10 Protein Myths Busted! (Part 2)


10 Protein Myths Busted! (Part 2)

MYTH 6: The protein must have peptides of a specific weight to be useful for muscle growth

Who comes up with these!? Yet again the impressive creation that is the human body is highly efficient at digesting protein effectively from all of the proteins you consume regardless of molecular weight.  

MYTH 7: You only need protein powder or food - there's no need for both

Protein powders are easier to absorb which is important, however naturally protein rich foods have different amino acids from that in powders. Ideally your diet should include a wide variety of protein sources food and powders as the different combinations of amino acids in each will all have individual benefits for muscle growth and will be far more effective than only eating a restricted number if protein sources. If you're making financial cost/benefit comparisons protein powders most certainly trump food on a cost per serving basis!  

MYTH 8: You should only have 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight

This is the typical recommended amount however it is only a guideline and as we mentioned earlier in Myth 4, consuming greater quantities will always be highly beneficial. Well, if you are working out at the gym properly that is, otherwise you’ll find yourself making gains of a different type! The key is to tailor your protein intake according to your size and workout levels. Read our article here discussing how much protein you should eat.  

MYTH 9: Dairy proteins promote fat

Wrong again! Dairy is a fantastic natural source of protein and this myth most likely results from an assumption that the high sodium content in most dairy foods leads to water retention and therefore ‘promotes fat’. However if your dairy intake is regular and you aren’t over doing it with the salt water retention is easily avoided. What's more, recent research actually shows that dairy consumption is linked to better fat loss!  

MYTH 10: Protein can’t be used as an energy source

By consuming protein you are actually offering your body an alternative energy source to carbohydrates which is especially beneficial for body builders who want to preserve muscle tissue which can deteriorate when on a low-calorie/low-carb diet.   The bottom line is, protein is a key dietary nutrient needed to create new muscle tissue - if you don't have enough protein, you won't grow. Simple. There is clearly a reason why protein has always been a fundamental in the world of body building. Hopefully now you know the truth, it will save you wasting money on purchases lead by false media trends or popularised fads and open up new opportunities for you on your journey to gaining muscle.    

So that's it! Myth, busted (if you'll allow us the plagiarism). Hopefully now you're a bit clearer on protein and how it works. We've got loads of advice on supplements, training and more, so why not have a look and see what you can learn!