Protein Powders

Protein powder supplements are the most important nutrient for anyone on a training program so investing in a quality protein powder is essential. 

We have split our protein powders section into sub-categories to enable you to select more easily the protein you are looking for while, for convenience, having all protein shakes listed here on the protein powder category. Look to the left and you can filter proteins by their categories such as whey protein, milk or casein protein, protein blends and so on.

We only stock the best protein powders which in our opinion provide the best taste, mixability, and quality of protein shakes. Generally speaking, it is best to have whey protein shakes before and after training (if no other pre or post workout supplements featuring protein are used) and to use casein protein or casein/whey blends at other times. This is because whey protein powder is best used when fast absorption is required and a milk protein or blended protein is best when sustained release of protein is the major priority.

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