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Driven Sports

Frenzy 40 Servings

Energy. Aggression. Power.
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    Predator Nutrition DS Frenzy 325g Review

    Driven Sports is a byword for top of the line supplements that work exactly as promised. Among the long line of supplements from DS, the likes of Activate Xtreme, Lean Xtreme, Triazole and Craze have all gone down as legends in the supplement industry, notable for producing tremendous improvements in muscle size, strength, fat loss, and performance in the gym. As such, Frenzy had a lot to live up to but having tried this product a few times we are pleased to say that once again Driven Sports have produced a preworkout supplement which quite possibly beats Craze. Certainly based on our own feedback and those of customers to date people have remarked upon the fact that it is a better supplement with greater drive and power than Craze.

    With two flavours available at launch and with Frenzy being a worldwide exclusive to Predator Nutrition we anticipate this one is going to be another special supplement which proves a hit with both existing fans of Driven Sports and also anyone looking for a supplement to turbocharge their performance to new heights.

  • Driven Sports Frenzy 325g Description

    Driven Sports' Frenzy is the sequel to one of the most popular supplements of all time, Craze. With a highly synergistic matrix at its heart, Frenzy combines all the key facets desired by users of preworkout supplements into one blockbuster product that delivers above and beyond any other product of its class. 

    Frenzy took over 18 months for Driven Sports to formulate with constant refinements to the formulation process until the final product was ready. Everything users desire for in a preworkout - taste, performance, and the ability to work after repeated use has been perfected in the final version of Frenzy.

    Frenzy is available as an exclusive product for Predator Nutrition and was manufactured for them exclusively. It is not available for sale in the USA.

  • Driven Sports Frenzy 325g Supplement Facts

    325g Driven Sports Frenzy
    Serving size - 1 Scoop
    Servings Per Container - 40
      Amount Per Serving
    SRS Wattage Proprietary Blend 4.9g
    Creatine Monohydrate, Taurine, L-Citrulline, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, 4-Methyl-2-Pentanamine Citrate (Pouchung Tea) (Pentergy), B-Phenylethylamine HCl, Tangerine Extract (Citrus Reticulata) (Fruit) (Citramine), Caffeine Anhydrous  

    Other Ingredients:
    Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sucralose, Silica, FD&C Red Dye


  • Driven Sports Frenzy 325g Directions For Use

    As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 scoops with 8oz. of cold water 15-30 minutes prior to training. Start by taking 1 scoop to assess tolerance and increase the dosage slowly. Some individuals may find 1, 1.5 or 2 scoops is the ideal dose pre-workout.

    Contents may settle after shipping. Shake container prior to each use.

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    Warning: Do not exceed 2 scoops in any 24 hour period

  • Frenzy worthy successor of CRAZEV1


    Frenzy is by far the best pre-workout out there. I have tried most of them and I used to be a fan of RIP CRAZEV1. Frenzy does what it says on the tin - gives mental focus and increases your endurance and all that considerably.

    by Namreaper




    just got mine today had 1 scoop as recommended well what can i say it does what it sez on the tin man. energy levels thru the roof good mood feeling forget red bull and other energy drinks this is the nuts. just done a hour run then 45 mins weights training and you just wana keep going had to get a ice cold 30 mins shower to cool mi sen darn and im still sweating HIGHLY.HIGHLY.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED



    by houghy

    ds frenzey


    Took this product yesterday jesus fucking blew my head clean off beat all personal bests felt like i was wipedout on load es you take this shit at rave the aggression is sickt im not stim junkie but this would defintley turn u into one im not caffine person this stuff is da bomb i had a solid 2 hour workout witch i beat my deadlift witch was 120kg and when i done that weight it felt extremley light so i kept adding weight each set so i beat my pb 50kg. I only weigh 60kg so this more than double my weight today going to try frenzey mixed with the craze v2 see what results i get cheere belfastlad

    by belfastlad

    Blows everything out of the water


    Better than craze
    Better than craze v2
    And better than any other amp citrate product
    Not sure what's in this that makes it special but the aggression it gives you will make you an animal in training .
    Don't buy craze v2 buy this .

    by Tarzan

    Keeps you going...forever


    As a 46 yr old rugby player I wanted a boost. I was a little wary, but 1 scoop seemed to help, I felt stronger and was lifting more. Helped with running and my game. However, don't take too late at night as I find it gives me fitful sleep.

    by John Jeffery



    This is the nuts....I have one scoop half an hour before a game of squash then I'm off in the gym for 30 mins or so after the game to finish my self off. Sometimes it's more effective than others but either way I daren't take 2 scoops for fear of over training...awesome stuff!

    by supadave

    Just as good, yet different to Craze


    As I expect with most of you trying this product, you were wondering whether it would live up to the reputation of DS Craze. In my mind, it most definitely has. The focus remains, yet lacking the same extremely intense sense of chaotic energy, what remains is a more channelled determination to slay the iron. After about two hours of ingestion, I find it leaves me with a very chilled out feeling, verging on euphoria at certain points. My quality of sleep actually increases when using Frenzy, where the opposite was true of Craze. Only downside appears to be a loss of appetite, but something to bear in mind if cutting. Buy it now, before it is inevitably banned.

    by @HulkPhilosophy

    Almost like craze, but weaker.


    real effect only from two scoops. i experimented with 3 scoops too. And not worth to do it.
    taste are good only if you add enough water.
    CONs: price. No way will buy it again. Believe, there is enough just to buy geran(DMAA) and agmatine, etc. If it was at least with FREE DELIVERY!

    by dem1t

    Great pre work out


    I used it this morning even though I'm not training today. I needed it to get through a full morning and I must say..this product exceeded my expectations..I won't be using it every day..only when I train and on the odd occasion, when I know my morning is going to be hectic..

    thumbs up for frenzy!

    by Me

    very good but not perfect


    Having tried other amp citrate pres I can safely say this is the best.
    There is something extra with this one. It makes you really aggressive . I dont know why but you want to keep pushing whether its in the gym or other sports.
    Now its not perfect and here's why , tolerance builds quickly if you use it every day. This is common with amp. You need to cycle it with something else. Use it every 3 days kinda thing. Its also very low in caffeine at 150mg so I usually add some. I find a scoop and a half the perfect portion plus about 70 to 100 mg caffeine.
    I would like to see a v2 version with added caffeine more Pea for mood lift and get rid of the creatine. Creatine should be dosed separate if you want it.
    I'm on my 3rd tub now and was actually shocked how good it was the first time I took it. Just watch that tolerance though!
    Predator should have samples of this at a nominal fee by the way

    by Trudy



    This is the GOD when it come's to endurance training!
    you feel like you'r a totally wrecked, then you tell yourself
    "one more rep" then you do 10 haha, love it!

    by sebastian



    Taste is quite disgusting, use ice cold water :D
    Amazing energy and feeling. I'm always amped up for hours and rave with music.

    by Craze

    Very Happy


    Very happy with this product as recommended by the online help staff. I get far more out of my training sessions (with a PT), I used to begrudgingly go to the gym, now I'm running up the stairs and bursting in ready to go. I feel more committed to each exercise and have extra determination to finish each (high rep) set.

    by Andrew



    Tried this after using craze and swearing by it, was gutted whem craze was taken off the market but wow exeedes all expectations only down side is it tastes like ass

    by nath

    Sometimes Amazing


    Let's see... I shake the container prior to each use, sometimes I feel almost nothing, like taking 100mg caffeine. But yet sometimes the feel is like taking drugs, I feel I'm strongest and the best in everything :D Maybe phenethylamine rush

    by Frenzy

    Just mild


    A review from Brazil. Taste: good - mixabilit : good . It gives you a good energy with verry little to none crash. If you looking for a subistitute of craze read this: Two scoops of it dont even get close to one scoop of Craze. i use two scoops for a decent effect so its a little bit pricey for me because in the end it has only 20 servings

    by Rafael

    Nice stuff!


