Are The Effects Of Pedalium Murex On Testosterone Permanent?


Are The Effects Of Pedalium Murex On Testosterone Permanent?

Are the effects of using Pedalium Murex to increase testosterone levels more permanent than we realised?

 Pedalium Murex Linn has been used in India for many years to help treat male sexual impotency however recent research by pharmaceutical scientists may shed new light on to the long-lasting effects of using this treatment. Pharmaceutical scientists from the Dr H. S. Gour University investigated the possibility of permanent increases in testosterone resulting from the use of Pedalium Murex and explored why the changes occur so aggressively.  

The Study

The research compared two groups of rats with one group being fed a Pedalium Murex supplement. Results showed that whilst it took a few weeks for the supplement to take effect, once accepted by the body, testosterone levels rose dramatically and more significantly, once the supplement had stopped being administered the testosterone levels remained raised for a further 2 weeks.  


The researchers from the University commented that “the study lends growing support to the use of Pedalium Murex as a sexual stimulating agent … and prevents/delays having to repeat the process.” One word of caution before deeming the results of this investigation applicable for those looking to buy the product - the researchers used their own cocktail mix of Pedalium Murex rather than that which is given to individuals as medicine in India so variations in the ingredients may incur different side effects in humans as yet untested.  

So how does this relate to bodybuilders?

If the dramatic spikes in testosterone occurring in rats also translates to humans then clearly taking Pedalium Murex will lead to increased muscle development (with some sexual arousal along the way!). For similar testosterone increases humans would likely need a much larger dose which may result in even more permanent effects. An extensive range of research would need to be undertaken on humans (as yet untested) before clarifying side effects and verifying that the supplement is 100% safe.    

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