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Pharma Freak

Mass Freak 15lb

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  • Pharma Freak Mass Freak 6.8kg (15lb) Benefits

    • Massive servings to power growth
    • Loaded with BCAA's and glutamine
    • Essential fats and fibres to slow digestion
    • Multiple protein sources


    Predator Nutrition Mass Freak Review

    Mass Freak is Pharma Freak's weight gainer product and is a prototypical gainer with a high carbohydrate content, huge serving sizes and coming in a massive 15lb bag. The product is relatively high in carbohydrates compared to protein which makes it best suited for hardgainers (those who struggle to ever gain weight), teenagers, or those who need to get big at all costs and can handle some fat gain. The protein blend within Mass Freak uses a few sources of proteins which is good to see. Likewise Mass Freak supplies some flax oil and fibre; important for such a high carbohydrate weight gainer.

    Our view is that Mass Freak is best used for those engaged in higher rep training as such a high carbohydrate level is not required otherwise. For anyone whose focus is just to move the needle on the scales, this product will certainly help in adding weight.

  • PharmaFreak Mass Freak 15lb Manufacturer Description

    Train Like a Freak? You need Mass Freak

    MASS FREAK The World's Strongest & Most Complete Weight Gainer!

    MASS FREAK is formulated especially for hardcore lifters seeking to rapidly add on slabs of lean muscle! MASS FREAK's complete supplement formula gives your physique the exact mixture of calories and power packed nutrients it requires to synthesize new muscle tissue faster than ever before.

    MASS FREAK Delivers:

    • Superior quality musclebuilding calories for maximum muscle growth and recovery!

    • 20 grams of Glutamine and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in every serving!

    • Fortified with digestive enzymes, fiber and essential fatty acids (EFAs)

    • Time-Released Carbohydrates for Maximum Muscle Strength & Recovery!

    • 50 grams of Superior-Quality Protein per serving!




    MASS FREAK Recommended UseMass Freak Weight Gainer Best Tasting

    DIRECTIONS:Mix 2 to 4 scoops with 12-24 oz of cold water or milk. Adjust the amount of liquid to achieve your desired consistency. Drink 1-2 servings daily or as needed to meet your daily calorie requirements. Mix with milk for a delicious milk shake taste and to increase your protein and calorie intake with each serving.

    Allergy warning: Contains ingredients derived 
    from milk, egg and soy (lecithin).


    Store in a cool, dry place.
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