    It is an asskicker, and gives energy without getting a rush or heartbeating. Really good product, would buy it again :)

    by Benjamin

    Some Crazy Stuff


    If you want focus and drive this is the way too go. Don't scoop too much too soon. Take maybe on heavy lift days as you will build up a tolerance to it and the drive and focus tapers off. You do get a slight comedown later in the day but livable.

    by Chris



    As someone who stopped using pre workout for 2 years after using many that simply gave me a huge boost of energy and an even bigger crash. After using Frenzy I had great energy that sustained through a solid 2 hour lift session. There was no crash that came afterwards and it did not effect my sleep on the evenings I have been taking it.
    Fully recommend

    by Richard

    Only preworkout worth taking


    Quite simply this is the only preworkout which is worth taking if you want energy, focus and enhanced mood and power.

    by Martin

    Top of food chain


    Nothing else compare now that craze is gone
    Next level workout
    Crazy sets , intense energy,
    Limitless with zero crash and no jitters
    Best on the market hands down and I've tried them all

    by Neil

    Good Product..


    ..But terrible crash after. Must say first couple of times using was one of the best feelings a pwo has offered.
    But after it really didnt agree with me unfortunately. Not for me, which is a shame.

    by Trish

    Just as good, if not better than craze!


    Best pre workout I've had since they stopped selling craze in the US. Taste it's a little weird, but it's totally worth it. Made me feel like i couldn't get tired in the gym.

    by Dudeguy

    Expected a bit more


    From reading all the reviews and hype about Frenzy I was looking forward to trying it.

    I don't normally take pre-workouts but I deceived to give Frenzy a shot as it was the highest rated with lots of good feedback.

    Took 1 scoop 30 minutes before my chest and triceps workout, taste wise it was ok a bit sweet but was clean. (Fruit Version)

    Got in the gym and yes I had a little energy and focus boost but nothing much, an hour later I finished my session and at the end I did feel like I had a bit more energy than normal but nothing crazy.

    All in all I was expecting something a bit more may just jump straight into 2 scoops.

    by Ash

    Frenzy beats Craze, here is why....


    1. Energy is more pronounced and shorter acting which leads to,,,
    2. Better sleep quality and therefore improved recovery
    3. Better pumps (Craze was poor for pumps IMO)
    4. No side effects - Craze was amazing to begin with but after a while I noticed it made me feel weird and not like myself
    5. More aggression - Frenzy makes me want to train like a beast whereas Craze made me want to go around talking to people in the gym as much as train!
    6. Frenzy tastes better
    7. Better lifting performance for me on Frenzy vs Craze

    This is a genuine review. I will say that the very first few times i took Craze it delivered more but it soon wore off while even after a tub, Frenzy is going strong (I only use it 2 x a week).

    by Pete

    Good but not great like all the reviews say!


    I think everyone used Craze in the past and this product is nothing like Craze even at two snoops. I only needed one snoop of Craze and felt amazing. It's good but not great. No crash on it and didn't feel sick like some of them make you feel. Not sure if I would buy it again. I think a lot of the reviews are overrating this product.

    by Carl

    One of the best pre workouts


    Having tried many pre workouts and not really being a fan of craze I decided to take a gamble on this. WOW! This stuff is great! Only take 1.5scoops and the energy and intensity and focus this stuff gives you is unreal. My previous favourite was prewrek but I think this knocks it off the top. Only problem is is limited to where you buy it in the uk and £36.99 quite pricey for a pre workout but I guess you get what you pay for! 5 stars *****

    by Paul

    Best pwo!


    OMG! Buy it, take 3-4 scoops and experience tunnel vision, extreme focus and a feeling of well being! I can workout for hours and ours on this. Its very similiar to the old craze! Amazing pwo! You get speeded like shit on it! Best pwo avaiable!=)

    by Jim



    I have gone through 3 tubs of Frenzy now, fruit punch is my favorite. I love this formula. I was a huge fan of Craze but if I'm being honest it lasted too long. Frenzy is perfect and I love the aggression it gives me in the gym. Great job Driven!

    by Leedsboi

    Very strong stuff


    Frenzy is strong , is very good !! Gives focus / tunnel vision / intensity.
    I mix 2 overflowing scoops in 35cl of water and drink it 25 min before of workout. For best effect I make the first 3 exercises with a very short pause, after that, is FRENZY that drives me :)
    Orange flavor is not the best but is drinkable.
    Frenzy is overbearing ... five stars for it !!
    PS : the focus / tunnel vision and grandiose euphoria of CRAZE is for me not comparable with FRENZY (I loved CRAZE as Casanova loved women) but I not believe that CRAZE gave the same strength of FRENZY.

    by Celestino

    great buzz


    Loved the taste

    by Charlotte

    Frenzy is next level


    I've been looking around for a PWO that rivals the feeling that Jack3d gave but i've been struggling.

    I bought Frenzy because i'd used Craze before, I thought it was an ok product so let's try it's big brother.

    Wow. Frenzy gives an insane energy pump - I take it on an empty stomach, 30-40 minutes before workout then I'll spend sometime focussing on going hard. The energy rushes are nuts - Full on goosebump rushes (Just like Jack3d) and although it tastes horrendous (Orange pop does anyway) its so worth stomaching that 8 fl. oz. I'm 100% going to be using this product again.

    F.Y.I this review is comparative against the PWO's ive tried - I also have a high caffeine tolerence.
    Previous PWO's Used:
    Jack3D (original banned product)
    DY NOX Pump
    Original NO-Xplode

    Frenzy definitely comes in at number 1, number 2 if you could still get the original Jack3D.

    Try it for yourselves - it won't disappoint. Great Job DS

    by Josh

    Some stuff


    1 great strength
    2 great energy
    3 no real mood lift
    4 no jitters or anxiety
    5 no big crash
    6 good for cardio
    7 BUY It before it's gone off the market!

    by Oliver bond

    Frenzy getting weak!!


    I was a fan of Craze but now have to use Frenzy. Frenzy was good enough for me but not until I received the latest tub which I ordered on 4 Aug 14! It seems quite weak as I hardly feel anything when I work out. I am not sure if they have reduce the ingredient slightly or something but it doesn't seem strong when it first came out in April!!!

    by Caroline

    Craze Or Frenzy


    No where near as good as craze was. Does the job, but no tunnel vision like craze, and no feel good factor like craze. Never the less it is as good as many pre's out there. Craze we miss you !!!

    by Equilibrium

    Epic Energy


    This is THE best pre-workout ever made period. It will never be as good as the first try of Craze (the second onwards were crap) but I always get a great feeling on it be it 1 scoop or 4. Frenzy literally makes all other pre-workouts shite and obsolete not only cos of the energy but its the ONLY pre-workout that doesnt give me the shits no matter how much or when I take it, I dont get that side effect.
    Its so good I sleep with it the same way a child sleeps with their teddy bear :P
    If they could make it a little cheaper or add some new flavours, that would be great.

    by Brian



    Well it was an amazing product just a little pricey

    by Marco

    Highly recommended


    A great alternative to Craze.

    by adam



    It's definitely comparable to good old Craze, but slightly different as it did not give me as much focus as energy. Nevertheless, it's one of the best pre-workout drinks I've tried. Taste is definitely overpowering, even with large dilution, but it's a pre-workout drink, so I'm not looking necessarily for taste as much as the effects it gives me.

    by Damian

    Really good


    Frenzy is just a great PWO. It gives a lot of energy, a sensation of anger and makes you want to rip the weights apart.
    Frenzy does not give the same focus as craze did but that is a good thing, because it makes frenzy a bit more subtle and the energy and overall stimulus from it seems more "natural".
    The Fruit punch flavour tastes great!
    *Would not be surprised if a new funny (meth-like) substance has found it's way into frenzy also, though.

    by Frederik



    Okay, so I was a DS craze fan from when I purchased it in 2011 after watching the Hodgetwin review on it. Got discontinued in 2012 or 2013,, something like that anyway. Then I started using the Jack 3D - amazing! The drive, energy, focus was immense! However I stopped using jack 3D to test out the frenzy as I was told by friends to give it a try. Frenzy came on Saturday (3days ago) tried it on Monday - I have to say I was fully focused, energy was too much and felt so motivated to push even more weights.
    Took 2 scoops at 9pm it's 3am now and cannot get sleep as I still wanna push weights.!!

    by Kadeem



    I never rated Craze which this replaced so I actually did not expect much but this is far, far better than Craze.

