my tub of craze v2(so as not to have wasted my money) I will be buying Frenzy instead as this is in my opinion much better.

    by Kingy

    Craze V2 is Doo Doo


    i thought i share my review by posting on Driven Sports Facebook page but they deleted my comment. Hmm wonder why. But this new craze just proves that reformulated products just don't work. With this new craze there is no boost, no extra energy, no mid/muscle focus no nothing. DS played it safe just look at the ingredients, nothing special. People will realize that this hype is all in their heads because of the reputation the original craze had and this will flop soon. Now, hopefully my REAL review gets approved here aswell otherwise it just shows that PN also censors people just like ds and if i don't see my review here i will take my money elsewhere.

    by Marco



    Good pre-workout but not great and definitely not a legend as the craze 1 was! In terms of energy I would say 7/10 same goes for the focus , endurance/stamina was pretty good I would say 9/10 and that will be probably the best thing about this pre-workout I could do a lot more reps with the same weights I usually do.In terms of pump I would say 0/10 but since is not promising any pump you can't blame it for it.One more thing to mention first time I took it I took one scoop as recommended and for me personally it was tiny bit too short,2 scoops is just right for,but thats just me,don't go crazy guy's and jump to 2 scoops straight!

    by J.O

    Better than the original


    I found the original Craze too stimmy and it left me feeling bad after taking it but Craze 2 works great - puts you in the zone just like the review by Predator says and no crash.

    Probably not suited to someone who wants to feel like they are taking some illicit but for me this is perfect. The focus enables me to rest for much less and perform harder and longer while the effects last only 2-3 hrs and no comedown.

    Well done DS!

    by Oliver



    Taking this I didn't know what to expect. Nothing like v1 as this is all about focus but it's got great taste and taking it I felt like I was on a mission training.

    Reps went up and compared to v1 no crash at all!

    by Cory

    still got it


    Ok so I've taken almost every pwo, I'm a bit of a pwo. Junkie-jack3d, no xplode, craze v1 etc. This was up there with the best, I took it just before my 20 min drive to the gym, don't feel any tingling or buzz straight away, just an elevated mood. Get into the gym and I just felt really ready and focused to train, I hit New pb's on almost everything I trained and could keep going
    Very good Pwo with focused, strong energy I absolutely love it. It maybe has less of a euphoric feeling than craze v1 and I was exhausted when I got home but that may be because I trained harder than usual!

    by george

    Tremendous Focus


    Not the euphoria of the old version but the focus is something I've never experienced and really enables you to train hard and train fast. My workout flies on this and having used it 3 times now I didn't see any drop off in effect.

    The focus lasts around 4-6 hrs and no crash so no issues taking in the evening unlike v1.

    by Terry Matthews

    Review of the LEGEND Craze V2


    My CrazeV2 just arrived today and Im so excited to try what this new KING will do ...
    By the way, I am a very stim junkie person ...

    Overrall : 7/10
    Focus : 7/10
    Mix ability : 9/10
    Energy : 7/10

    Legend definitely is back but is not as good as the 1st version.

    Craze v2 gets you in the zone better than ever before - is okay, there is better preworkout that gets u zone in.

    Effortless performance from the first rep to the last - I do not think so , that's just my opinion.

    A mind-muscle connection that makes you feel as one with the weights - well is descent, nothing special.

    Coruscating energy and laser-like focus - Is just marketing stuff to promote CrazeV2.

    Setting personal bests has never been so easy - It might help you but only by a little not huge different.

    That is my unbiased review for CrazeV2. In conclusion, CraveV2 is great but is not as powerful or super preworkout like people were saying.

    by John

    Impressive sequel


    Ok, so I have now taken Craze v2 and this looks like it is a more than worthy replacement for v1.
    Without boring everyone to death I think it's better for focus, better for mental productivity and much, much better than v1 as far as not having any side effects. I took it at 7pm and slept like a baby after having a session which I can only say is pretty much to a tee how Predator described it on their review – tunnel vision focus, drive and unquenchable power.
    A big thumbs up here:)

    by Icarus

    Big Dissapointment


    Not as good as Craze or Frenzy. Lacking the extra grit that you need in the gym from this product. Energy levels were ok not the best. The taste isn't as sharp as Frenzy and I never really felt as though it was working that well untill I got home and get settle down. I would say spend your money on Frenzy not this.

    by Rick

    The King Is Back


    I think this product is even stronger than the original craze, i used this on its own with only a little extra caffeine from coffee, it took 30 mins and then i was provided with the massive tunnel vision and super focus.

    I was able to do 15 reps with the full stack on leg extensions at the start of my workout where i only normally do 8-10.

    It also made time feel much slower and i was performing sets with only 30-45 seconds rest which makes it great for those who just want to blast through their sessions and get home to rest.

    It also allowed me to go up-to 750 pounds on leg press for 8 reps, could only do 4-5 before. note this is at a body-weight of 168 pounds so i am not that heavy.

    I only used 1 scoop making this a very potent product, i also had more energy left in the tank after performing additional sets and drop sets in the gym.

    I love the unstoppable feeling this provides, it makes you really want to tear the machines and weight up, it gave me really good productive aggression and a major strenght and endurance boost. 10/10 This product is even better than Frenzy. Craze V2 = A*

    by John

    Going to compare it with craze because that's what everyone is wondering.


    Focus 8/10
    Stamina 10/10
    Aggression 4/10 (i love aggression)
    Taste and Mixability 8/10

    Ok so, lets compare to orginal craze. This I didn't feel upfront, as in with the original craze you'd feel the drive and euphoria suddenly. But with this i did not feel that. what i did feel however, was unlimited energy and decent focus. On EVERY set i beat my personal best, had an hour and a half of weightlifting and wasn't out of breath ONCE, even straight after a set. i had the cherry flavour and it was nice but seriously, who gives a damn about what preworkout tastes like? my muscles felt exhausted from the increased performance but i kept going with ease. Oh and no other preworkout I've ever tried (engn, frenzy,) has worked at all only this and original craze. i probably have a high tolerance. Definitely worth the buy, so hurry yo ass up before it's gone!

    by Dan



    Just come back from workout with 1 scoop of CrazeV2 and 1 scoop of Frenzy ,blased through a intense legs session and then blasted through a chest workout then did a 20 mins sprint at 18km/s then i ran out of time i had to leave gym still full of energy , will need to do full upper body workout next time but from what I experienced today was amazing with severe shades of CrazeV1

    by Mani

    Good but nowhere near Original Formula


    I bought a tub of Craze V2 hoping for something close to the original and after 1 workout I am sitting on the fence. The taste of it is very good and when you look at it there is no crystals like the original, it is very much fine powder like and the cherry doesn't taste awful. What I tend to find is the worse it tastes the better the pre workout is. So after 35 minutes and 2 scoops I hit the gym. No real buzzy or tingly feeling or rush of euphoric state but an in the zone focus and real determination to succeed, didn't really push anything heavier, however I did feel like I could have stayed past the 1 hour I did in there and rest between sets seemed shorter. Not the shivering spine tingling, hair standing on end like Craze but a decent focus with very good pumps. At just under a pound a workout not sure it will be everybody's cup of tea and I wouldn't really say a stim buzz. Would definitely say try for yourself, though Craze OG was far superior.

    by James Clarke



    1 scoop of Craze V2 stacked with 1 scoop of Frenzy about to test in 30 mins woooohoo

    by mani

    Excellent Preworkout


    This is as good as v1!

    by HÅKAN
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