Best Bar on the Market

These bars are the tastiest bars on the market and the macros are perfect.

amazing flavor and texture

My favourites are birthday cake and cinnamon bun :) seriously satisfying and taste so good!

Good bars

Tasty bars with a good macro split. Very crumbly and not easy to eat but very good apart from that. Please get peanut butter back in stock!

Best protein bar on the market

I have tried a lot of protein bars but this is by far the overall best when taking into account taste and macros.

Best protein bar on the market!

These are by far the best protein bars I've tasted! Had the coconut, birthday cake, whole chocolate and raspberry, peanut butter and cinnamon and can honestly say they're all great! No weird protein aftertaste and the texture is amazing


Absolutely delicious. I eat these after a bike ride and they are a real treat.

Best protein bar now

Can't beat these, better than Quest for taste and better than carb killa for macros.


200ish cals per bar and substantial protein. More filling than Oh Yeah, Grenade etc I think. rnrnI have a major sweet tooth, so reviewed accordingly!rnrnCinnamon Twist - LOVE. Seriously fave cinnamon protein bar. Would eat for fun.rnrnWhite Chocolate Raspberry - another good one. Not as sweet as Quest one, which is a good thing. rnrnBirthday Cake - bit of a lemon flavour, cute multi-coloured crispies. Very pleasant.rnrnCookie Dough/Choc Peanut Butter - taste pretty much the same. Are fine and not very sweet, but a bit bland.rnrnChocolate coconut - the white choc covering is nice but it smells weird. OK taste.rnrnYet to try cookies and cream. Not sure I want to invest in box yet based on choc coconut miss...


Best tasting protein bar i've ever tasted literally just tastes like a chocolate bar. Chocolate peanut cup flavour was unreal. would recommend!

Delicious cake like texture

Awesome cake like inside with a little crunch. I've tried the brownie and cookies & cream and am about to re-order and check some other flavours.

Tastes like a Candy Bar. Benefits of a protein bar.

Cookie Dough flavour was unreal, texture is so soft and just like a chocolate bar. Had to have some serious willpower to not blow through a box in 5 days! Will definitely be getting these again.

A genuine alternative to Quest bars

On a whole, I would actually state that these bars, personally, taste better than quest bars. They have a much more supple texture as opposed to the quest bars, and a good nutritional profile to go with it. Perfect for a snack to keep the sugar cravings at bay

Combat Crunch

Absolutely the best bar I have ever tasted. I was a huge fan of Quest bars previously and took a chance on these when they were on offer...have never looked back. Really a MUST try

Dangerously addictive

These bars have an excellent nutrition profile but more than that, more dangerous than that, is the taste. The Chocolate PB cup is my Achilles heel, incredibly tasty, good texture and satisfying to eat. These can quickly disappear if your discipline is as bad as mine. I definitely recommend these, but beware their addictive nature as it could undo your hard work!

Great tasting alternative to Quest

Chocolate peanut butter - they have more calories than a quest bar, but in a blind tasting they would hold up against a simple chocolate bar. Nice chewy texture without being too much work, and the chocolate coating makes a good change.

the best

hands down the worlds best tasting protein bar taste better than most cadburys roundtree bars