    Buy Frenzy, train on an empty stomach on two scoops and wow, I blew through my workout which normally takes me about 90 mins in around an hour and set records on my squat, and deadlift. Felt like I could do anything while I was training and had to force myself not to do loads of extra sets.

    Definitely recommend this.

    by Kai

    Weak version of Craze


    i was really hoping this product lived up to its ancester Craze but unfortunately it falls short. find myself using 3 scoops of this to even feel anything.

    by Ricky

    The best but not as good as old school preworkouts


    I rate Frenzy a lot and it kills anything else out on the market (tried them all including Evol, Curse, Jacl3d Advanced etc).

    Personally, I loved the old Jack3d more even if it did give me stim dick and put me in a bad mood after. Frenzy puts you in a positive mood to lift but personally I loved the old "I wanna stab you in the head" feeling I got off the old jack3d:(

    by Tom

    frenzy preworkout review


    just finished a tub of frenzy and wow amazing , 2nd best pre workout ever behind craze , frenzy has a bonus over craze tho which is less crash and slightly better taste , i only really take preworkouts when i feel i need a little boost and this stuff delivers big time , love it

    by kenny dawson

    Best preworkout ever


    The best preworkout ever, nothing ever gonna beat this! I will never be able to workout without it again! From tired to alert in a minute, great pump and stamina, loooove it, Worth every penny, would pay double for it ;)

    by Malin

    different to craze


    I found this a wonderful product. It actually works and I didn't feel like I was on drugs like craze. But I did feel in the zone for my workout

    by connor

    spot on product


    Never leave reviews but all I can say is WOW !!

    by alex




    My first ever pre workout was Craze. Since then, I've managed to try three other 'pre workouts' that have honestly had NOTHING on this. Frenzy has left me feeling incredible.

    Having taking two scoops due to a high caffeine tolerance, I was a bit dubious as to whether or not Frenzy would live up to it's father Craze.

    After a 25 minute car journey to our gym, I felt a slight bit of focus but was worried that this would be it.. OH I WAS WRONG. Chest day was a blast, did not want to stop lifting weights and got personal bests on every exercise.

    I'm 21 years old, average build and work out every other day. This was insane.. INSANE!

    by Lloyd James

    FRENZY - Well Done DS


    Once again DS have done it... They have made a strong and secure product that actually works. It is a shame that sometimes products like this get in to the hands of noobs resulting in themselves getting injured or worse, we lost Craze because of this exact reason.

    I would like to say a massive thank you to DS for creating Frenzy and once again providing me with me a good PWO.

    Once you buy, you will not regret.

    by Kane



    Really awesome pre workout product - best I've used!

    by Sam



    Bought a tub the moment it was released hoping it would be craze again. One scoop in I wasn't impressed BUT THEN! 1.5 - 2 scoops (my tolerance level I guess) and BANG the craze buzz is there. It make take a little longer to kick in but it's definitely there and I can say that based on being a 3+ scoop craze user

    by Kris

    no words


    Best thing ever! Gonna buy shitloads of more. Not dissapointed in any way.

    by frenzy>craze

    no words


    Best thing ever! Gonna buy shitloads of more. Not dissapointed in any way.

    by frenzy>craze

    good but could be better


    its good but can be better having to take 2 scoops to feel it working but ill try stacking it with grenade fat burner

    by ryan

    My oh My


    I must say first of all that predator nutrition is the best to order from. I live in Sweden and i ordertelefonen frenzy several Times and they shipp it really fast. Thanks for very good service.
    Now to what i think about frenzy. It gives you so LOT of energy that you dont want to leave the gym. I love frenzy!! Frenzy is dunderhonung på riktigt!!!

    by KH

    Best I've tried


    Im doing exams atm so ive been drinking ALOT of coffee, meaning im pretty stim tolerant around this time. Even still Frenzy had me full of energy at just 1 Scoop! Im not telling anyone to buy it because its up to you what you put in your body, do your research first. But I will say this is probably the most effective pre workout I've ever taken, and the most cost effective.

    by Ross

    DS Frenzy


    fantastic energy and focus, you can literally train for hours, i have used DS Craze, Jack3d, Rage and all other preworkouts, DS Frenzy is right up there with them all without the huge crash (may not be around for long though)

    by Steve

    Absolutely solid buy


    If you are looking for the euphoria/fun feeling that craze gave you, you won't find it in frenzy. However, what you will find is an absolutely perfect level of explosive energy.

    This is exactly what a PWO should do, highly recommended.

    by Charlie

    The wake up call


    Now I have been using Frenzy for a while and it works just like Craze. The first time I mixed it with water it was bubbling over the edge like shaken soda so I was a little surprised. I missed Craze but got a worthy replacement!
    Thanks so much Driven Sports!!

    by Denza

    Best pre-workout ever made?



    I was one of the lucky ones who got one tub of this greatness since first release and I gotta say it is the best pre-workout I have ever had!

    I have tried many pre-workouts (Mutant mayhem, curse, DS Craze.. etc) and none of these comes even close to frenzy.

    So whats the all hype about for me? Well the first thing with frenzy is that it does not rly deliver me any feelings like jitters or anything like that.. Actually I don't feel anything with this pre-workout. What do you mean? I mean that the "feeling" kicks in when you workout. This gives me some type of "aggression" not really aggressive feelings but really a feeling that I will push couple more (when I am doing hard and big sets etc..) and this also pushes me to my limits -> giant sets etc...

    To sum it shortly, basically everyone has had propably really really good workout day or days in their lifes, right? I mean a really really nice workout (not that normal yea it was rly nice feeling -> but that actual one time in a month day).. well 1 to 1½ scoop of this and you can have that day everyday! ;) nuff said.

    The taste, well I have tried only the orange cream and I would say It is ok, but if you have tried something like alphamine, it's not even close but rly I do not give a SHAIT about the taste when it comes to lifting products.

    by Hemavol



    This stuff is the best it will blow the socks of you unreal love it! :-)))))

    by Graham

    Best of All


    never again without

    by Bizosaur

    medium term frenzy usage review


    I'm writing a review after using 3 tubs of frenzy since its release at the beginning of April.
    Firstly:- Taste (who really give a shit) is absolutely fine, I personally prefer orange cream to fruit punch - wouldn't mind new flavours please driven sports!
    Secondly:- performance. This is a very good pre-workout. I have a very high tolerance of pre-workout (accustomed to using 4-5 scoops of hallowed craze) and frenzy is definitely potent. To go above 2.5 scoops of frenzy (empty stomach of course) is to strap yourself into a very savage workout! I agree with other reviewers that it is a less stim-y pre workout than I had anticipated (and vs. craze), but for raw energy - unrivalled. I personally have experienced an initially disconcerting, though now welcome, feeling of extreme calm and mellowness after a frenzy workout, and I generally (have to) go to sleep at some point fairly soon…! All in all, tremendous supplement, look forward to it being back in stock (soon?). Its current scarcity has prompted me to purchase Neogenix Neurosurge 2.0 (currently without review on predator nutrition) and I'll be sure to leave some helpful feedback for those looking for driven sports frenzy fallbacks!

    by James

    Glad to have it back


    Good to see DS return, liking the new FRENZY

    by Lynn



    Alrighty. First of all I am not a huge bodybuilder, but rather a really active tennis player. I have tried Craze before and it was really ok, just hated how it actually rises your heart rate into such levels that you easily lose your concentration especially in tennis. It also got me weird fuzziness which I did not like at all.

    Now when it comes to Frenzy. My first thought was "hahahahhahahah". My feet feel light as feathers. I enjoy bouncing the ball and focus on every hit like never before. I have never hit the ball with such concentration. The euphoria was awesome - I literally kept smiling at the court. I felt such waves that Ive never got from any such product before.My feet's lightness went untill the next day, when I was supposed to go for jogging to recover from the previous days. The only problem I was facing was that I had nothing to recover from. NOTHING. After hours of playing my feet were still light as hell and did not feel tired.

