PES Erase: A Real, Synthetic Aromatase Inhibitor

PES Erase: A Real, Synthetic Aromatase Inhibitor

We all know why aromatase inhibitors (AIs) are useful in the world of bodybuilding and performance enhancement. They stop the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, thus decreasing estrogen, estrogen related side effects, and increasing testosterone all at once. But not all aromatase inhibitors are created equal.

For years aromatase inhibitors have been available in two forms: Over the counter and pharmaceutical grade. Historically the over the counter options for aromatase inhibitors have been in an entirely different and inferior league to pharmaceutical options. The two main mechanisms of inhibition seen in AIs are suicide (irreversible) inhibitors, and competitive (reversible) inhibitors.

Suicide inhibitors are the superior form. They act quicker and will not give any estrogen rebound upon cessation. You do not have to taper off suicide inhibitors like you do competitive inhibitors. Currently the most popular AI that is a suicide inhibitor is known as exemestane. Anyone who has experience using AIs will also tell you this is the best of them all (and also most expensive). Unfortunately for the bodybuilding community it is not readily available in its pure form without a prescription.

Finally, there is an over the counter aromatase inhibitor that may just be the most beneficial AI for bodybuilding purposes. So what makes it so great? For starters, it is a suicide inhibitor, not a competitive inhibitor. It is a real synthetic aromatase inhibitor available legally. We welcome the strongest OTC AI, PES Erase. This ingredient actually has a better binding affinity for the aromatase enzyme than exemestane itself!    

How is Erase better for bodybuilding than other AIs?

Erase is the ONLY aromatase inhibitor that has a 7-oxogenated steroidal structure which may also can reduce cortisol; the catabolic muscle eating hormone that spikes through the roof during PCT and high intensity training. Erase is an essential performance enhancer for every goal:

  1. Strength gains – It boosts testosterone
  2. Lean mass gains – It boosts testosterone
  3. Fat loss – Estrogen promotes fat storage – Erase destroys estrogen
  4. Diuretic – True, strong, synthetic AIs like Erase are well know for their favorable diuretic abilities

Erase is not going to make you gain 10lbs. In the US people have been using Erase like some would use Winstrol®. However, it is extremely powerful at giving a lean, dry, hard physique and favorable strength gains. After all, it boosts testosterone and reduces estrogen all in one. It is becoming a staple in contest prep for professional bodybuilders as they near competition and are after the driest, hardest physique they can get. Erase is readily and legally available over the counter in capsule form, and has been manufactured in a certified GMP facility. Oh, and before you write this product off as some weak over the counter AI, just try taking 4 capsules per day for a few days and you will be so dried out your joints will hate you. Then you will find out the hard way how legit this product is. But you’ll look great in the mirror!

The recommended dose is 2-3 capsules per day. If you notice joint discomfort, lower your dose by 1 capsule and give 3-4 days for side effects to subside. To minimise aromatase inhibitors side effetcs do not exceed 4 capsules per day.


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