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Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg

All-in-one weight gainer
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  • USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg Benefits

    • The UK's best selling weight gainer
    • Contains a muscle building stack of ingredients to drive gains
    • High in carbs and protein
    • HMB and Creatine for strength and recovery

    Predator Nutrition Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg Review

    Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a bestselling weight gainer from USN which is designed to bridge the gap between all-in-ones (which contain a wide array of ingredients and a high protein to carb ratio) and weight gainers (no extra ingredients and more carbs than protein. By taking ideas from two different categories in making Muscle Fuel Anabolic, you end up with a product which has more protein and less carbs than traditional weight gainers but which also provides a healthy serving of ergogenics such as BCAA's, hmb and creatine.

  • 4kg Muscle Fuel Anabolic
    Serving Size: 3 Scoops (150g)
    Servings Per Container: 26
    Amount Per Serving  
    Energy 2270kJ
    Protein 50g
    Carbohydrates 78g
    of which sugars 11g
    Fat 2g
    Total Fibre 1.7g
    Sodium 741mg
    Potassium 202mg
    Calcium 243mg
    Phosphorous 460mg
    Magnesium 42mg
    Vitamin A 375gRE
    Vitamin D (Calciferol) 1.9g
    Vitamin E (Alpha Tocoferol) 3.8mgTE
    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 23mg
    Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.5mg
    Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.6mg
    Niacin 6.8mg
    Vitamin B6 0.8mg
    Folic Acid 75g
    Vitamin B12 0.4g
    Biotin 30g
    Pantothenic acid 1.5mg
    CREABOLIC STACK - Creatine monohydrate & Di-Creatine Malate  
    HYPER VOLUMAX - L-Glycine, Beta Alanine  
    GLUTACELL TRI-STACK - Glutamine AKG, L-Glutamine & peptide bonded Glutamine  
    TESTO-FORCE - Avena Sativa  

    Allergen Information:
    Allergens: Contains Cow's milk, Soy and Gluten. Manufactured in a facility that also processes egg.

  • Directions For Muscle Fuel Anabolic 4kg

    As a dietary supplement, add 3 rounded scoops to 500-600ml of cold water. Use a blender or shaker for approximately 30 seconds. Have 1 to 2 servings daily (servings may be halved).

  • not bad


    got this a few weeks ago. good snack and lasts a long time. helped me gain 5kg on my bench press and deadlift. good for skinny people. quiet sweet but not bad

    by Josh

    Muscle fuel is the king


    Muscle fuel anabolic helped me gain a stone after using it for three months. Not sure what usn have put in it but I found myself gaining faster than ever and for the price, Muscle Fuel is a bargain.

    by Martin



    I bought this product recently and have been using it for 6 weeks, I was expecting to gain weight and have found it to be extremely misleading. I'm still recovering from a bloated stomach!

    by Robert Charlton
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