    Only negative thing was that when it was time for me to hit the bus and go home, sitting in the bus really made me yawn and feel sooo tired that I really didn't want to get up from the bus. After walking for few minutes this feeling however wore off.

    It is the far best product Ive ever come across. Definitely buying more to stock this thing up before someone ruins all the fun!

    THANK YOU. :)

    by Riku



    bought frenzy after having used craze in the past (with craze being in my opinion the best pre workout ever!). To start with love the new flavours of frenzy, used to have to force craze down where as this goes down easily. As to the effects in the gym AMAZING, similarly to craze you get the drive that lets you keep lifting longer than usual and a powerful boost to your workout. I will say though unlike craze it doesn't give you that power to force out that last rep but makes up for it by making your work out a lot more positive (kept my mind focused and believing I could lift weights I would previously be unable to)

    So overall its just as good, if not better than craze

    by James B



    Holy f**king s**t, that´s all

    by Hallgrímur



    First of all i hate fake reviews about this product....because you cant talk about frenzy until you have tried! I tell you what...ive tried both.,craze a year ago and frenzy this year and i am a stim junkie with pre workouts. Frenzy doesnt give you the focus of craze but is really close. In terms of Energy....guys with this product you will have an INFINITE ENERGY! Never had that regenerates feeling after work or university.Ive also noticed the same kind of euphoria that craze gave to me a year ago.Fruit punch flavor is AMAZING really tasty and drinkable. Great job DS Sport ;)

    by Lucio Strong

    Frenzy works!


    For all of you that have, like me, a very high tolerance: Over the years i tried several pre workouts like C4, Jack3d Micro, 1MR, Unleash v.3 and Craze. Craze was the only one working for me and i was sceptical, since it was the only pwo the contained illegal ingredients, i wouldnt find something like that again. Gladly i can say that Frenzy gave me a slightly better boost then Craze.

    by Bbt

    Another top PWO by DS


    Was a massive fan of Craze and Driven Sports alike so was very happy when Frenzy came out.

    Taste is okay (orange cream).

    For me this didn't give me absolute surges of energy to smash out PBs for my first sets, but what it did give me was a focus and endurance that kept on building and building. After 4 workouts on Frenzy I can say I experienced the same. I just felt like an absolute sadist, seeking my own pain!!!

    I hit 24 sets in 1 hour today, rest periods became nothing.

    On 2 scoops atm, just hope I don't become to tolerant!

    However, for me I have a fairly big crash for a couple of hours afterwards which is a shame, but the beastly workouts make up for it. (My friend suffered no crashes). Also worth mentioning that it absolutely crushes my appetite after a workout, good I guess potentially if you're cutting... but for me my post workout meal is the most important of the day!

    Overall a great preworkout for me, just a shame about the comedown afterwards!

    by Tobias



    To all the craze lovers, i would say just go and get it. tried frenzy for the first time and did legs, the feeling was awesome. I trained 2 hrs, still didn't feel like leaving gym. Orange cream flavor mixes well and tastes like fanta. Im pretty sure its Craze with different name :D

    by Chintu

    Frenzy Review


    So I just received a sample of ds frenzy and I'm definitely pleased with this product. Being a previous craze user and craze fan this stands up to its rep. This product has its similarities and differences to craze but if I had to choose between both it would be a hard decision. Frenzy is more of a body rush of energy that is better than craze and also gives me the mental focus also. Craze seemed all mental while frenzy actually helps with pumps and all around full body rush of energy. Frenzy will definitely not disappoint and I'm glad driven sports made a product that works just as good as craze if not better. All around I would recommend this product to anyone looking to get into preworkouts, currently use or previously used craze. This is some good stuff!

    by Chris

    It works but..


    Works really well, loads of gradual energy and no jitters. But if you take two scoops from 1pm onwards you're pupils are huge all night and you aint sleeping!

    It's a strange sleep, like you're body shuts down but your head remains wide awake. 2 Scoops is too much for me, but personally I'd avoid taking anything more than 1.5 scoops after 6/7pm.

    by SS



    right let me first start by saying, iv tried alot of pre workouts, ds craze, nutrex hemo rage, original jac3d and the new jack3d, 50cal reloaded, superpump.
    this pre workout is better than all of them!
    literally i zoned out in the gym, had tunnel vison on the job in hand and broke pbs.
    the feeling after your workout is amazing aswel, you literally feel high, not a worry in the work, and i felt in a really good mood.
    the special potion you have made here is one i will be coming back for again!

    my only gripe is that when mine was delivered the inner seal was open a bit and powder had spilt everywhere inside the lid.

    by Rob



    This is what I would imagine doing cocaine before a workout would feel like. The boost in aggression, euphoria and the drive to keep pushing and pushing in insane. In the gym i felt like a demon that did not want to take a break and was super setting and drop setting like mad! This product i'd imagine could bring out the animal in anybody. With craze i would take it at work sometimes for the mood enhancement and focus it gave me however with frenzy i would not use it any other time then before an intense workout

    by Spencer Basi

    Clean Energy


    This stuff gives you clean ass energy.. no crash, no problem sleeping, get back to normal after 3 hours of taking this stuff

    by Emre

    Alof of energy


    It works just like it says. The energy surge is just like the banned DMAA. Slight buzzing in head and hands :) Im not an supplement expert, but I would not think the stuff in the proprietary blend can cause the energy surge/feeling you get from useing this product.

    All in all a very good product, and I would definitely buy more.

    by jakob

    It creeps up on you


    I have my own preworkout cocktail im trying, made up of base ingredients rather than premixed for me. I used craze before and liked it. When my brother bought Frenzy, I thought I'd try a sample... For science, and that sweet sweet pump.

    took it about 45 mins before my workout with a banana. I'd also drank about 2-3 pints of water earlier in the day.

    When in the gym, I didn't feel a thing. Didn't get any urge to do a billion pull ups or lift insanely heavy or anything. But I went through my program, powered it, kept the focus and intensity without realising it. All the way through I was thinking "it wasn't working, what a pile of crap."

    But then I realised after my workout, I was super pumped, I hit the gym harder than in recent weeks and didn't get tired. The thirst for more wasn't there, but knew I could keep going.

    Bottom line: It works, you don't get the thirst that craze gives you. But the focus, the will and the energy is there. You just won't realise it.

    by Dazza



    Ok-bought this out of my hard earned money so the review is real and genuine,
    Have taken it 4 tmes now and have had 4 great training sessions. The great thing about it is that it doesnt actually feel that strong until you push yourself. There is no big rush as such but its like its there if you need it. This is an ideal supplement for triathlon or endurance events. The energy is smooth and there is no crash as such. I felt as strong as Ive felt in ages. Be interesting to see if tolerance builds on this product. Hopefully not and hopefully there is nothing illegal in it as I value my health.
    Flavour wise I tried a sample of orange but bought the fruit punch which is slightly better but like most pre workouts not something you would drink otherwise!

    by Rodney Trotter

    To Frenzy or not to Frenzy



    Ordered 2 tubs last week. Today was my first workout with this PWO. Took 2 level scoops since I'm used to training with PWO's (The Curse, MyoBlitz, ...)

    I took 2 scoops 20 minutes before my workout. Things I noticed ->
    -good focus and mind-muscle connection
    -needed little recovery time between sets
    -got a huge pump

    Straightforward results. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a very decent PWO. There's too many rubbish products out there that claim to be 'the one'. This one is decent material to fuel your workout. I trained alone today and was pretty fatigued pre training, but still got a nice workout. I think that, within the correct training atmosphere, this product will push you beyond your limits. I've 2 tubs minus 2 scoops left so more than enough opportunities to try out :)

    by Hendrik

    To buy "Frenzy" or not to buy "Fernzy" thats question ?!


    Driven Sports hat sich mit dem Craze in Europaweit wenn nicht sogar Weltweit einen Namen verschafft.

