UK Supplement Market Trends 2021


UK Supplement Market Trends 2021

UK Supplement Trends 2021

What supplements are Brits buying and why? We researched consumer behaviour and Google Trends data to discover 2021’s supplement trends and what the UK’s priorities are now that we’re moving towards summer out of lockdown.

UK Supplement Market Trends 2021

Predator Nutrition data shows the supplements with the biggest year on year increase in consumer interest are:

Bar chart of UK supplement trends of 2021

The huge surge in interest in joint health and pre-workout supplements is a clear sign people are once again focussing on fitness and weight training. With the end of lockdowns finally in sight, fitness-focussed Brits are getting ready for a summer of looking and feeling good in the sun.

Interest in protein powder and pre-workout supplements skyrocketed over the most recent lockdown

We compared consumer interest in the 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after the key UK lockdown dates of 26th March 2020 and 6 January 2021 to see how COVID-19 restrictions impacted key supplement trends:

Bar chart of how lockdowns implemented UK supplement trends
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During the first lockdown, fitness took a back seat and this is reflected in a sharp decline in interest in pre-workouts, joint health supplements and protein powder. But by the lockdown of January 2021, most of us had adapted to this new way of living and curated a home fitness routine through online classes, outdoor runs or perhaps even by investing in a set of home weights. Interest in protein powder and pre-workout supplements saw a leap in interest as a result.

Meanwhile, popularity of Vitamin D increased following the first and third lockdowns reflecting public interest in how this supplement may strengthen the immune system. Plus, many may have felt a need to top up on Vitamin D following a long winter stuck inside away from natural light.

Pre-workout and joint health supplements are a priority for gym members

UK gyms reopened on 12th April 2021. We analysed consumer interest in the 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after gyms reopened to see how supplement market trends were impacted:

Bar chart of the impact of gyms reopening on 2021's supplement trends

Unsurprisingly, pre-workout and joint health were the two most popular supplement categories once gyms reopened their doors, followed by Nootropics to improve performance. Brits are keen to be back at the gym working towards fitness goals and are looking for that extra boost while they get back into healthy gym habits.

In fact, all of 2021’s biggest supplement trends were boosted in popularity by gyms reopening apart from protein powders, which have seen a 17% decline in interest since gyms reopened. This is perhaps due to their huge increase in popularity during the third lockdown which shows people had likely already stocked up in advance of going back to the gym.

Joint health and building muscle are the top reasons Brits are taking supplements in 2021

We researched the most common supplement-related search terms on Google to see the top reasons Brits are taking supplements in 2021. In accordance with the joint health supplement trend we’ve seen this year, joint health and muscle building are the top priorities among supplement users:

Bar chart of the most popular reasons to take supplements in 2021 according to Google search data
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