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Prototype Nutrition

UR Spray 240ml

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  • Supplement Facts



    Isopropyl Myristate


    Sodium Ursolic Acetate



    Apply a thin layer of spray evenly over skin. Torso, inside of arms, thighs, tops of feet, and behind ears are good target areas, 50 sprays per day.

    Best applied after showering.

    Use for 2-4 weeks.

  • Sceptical at first...but this stuffs for real


    This is possibly the most effective supplement I have ever used. Having done a number of prohormone cycles I was sceptical of the results that are spoken about on various boards. I used this after PCT after a epi tren cycle. At the end of the first week I started to notice slight effects. But it was at the end of week 2 that I felt my clothes feel tighter and I also looked a little leaner in the mirror. I've just ordered my 3rd bottle.....

    by Neel

    Try it


    There is lots of same products in the Market but this one is amazing!

    by Umit

    Good complement for Ursobolic


    I have used both Ur Spray and Ursobolic to good effect. Having done so, I think the best way to utilise them is to take them together to get the best out of topical and oral ingestion.

    I notice good fat loss, and recomp effects with both.

    by Henry Pollard
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