    Ob er jetzt gut oder nicht gut ist, sei jetzt einmal dahingestellt. Aber eines ist sicher der Name hat sich eingebrannt

    Vor allem war es das happy Feeling sowie der Drang dazu trainieren zu gehen was diesen Booster ausmachte . Alles war viel einfacher und ging beinahe von selber, der innere Schweinehund war so gut wie ausgeschaltet! Die Konzentration, der Focus (Tunnelblick) sowie Energie stieg rapide an. Man schwitzte Emmens, der Puls ging hoch und die Atmung wurde um einen Tic schneller. Man bekam einen Trockenen Mund und verschlang einen Wasserflasche nach der anderen. Man musste sich regelrecht zum Essen zwingen. Es war jeden ans Herz zu legen die Einnahmezeiten zu beachten. Wirkung noch nach Wochen langer Einnahme. Kein Crash!

    Die Rede ist natürlich von der ersten Version...
    Natürlich wissen wir alle an was es schlussendlich gelegen hat warum es vom Markt verschwunden ist!

    Um es zu erwähnen ich habe noch einen kleine Vorrat an Craze, was mir den direkten Vergleich zu Frenzy natürlich leicht macht.

    Jetzt kommt Frenzy...

    Vorab hier schreibe ich meine ersten Begegnungen mit Fenzy nach 5 Einnahmen, was jedem klar sein sollte, jeder Reagiert anders auf Stimulanzen deswegen wird es auch immer wieder unterschiedliche Erfahrungsberichte geben

    Nach meiner Meinung hat DS es geschafft einen GUTEN Nachfolger zu kreieren! der aber leider das alte Craze nicht Komplet ablösen kann! Frenzy braucht sich aber auch vor keinem anderen Booster zu verstecken, sondern Hebt sich mit Guter Wirkung ab. Man könnte sagen DS ist wieder eine ganz besonderes Produkt gelungen ( Hauptaugenmerk liegt eindeutig auf Fokus und Kraft + minimal Stimmung) es geht eher in die Richtung altbewährten DMAA Boostern, Wenn gleich die Wirkung von Frenzy mit weniger Crash verbunden ist, "JA", ein leichtes Stimmungsloch war im Anschluss vorhanden.

    Die Wirkung tritt auf nüchternen Magen nach ca fünfzehn Minuten ein und steigert sich Nach und Nach. Es ist eindeutig ein verschärfter Focus zu spüren, beinahe sogar ein Tunnelblick, man ist Hell wach und Konzentriert!

    Pump ist Gut!

    Keine Frage der Booster wirkt und ist im Moment einer der besten die ich probiert habe! Um ehrlich zu sein hatte ich bei weitem nicht so ein gutes Produkt erwartet, und bin daher angenehm überrascht.

    Mir geht allerdings dieser besondere, "Motivation effect ab, der einem selbst wenn es einem zuvor nicht gefreut hatte Hausarbeit mit links erledigen lässt" ;-)
    Es ist nicht so, dass kein Motivationsschub zu spüren ist, man bekommt sogar Richtig lust Gewichte zu stemmen dennoch unterscheidet sich die die Wirkung von craze deutlich.

    Geschmacklich habe ich “Fruit Punch” getestet. Auf 0,4L bei gut gefüllten 2 Scoops ist ein leicht bitterer Nachgeschmack festzustellen. Nunja auch wenn der Geschmack von Frenzy von allen seiten gelobt wird, einen wahren Genuss stelle ich mir anders vor, aber und dass geht es auch nicht!
    Wer nach einer zu vergleichenden Wirkung wie das alte Craze sucht wird enttäuscht.

    Ansonsten kann ich diesen Booster echt weiter empfehlen!

    by Florian

    Great product


    All though I feel Frenzy is being way to hyped I do think it is worth investing in. For those who want that focus and drive element added into their workouts this is for you, tastes great too!

    by Freddie

    best on the market - coming from a kiwi


    Craze was the best there was, but i would have to say Frenzy might have a slight edge. I have tried just about every top pwo on the market and this is the best

    by sam

    I was skeptical


    Look at what appears to be a cheap propietary blend of creatine taurine and aminos it doesn't seem worth the money. But there is somthing special in this blend. Never experienced focus like it, have to actually force yourself to leave the gym. Awesome (add a gram of agmatine to it and you have the perfect pre workout)

    by tev



    Been taking it for 5 days now and the first 4 days had similar effects to Craze. A little less focus, a little more energy, and no crash or jitters. Day 5 workout today was INSANE! Heavy chest day and core. PR on incline/decline bench. Still had energy for a 30 minute run. Thank you DS! Excellent product!

    by DC

    I am a fan who has a tan Frenzy oh Frenzy I need you today oh Frenzy.


    Frenzy makes me have paranoid nightmares I have the same dream every night and I wake up in a huge panic, the dream is that they ban Frenzy in Australia.

    by Dan the Man



    Best pre workout ever set all kinds of personal bests today !!!!!!!!! No horrible crash just a nice energy rush through my whole work out come pay day I will buy more

    by Kurt Evans

    Didn't believe it until yesterday


    Took my first dose yesterday. I felt like pretty much like crap and was supposed to have a rest day, but decided to go give this a trial since couldn't wait for today.

    I was pretty sceptical, and thought that Frenzy would be just a regular waste of money which DS would use to ride on the success tide of Craze relying on that people would still buy it.

    I was wrong, I had one of my best workouts for a long time, and had a good aggression and mind muscle connection for the whole time. No crash happened, I felt an calm euphoria (good for mental working) for like six hours after leaving the gym. For some people this might be bad, since I'm not sure I would take this three hours before going to bed!

    This reminded me of my first contact with Craze back in 2012. Good job DS!

    by Aaro Helander

    Welcome back with a bang


    I used to use craze and loved it and was devastated when it was discontinued. For the past year I've tried about 8 different pre workouts and none have come close to craze.

    I seen that driven sports had launched a new pre workout and had to buy it rite away.

    I've been using frenzy for 10 days now and I've got to say its far superior to craze and any other pre workout I've tried there is unbelievable focus and unlimited energy I purchased the orange cream and must say that I'm not a fan of the taste but that's just my preference I would recommend frenzy to anyone works for me every time .

    I would recommend that every one ditch other pre workouts and get frenzy.

    I've also been using splyce watermelon and it's refreshing and tastes awesome I use it during my workout.

    by Steven Macdonald

    Craze 2.0


    Hallo Leute,

    seit es Craze nicht mehr gibt suche ein alternative, ich habe fast alles probiert und nicht kam Craze nahe, Frenzy ist mindestens genau so gut wie Craze ! Wer Craze kennt wird Frenzy lieben...

    by Nev



    Thanks so much for making this DS. I would have kept bending over for other companies because you know how we all chased that dragon with Craze, I would keep seeing other pre workouts. I got down on my knees and I just couldn't get what I wanted. Now thanks to Frenzy, you can have my holes all night and day Driven Sports! I'm your hoe! Thanks ;D

    by Nigrak



    Craze was the best there was but not perfect, Frenzy IS perfect!!!!!!

    by Teo

    Caze = Frenzy


    This product works better then craze, if i get to choose between these 2 i would pic frenzy feels more energy, feels just awesome. Absolute the best PWO out now!

    by Fred



    like most people who have reviewed this, i rarely do these things, but it is that good, people need to know, im a massive stim junkie, and have tried them all, ritual was the closest thing i found to work, i still have craze left, but this is now my first choice,after just under 2 scoops, the endurance it gives you is unmatched, it gives you consistent bouts of europhia which last hours after the workout,you just keep going, the feelings are so strange, you think you cant do no more, then suddenly your back in the mindset, so far has very impressed, plus no crash or come down, increased on lifts and endurance, since receiving my first tub i have bought another 5 and will prob get more lol, i cant see this being around for too long, plus this is the first batch and likely to be the best and strongest, remember that first batch of jack3d, so if you can afford it stock up, what is in this stuff, i would love to know!

    by marc

    Better than expected


    To be honest I didn't rate craze that highly and after so many products coming on the market with so much hype that have turned out to be average at best I was pleasantly surprised by frenzy. Personally I love the fruit punch flavour and the slight fizz you get with it- but it is very very sweet!! I didn't get the all out aggression that some people have noted but I did get very good focus and a feel good factor that took about 30 mins to kick in. Pumps were average and the intense energy surge was lacking for me. The highlight of the product was how subtle it was- I had an amazing couple of workouts without feeling cracked out or jittery afterwards which is a real plus. Have taken one and two scoops and there wasn't too much difference in the effects for me- at one scoop per workout this product is good value for sure. Whilst I think there are still many better pre's on the market and frenzy certainly lacks many key ingredients that a pre should have (IMO) it is a solid product and worth trying.

    by Owen



    Didnt think I ever would write this but... Frenzy is actually so damn good. In my honest opinion way better then craze. Its so good I cant even describe... Sick product ds!!!

    by David

    Finally the king is back


    The king is back; this time it's different and more energy focused. I'm so glad this wasn't a flop. This is indeed better than craze (it doesn't have craze 'focus' but more than compensates for that in everything else).

