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Fusion Supplements

Methdrol 90 Caps

Unmatched Potency. Unrivaled Musclebuilding Gains.
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  • Fusion Supplements Methdrol 90 Caps Benefits 

    • Lean muscle gains
    • Massive strength gains
    • Reduce body fat


    Fusion Supplements Methdrol 90 Caps Predator Nutrition Review

    Fusion Supplements Methodrol is one of our favourite and most popular prohormones. Methdrol is a clone of perhaps the most famour prohormone ever, Superdrol. It has all the same benefits of Superdrol such as potent composition gains (simultaneous muscle gains and fat loss), does not convert to estrogen and works even for very short cycles of 3-4 weeks.


    Fusion Supplements Methdrol 90 Caps Description

    Superdrol has rightly earned itself the accolade of the bodybuilding community for providing tremendous lean muscle gains with an absence of estrogenic effects, making it the perfect tool for those interested in building a high quality physique. Following the success of our trailblazing pre-workout stack (Geranamine and Phenylethylamine), Fusion Supplements would like to present our version of the superdrol compound. Harnessing the power of Methasteron, Methdrol can be used both standalone or in combination with other Prohormones such as Finavol and Furazadrol for the ultimate lean muscle building stack.


  • Fusion Supplements Methdrol 90 Caps Supplement Facts

    90 Caps Methdrol 90 Caps
    Serving Size: 1 Cap
    Servings per container: 90
    Amount Per Serving  
    2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol 10mg
  • Fusion Supplements Methdrol 90 Caps Directions For Use

  • Nothing else like it


    I ran Methdrol for 4 weeks at 20mg per day, within the first week strength had improved dramatically and the pumps in the gym were intense. As time went on my strength continued to rise and by the time I got to the end of the 4 weeks I had gained 12lbs on the scale. Body fat didn't go up at all from what I can see so all in all an incredible product I can't wait to use again.

    by Ste

    Excellent gains but beware of sides


    Done multiple cycles of methdrol, sticking to the recommended doses, and every single time it does what it says. My body blows up in size and strength goes through the roof on heavy compound movements. After about 2/3 weeks however the side effects start to kick in for me.

    Would definitely need to stack with a heavy duty supplement to help with that.

    by Michael



    Really good product, kept lean and put on 6 kgs of mucsle, all lifts have gone up with ease, doesnt even feel like I'm trying and can bench 100kg for reps where as before 70kg felt heavy! Great gains although I did feel like libido levels dropped in last week, but ey great product all round, one of the best sd clones out there

    by Ikhlaq Husain



    When I started I was 10 stone 10. chest 44inch arms 16inch when I finished my cycle my arms were 17/5 inches chest 46 and now I weigh in at 12.3 so I'd say this stuff is really potent and I had no side effects what so ever iv been on my pct now for two weeks and have only lost a 1 pound so basically kept all my gains thumbs

    by tony

    All Gain No Pain


    Ran this for 4 weeks recently, solid lean gains of 9kilo's and dropped 3%bf. Polished it off with a pct of post cycle matrix and lean xtreme. Lost nothing off the gains. Happy days

    by Conor

    Works very well


    After 5 weeks I've gone up in weight by 5 kilos.
    All my major lifts have gone up even more than I expected (20kg on bench and 30kg on squat).
    Only sides were high blood pressure, slight drop in libido and a slight drop in appetite.
    Propably the best standalone oral.

    by Hochocho

    it works


    been using prohormones for years!!!trust me this one works!!!

    by chris



    i just finished 4 weeks cycle, gained 6kg of mass, some fat as well, now its time to get rid of it. the only down side of it was that i was very sleepy all the time, i could sleep all day, other than that- great product, still have half of pack left for another cycle, can't wait

    by ap_fitness



    Awesome gained 9.5 kg taking 2 tabs daily feel great small sides will buy again

    by peter mitchell

    unbeliveable prohormone


    This stuff really done the trick! Took it over 4 weeks and put on some good size and dropped some body fat and was all ok once I finished my cycle!

    by Elliot

    Gains are from another world


    Just finished my second cycle of this product. I gained 11 kg on both cycles together and cut some bodyfat. This product turns you into a superhuman!

    by Dave

    Amazing gains!!


    Used this product 20mg/day for 6 weeks, amazing gains weight (20 lbs) and strength.

    by A3a²n



    When i was taking methdrol i felt like i had been ripped off at first from seeing no changes for about 10 days, then all of a sudden everything changed, my bench press increased by 15 kg! i cycled this stuff for four weeks, i done 20/20/30/40 mg and i put on 5.5kg! In the third week i felt like an animal, the only downside was half way threw my 4th week i started to feel sick everyday and lethargic so i decided to jump onto my pct, other than that, great supplement!

    by HAM

    Great Product


    I have cycled this once before without noticing much of a difference in size but i did witness significant strength gains. However this time around, I sorted my diet and shockingly over an exam period where I have been thoroughly stressed; one would assume you would lose weight and size. I in fact gained a massive 7kg in body weight and my strength has improved massively. I am now on the superfusion PCT and 2 weeks in, I have been able to maintain 90% of the gains, although bodyweight has dropped by 2kg, this is due to calorie deficit and increased cardio! great product, would certainly recommend if it to someone as their first prohormone as side effects and near to zero!

    My next product will be nanodrol - and shall post review shortly afterwards

    by Tom

    Cheers Pred!


    Found this when googling Superdrol clones. Also by Fusion which is a bonus as I like their stuff and this is no different. Big gains and really lean too. Will definitely use again.

    by Carl

    Gained 5kg


    Methdrol is a cheap Superdrol clone and one produced by a company whose products I like. I gained 5kg in a single four week cycle. Ensure you run a thorough pct and you will keep most of your gains.

    by Tom Sumner
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