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Promixx Original Vortex Mixer

Say goodbye to lumpy protein shakes
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  • Predator Nutrition Promixx Vortex Mixer Review

    We are big fans of the Promixx vortex mixer. The ultimate gift for anybody who is into fitness and who does not want the hassle and expense of dealing with blenders. The vortex shaker creates a whirlpool effect in the shaker that rapidly and completely breaks down protein powder producing a protein taste and texture that sets it apart from any other shaker on the market.

  • Promixx Vortex Mixer Description

    It's time to say goodbye to lumpy protein shakes and poorly mixed supplements drinks.

    The PROMiXX™ Vortex Mixing Technology™ effortlessly mixes your nutritional supplements with the touch of a button by simulating nature's own implosion reaction, thereby creating the world’s smoothest supplement mixes, shakes and drinks.

    Designed for liquid and powder mixing or liquid substance blending, the PROMiXX™ opens up a world of mixing possibilities.

    PROMiXX™ mixers are used by some of the greatest athletes on the planet, to help them create the winning formulas to succeed in their chosen pursuit

    Promixx Features

  • Promixx, The Original Vortex Mixer Directions For Use

    Simply pour in the required quantity of powder and liquid to create your shake or supplement drink, secure the lid and hit the button until you have achieved a smooth, lump free consistency.

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