    The king is back!

    Ps. Buying 3 more tubs in case 'you know what'

    by Alexander

    Frenzy = Beast


    First time I've ever felt like leaving a product review. Ever.

    This is an amazing pre workout supplement! I've been a fan of Craze previously and having tried Frenzy I can honestly say this stuff is the real deal! When it kicks in, you feel as though someone's flicked a beast mode switch on. I felt stronger than usual and had tons of energy. Unlike craze, I had no trouble sleeping that night and the only downside was that I felt exhausted after a few hours. This was either a genuine crash side effect or the result of pushing myself so hard.

    Anyways, hope you find this review useful

    by Raj

    Honest review of Frenzy


    **Before I start this review I want to first say I hate reviews that say exactly what you want to hear about a product this one will include negatives along with positives!**

    I was a big fan of Craze and have been using it frequently for at least a year and loved the energy, focus and mood lift it gave me and it really helped me in the gym and get motivated! When I heard craze was taken of the market it was a big letdown as seriously nothing on the market could compare. When I heard about Frenzy I just hoped it wouldn't be a flop like jack 3d was with its reformulation. I then ordered Frenzy straight away but due to the demand for the product I only received mine today as of April the 5th.
    As soon as the post arrived I opened the box and examined the tub and top marks of course to the designers of the tub. I also like the way they have added extra protection against counterfeiters with a shiny new logo and tiny ink blots on net weight writing so should make photocopy labels near impossible to do, great marks for that! I was a victim of craze counterfeit and so glad they have taken extra measures to help prevent it.
    I opened the tub and was not best pleased with the seal on the tub it was like it was stuck on with super glue and had to tear it of leaving a mess, not the biggest issue but not as easy to get into as craze! The powder looks like crazes powder and smells like drumstick lollies (fruit punch flavour) and it did bring back a few fond memories when I was younger which was a nice surprise. The scoop is different from craze and is at least twice the size of what Crazes was but we do get more product this time (325g ) to combat the extra scoop size which is generous indeed.
    I waited till the early evening before trying to test this night time theory. I took at 2 scoops at 20:00, why 2 since I might as well experience its strongest effects and not to be hindered by my sometimes high tolerance.
    I added the powder to aprox 500ml of cold water and noticed as soon as the powder hit the water it starts to fizz and froth slightly. Frenzy mixes very well but still had the same issue with craze with the white solids sinking to the bottom so required the occasional swirl to get it all. The taste for me was not the best quite disappointed about it. It was very very sweet and overpowering but I could see overtime eventually growing to like it like I did with candy grape Craze. I guess doing one scoop will make it taste not as strong but Frenzy definitely looses marks on that one. Once fully mixed the colour of the Fruit punch becomes a pinkish colour and makes it look quite appealing hopefully the orange flavour is better if I order again in the future.
    I downed The drink to get it over with on an almost empty stomach at around 20:10 I could feel a slight rise in my energy levels and a hint of a euphoric feeling definitely acts quicker than craze! At around 20:30 The energy was getting stronger but the euphoric feeling stayed much the same more or less came in waves. The feel good you got from Craze was stronger and this is what I feel lacking in Frenzy but the energy you get from Frenzy is miles better. With craze I could happily chill and listen to some music and not have too much of an urge to move. Frenzy is completely different it gets you moving and it feels amazing when you do. Once the Frenzy reached its peak before 21:00 I suddenly got extreme focus and I honestly would say its stronger focus than you got with Craze. I was lifting some Dumbbells curls at my home as my local gym sucks so I use my own equipment. I was just looking around at objects and they seemed more in depth and my peripheral vision was reduced allowing almost pin point vision. The energy by this point was insane, probably the best way to put it and lifting weights to doing cardio I thought I could just keep going, tops craze by a big margin here. Craze was for me less energy and more mood enhancement and I definitely miss the mood enhancement part. Frenzy is very aggressive and did make me edgy as when someone came to talk to me I had a slight feeling of anger and got a bit pissed off and wanted to continue my workout. It is comparable to when you have had a long day and want space to yourself but people keep getting in your way it was exactly like that. Although this is great for doing workouts as it keeps you going and aggression definitely gives you a drive and an edge it could give you problems when you are around people who may get in your way. I did notice the energy made my limbs feel light and I sort of had a spaced out feeling to it meaning weights felt almost effortless allowing you to get that extra rep. Time between sets was noticeably reduced as the energy was always there.
    Frenzy had a few other effects one that it did not produce that horrible cotton mouth that craze gave me and it randomly gave me a chill up my spine which was weird. The effects definitely last as long as 4 hours but not much more than that and I feel I could easily sleep. You can tell it has worn off unlike craze which kept me up at night on a few occasions as there was lingering effects to it but so far frenzy does not. This product did not make my heart beat really deep like craze which is great this feels a lot lighter on heart which I suppose is a positive. One other weird thing is it left a strange smell in my nose and not sure if it was something in my room but it wasn't unpleasant but I'll have to see if it happens next time.
    Frenzy is a great pre-work out and is definitely gives you that edge and drive you want in your workout. I can't just get away from that feeling that something is missing from being a user of craze for so long. Frenzy beats craze in all aspects except for the mood lift which was one of my favourite points about craze. Frenzy did produce a notable pump this time around which is great. I think Driven sports deserve a good round of applause for making another great pre workout and not producing another Jack 3d micro! Many users will love this product especially ones new to the pre-workouts but for some craze fans out there like me they will definitely notice that craze had better aspects in some areas where as frenzy does to. I would honestly say given the chance I might just have to try craze again over frenzy and I would give frenzy a score of 9/10. Better in the gym but not on getting you that amazing mind set, just anger and agression.

    by Alex



    Well it's not Craze and it pricey compared to similar products! I must say I don't do reviews but in fairness I found this outstanding ! I am in my 50s and need all the help I can get...and I got it! Intense focus and stamina, quick recovery between sets and a desire, no a need, to carry on and do more! Everyone is different but this gave me all I needed. Very impressed. Only downside is price and large amount of powder for one serving when compared to Craze or similar products I have tried! While I think PES enhanced is better value this has got the edge! Well done for stocking this Predator Nutrition ...just a shame about price!

    by Dean

    Quality product


    Great pre workout. I used to use craze then when that got discontinued I turned to assault, on pre, curse, c4, SuperDrive and jacked, these didn't have anywhere near the drive and focus as frenzy did. The only downside is it leaves you in a state of euphoria for hours and hours not really experienced that before so it feels strange but if your looking for something to get that workout intensity your looking for then this is it!

    by Mikey



    Lives up to all the hype it's better than craze nice to see the price is good to thank you ds

    by Tatt

    excellent follow up


    I was a massive fan of Craze and gutted when it was banned. I looked and looked for something to compare but there hasnt been anything until Frenzy.

    It arrived yesterday. I had 2 scoops then hit chest at the gym. Definitely gives you a tunnel focus unlike other pre workouts. You do get a similar 'euphoric' feeling as with Craze if you have enough of it.

    Great stuff....

    by customer

    Better than Craze!


    I'll be honest, I rarely leave reviews of products unless something really does amaze me. Frenzy is one of the rare supplements that did just that.

    I was a huge fan of Craze before it was discontinued, I loved the insane focus and feeling of absolutely dominating my workouts.

    I would choose Frenzy over Craze any day (given the choice), for me Craze had a horrible 'emotional crash' afterwards resulting in a depressed feeling for a couple of hours after (this feeling was intensified on the rare occasions when I missed a PR attempt!).

    Frenzy put me "in the zone" for some serious training and I felt absolutely no crash afterwards, I took my first serving around 10pm at night and managed to get to sleep 2 hours later at 12am without issue, it just seems to "wear off".

    Felt 100% focussed, aggressive and generally awesome when training, I would compare this feeling to training whilst 'on cycle' even though I am currently off. Pumps were INSANE also, better than anything else I have tried in this department.

    All in all a great pre-workout, would recommend.

    by Adam



    A Great pre that makes you want to snap the gym bars. it is helping me with cutting, and is much better than craze.

    by Paul



    I spent a day eyeballing Frenzy when it arrived at work one morning. Ordered the fruit punch as it's a safe flavour having tried most other fruit punch sups. Submitting to my urges I had to taste it, falling just before a managerial meeting....

    Initial thoughts were '!#*? the bed, this tastes like drumstick lollies'

    Next experience.
    5.30pm: 30 minutes before a heavy training session of back and HIIT I served up a scoop and half. I felt in control, there wasn't any tunnel vision focus, but i'd expected that with the ingredients profile. I felt no real difference other than the desire to keep squeezing out reps, there was no sensation of fatigue.

    What was meant to be an hours session turned into a 2 hours slog of heavy ass weight training, even the HIIT at the end felt a wash over.

    It wasn't till an hour after I think it all caught up to me..... In bed KO'd 9pm.

    Key Points.

    Little focus, self derived
    Had to push harder for any sort of pump
    Limitless energy
    Sense of divine power.

    This is it, stack with Agmatine Sulfate for the best pre you'll ever take. Oh and the managerial meeting went great, big as smile on my face.

    by Tom Porter

    Not for evenings!!


    So as far as quality and performance on my first try(with 2 scoops) it was brilliant, can't rate it enough! Although I'm sure I read it was ok for evening use which I don't agree with since I took it at 7:30pm and am still awake at 2:30am!! Will definitely be finishing the tub and buying again though but will keep it for earlier workouts!! Also would have it 40-50 minutes before a workout rather than the recommended 15-30 but that's just a personal thing I think, may be different for everyone!! But it's everything I expected and more performance wise!!!

    by Stephi

    nice work DS


    i have to say a was a massive craze fan loved the product, this is a whole other product. took 2 scoops 15 minutes before my workout, kicked in after 5. i had the best focus and energy boost ever. i usually lift 44kg dumbbells for chest i got the 50kgs up which is a new pb for me. please buy this product if you want better gains it top class.

    by michaelu

    Highly Recommended


    After all the controversy over Craze I was very optimistic about buying this product. I took my first serving today and have to admit Frenzy is truly in a league of its own. The energy and buzz from this product is absolutely phenomenal. I hit my push day today and hit 3 personal bests on bench, overhead press and tricep pushdown. The pump Frenzy gives you is very intense and extreme and is somehow even better than its predecessor Craze.
    I highly recommend Frenzy to anyone who is looking for the best pre workout product on the market.
    Driven Sports have done it again!

    by Liam

    DS is not kidding around


    Got this delivered yesterday, went to the gym this morning after one scoop and Wow! that's the only word I have. I have never written a review before but this was so mind blowing that I just had to. First of all, I never tried Craze or any pre workout with DMAA so I can't tell how it is compared to those. However, I have tried numerous other pre workouts (C4 Extreme, N.O. Xplosion 2.0...) and this one is in another category. In another world even. I really didn't believe all the hype and I was a little sceptical about the ingredients. However, I was (liturally) blown away and I'm pretty sure I did every set to a failure. I even forgot to count the reps sometimes which is quite odd. I still can't believe that a pre workout can have this amazing effects. I'm not sure if it is the 4-Methyl-2-Pentanamine Citrate or the B-Phenylethylamine HCl that does this but I'm a little curious.
    I got the Fruit Punch flavour and it was fine, not too bad.

    Recommended for anyone who wants to take it to the next level.

    by Ingo

    Fenzy - The New CRAZE


    OK, so im one of the lucky people to receive a tub of new DS Frenzy today.

    I've been eagerly awaiting Frenzy, I have tried the majority of pre-workout
    supplements and use them each time before i hit the gym.

    So, how does it rate?

    I took 1.5 scoops this afternoon around 40 mins before a cardio session.

    Its very different to craze, much more stimulant based,
    you definelty get a high after around 30-40 minutes and
    get a serious urge to get down the gym!.

    Usually when i go on the bike it takes a good 5 minutes before my heart rate is 130bpm+
    Today - less than 1.5 minutes!
    I also noticed i sweat alot more than on Craze.

    The session was easy, definelty alot more 'clean' energy and a very positive attitude
    - like a 'nothing is going to stop me' kind of mentality.

    Interesting point : the label on the tub states 'this product may contain ingredients banned
    by certain organisations. user accepts all risks, liabilities and consequences in regards
    to testing and use of this product'. lol!

    by MuscleMeister

    Never have I


    I've seen some crazy stuff in pre workouts, I went from using Jack3d to Craze and I will tell you, Jack3d is for babies. Since I've been using Frenzy, it was like, the real frenzy deal. I took it before a workout and I was like this is better than craze! Like yeah baby!

    by Oreo



    when i first got the sample i was like its no way better than craze. but i was so wrong its so much better. good job ds

    by Thomas

    Finally, a worthy pre workout to hit the market


    Everyone will make the direct comparison with craze. This is nothing like previous release from driven sports!

    Being slightly contreversional, I was not originally a massive fan of craze. Moving from a supply of the original Jack3d, I was disappointed by the hype when I finally had to go DMAA free.

    Overtime I began to appreciate Craze for what it was, a very powerful mind workout that allowed a tunnel focus.

    Frenzy on the other hand is much more, this makes me a want to hit the weights and keep at them. For me, frenzy far exceeds craze.

    I took my sample just before hitting the gym, the advice was 10 minutes before. I didn't feel a rapid onset, Infact it was probably a good 25-30 minutes before I really felt it kick I'm, but when I did, boy was it worth it. This is exactly what the market has been missing.

    Flavour wise, orange this was easily the best tasting pre workout I have had. This is not a big thing for me, but never the less top marks on this front.

    My endurance was through the roof, I trained chest and biceps, and rattled out extra reps on EVERYTHING and even reduced rest towards the end of my workout.

    Unlike craze, I could actually tell when this had worn off and it lasted around 70 minutes. This was taken on an empty stomach as directed.

    I cannot wait until this is available for purchaer, I will be first inline. Until that time, I will need to make do with the very poor options that are available.

    Seriously, nothing comes close to this.

    Hats off to the development guys as DS. Well done!!

    by Mike Stewart

    Amazing Performance Today


    Taste - I mixed with about 400-500ml of cold water, taste was fine, certainly better than craze and was easy to drink down no problem.

    mixability - again good, only a few shakes and the product was dissolved, after leaving to settle there was a few tiny little powder crystals, but nothing to worry about, this was very minimal, and after a shake would mix back into solution.

    The kick initially started when I started walking to get the bus to the Gym, at first, maybe 5-10 minutes, I felt nothing. As i sat down and the bus set off within about 10 -15 minutes I felt just as though I was in a good mood. At this point my mind started to race, I was in such a good mood, I couldnt wait to get into the gym, I had my headphones on and couldnt help but tap my feet and fidget while waiting to get off and train.
    When walking up the stairs to the gym I felt great, ready for action. Very pleased that I was so hyped up.

    While training, I felt great while lifting the weights. One thing I did notice was my usual failure point was completely obliterated because I was so hyped up on moving the weight around, and it felt so good to release all the energy I had, my reps were increasing by around 3-4 even on heavy lifts, purely because my mind felt so good releasing all this energy in such an aggressive manner, that my body didn't realise how hard I was working it.

    After around 70/80 minutes in the gym training back I had run out of ideas, I had trained every muscle in my back as hard as I could and had no idea how else to keep working, I knew my workout had been immense, possible the hardest I'd worked in a good few months, but I wasn't for leaving, It still felt so amazing training this hard, and i still had this intense energetic/aggressive feeling. So I started to work on my biceps, for this I thought Id stick with some high volume training. So I went ahead and decided I would do 5 sets of 21s after some heavy hammer curls. I knew this was ambitious, but was so eager to push myself and keep pumping this amazing feeling. halfway through the 21s my arms were on FIRE, they felt hot to touch, and my forearms felt very very swollen. by the end of the 5th set, my arms were so pumped and vascular, and my back still felt wide, I felt like a complete beast, and wanted to carry on training but after 90 minutes I knew it wouldn't be wise.

    I felt utterly unstoppable, and all I could think about was training again. Thats how you know you've had an awesome workout, when you leave because you have to, not because you want to!
    So before I went to the pool and had my routine sauna, I was so pumped it took me a solid 5 minutes to get my T shirt off, and once off, I felt very happy with how id trained, and gave myself some credit that I deserve to be proud of myself for pushing things that hard.

    All I thought about in the Sauna was the session I'd just had, and how soft my other sessions seemed in comparison to it, and this new level of intensity that I had discovered. I was very optimistic about training knowing that I have it in me to train like I did.

    The feel good high carried on pretty much all day, I almost felt like I had been taking some potent testosterone boosters. I'll admit I was rather concerned about sleeping that night, but as soon as I was in bed, it was lights out, I think my body needed the rest, and I slept like a baby for a solid 9 hours.
    Needless to say, I am sore as hell today, and am typing with bent arms as my DOMS are the boss of me at the minute!

    To conclude, Frenzy, for me was not about focus like craze was, It was about such a mind blowing, rage inducing, euphoria causing stim, which literally FORCES you to train like a basket case.
    Ill be interested to see everyone reaction, Driven Sports obviously had a gauntlet laid out for them to produce a successor to craze, but the occasion has certainly been risen to, and I look forward to seeing everyone else's experience of what I think will be another legendary preworkout.

    by Joe Black



    Note: I am a friend of someone from Predator Nutrition and I am stating this here so people understand my affiliation to the product reviewed.

    Aside from Reggie who left his review up top, I am the second person at Predator to be lucky enough to try a beta version of the new Frenzy preworkout from Driven Sports.

    As a big fan of Craze (before it became too expensive to buy!) I have been lucking for a good preworkout focused on energy. I am a big fan of Purus Labs Condense for a more pump oriented preworkout as well as Applied Nutriceuticals Uncut for energy. Aside from Craze and ignoring DMAA based supplements of the past, I don't feel there is anything too intense out there so Frenzy could do well if it matches Craze.


    I used the sample sachet (orange flavour) on my drive to the gym. Maybe ten minutes or so into it I found myself feeling a little restless. I got to the gym and as I warmed up I noticed a few things:


    I felt hungry for training. It is a hard thing to describe but I relate it back to when I was 18 years old and just starting out. I used to grunt through gruelling workouts and was always impatient for my rest times to finish. As I am older now, this hasn't been the case with me generally resting 3+ mins between sets and so this was definitely noticeable.


    Linked to the above I noticed I did not want to engage others in conversation whereas normally I am amiable. This was VERY different to Craze where I sometimes would talk away for ten mins if someone got my attention. While Craze was great for that type of thing what I really want from a PWO is to tear up the gym and get that whole angry feeling and for me Frenzy easily beats Craze here.


    In my actual workout I compared notes to my previous session.


    Close Grip Bench Press - 264 - 2, 253 - 3, 242 - 4
    Pullups + 30kg - 5R on set 1 and 2R on set 2


    Close Grip Bench Press - 242 -2, 264 - 2, 286 - 3, 264 - 6(PB)

    Pullups + 40kg - 5R, Pullups + 30kg - 5R


    Overall I could not be more pleased. I set a PB on close grip bench press AFTER a hard set of 3 reps which far exceeded performance the previous week. I did not put it down above but I also set a PB for seated military press later in the workout despite the fatigue caused by the 6 rep set of close grip bench in particular.

    I am writing this up maybe 30 mins after I finished training. One th

    by Mark

    Fantastic - Review based on sample


    I have been lucky enough to acquire a further sample of "Frenzy" and was asked to put a review on this forum as well so here goes…

    Having used this before I was keen to try the new version (see below)

    Again as before this mixed effortlessly in water but I preferred this flavour to the previous one. Not that the first was bad just I liked this better. In a direct comparison to the flavour of Craze, Frenzy is much much better.

    Ten minutes later and boom I'm full of energy.

    I thought I would change my workout a bit and shortened rest time in between sets by half and increased reps at the same weight as before to make it more challenging. 55 minutes later and workout was complete. The increased energy I got from Frenzy made the workout so much easier than it was last time I tried increasing reps and shortening rest time. Previously I could not sustain the pace or reps past two working sets on each exercise I did and had to reduce the reps on subsequent sets. This time I finished all four working sets on each exercise with the shortened rest time.

    Interestingly I felt energised for a few hours post workout too.

    I cannot wait for the release of Frenzy as nothing has aided me as much before.

    Driven Sports have definitely made a fantastic product. Well done to them !!! -

    by Zaheer

    The best yet from Driven Sports?


    As a director of the company that is the exclusive EU distributor of Driven Sports it is worthwhile stating in advance that I am both a huge fan of Craze and of preworkouts in general and probably have wider experience than anyone with different types.

    Craze was a sensational product and for me I found I would get great performances in the gym through the sheer unalloyed focus it gave me. With that said, if there was a knock on Craze it is that the stimulant component of it was not as strong as some preworkouts that were formerly on the market. It certainly never caused the type of heart pounding, "I want to kill someone" fury that some products I have tried in the past delivered.

    The question when I sampled Frenzy was how would it stack up against Craze and other preworkouts in general. I have used it twice now so the review which follows is a summary based on my experience to date.

    Taste - I will get this out of the way first as while it is the first thing people will notice from Frenzy it is pretty far down my list of priorities. With that said both the orange cream and fruit punch flavours were fine and, on balance, the taste here is better than Craze for those who care. It doesn't taste overly sweet and seems to taste the best with a good quantity of water (I used 500ml) - Rating - 8/10

    Energy - When taking Craze I would feel very dialled into my own world and in fact I sometimes would delay training while I finish off sending an email. If you are picking a preworkout for writing a long essay I don't think Craze can be topped! Having said that, even when going above max dosing on Craze I never got the jittery kind of energy which I associate with improved performance (certainly, the likes of the old Jack3d delivered well in this regard no matter what you think of DMAA). Despite this Craze works phenomenally well for training just through the focus it provides but if it was ever missing a string to its bow, that string was energy.

    Frenzy by contrast produced less focus but a greater feeling of energy. Between sets I felt quite restless and aggressive whereas with Craze this was never really the case. Energy levels were up but in a very smooth way that stays with you for the duration of a long workout. Based on my workout performances over the last few weeks when I have been using Craze and Frenzy, the PB's in the gym the last two days while using Frenzy beat anything I did with Craze. Rating 10/10

    Post-Workout - Frenzy of course isn't a post-workout but the biggest issue I found with Craze and the old school of DMAA based preworkouts was the after effects of training hard on them. Appetite is down, focus is below where you need it if working a desk job and, generally speaking Craze wasn't ideal if you were training at any other time than the morning or early afternoon.

    By contrast, Frenzy kicks in around 10 mins after drinking it and then keeps you at a high energy level for a couple of hours before slowly, imperceptibly declining to a steady level. Straight after my workouts I felt fine to eat, and was able to have a productive day (as evidenced by this long review which is written around 3 hrs after I finished my workout). Rating 10/10


    I am a big fan of all the Driven Sports range and I am sure Frenzy is bound to be a hit with fans of preworkouts. Better energy, aggression, and sustained performance throughout the session makes this a supplement which I am sure will make people forget about Craze in due course.

    by Reggie Johal
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