Protein powder is essential to maintaining your diet and your physique. If the powder you're on now has lost its luster or was never that great in the first place, consider treating yourself to something better. 

Just because these powders are perfect for you doesn't mean they should taste bad. In fact, no matter what type of flavours you like or dietary restrictions you have, there's a protein powder and shake combination out there that will feel like a treat every time you get to drink it.
We know taste can be subjective. Maybe you prefer fruit flavours, or perhaps you're more of a chocolate-and-bananas kind of person. Maybe you want something novel and savory. No matter what you're craving, one of the twenty great tasting flavours below is sure to appeal to you.

1. Best Flavour Variety – Scitec 100% WHEY PROTEIN PROFESSIONAL

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There is no other brand as reliable as this one when it comes to consistently developing new, delicious flavours. Of course, they have their classics, too. You can get everything from Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Vanilla to Lemon Cheesecake and Strawberry. With all of these to choose from you have a wide variety of day-to-day options.
There really are no downsides to this protein powder. It’s slightly lower in calories than many on this list. Add to that the inclusion of specific enzymes to make each blend easy on even the most sensitive stomachs and you have a near perfect product. 
Averages 110 calories and 22g protein per serving.


2. Best Vanilla Flavour – Body Nutrition Wheyology

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Vanilla is just about everyone’s first choice. Not only can you use it as a standalone shake or flavour but it makes a versatile mix-in. You can even add it to the vast majority of common baked goods recipes with no ill effects. It may seem a little sweeter than other vanillas, but few find it too sweet. As bonus to providing all the protein you need, this powder also comes with extra leucine. 
25g protein and 125 calories per serving.

3. Best Chocolate Flavour – ON (Optimum Nutrition) in Extreme Milk Chocolate

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Aside from Vanilla, chocolate may be the most ubiquitous flavour in the protein powder world. By far the best reviews any one flavour has got is "Extreme Milk Chocolate" by ON. This is an incredibly versatile flavour if you're willing to be adventurous. If not, it still makes a delicious daily drink. You can mix this essential protein with water or milk and add in banana, dates, or powdered peanut butter for something different yet simple. Want to spice things up? Add some cayenne pepper.
113 calories and 23.9g of protein per serving.


4. Best Fudge Flavour – Dymatize: ISO 100 Fudge Brownie

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This chocolate flavour mimics what you might taste when you high into a high-quality brownie. It’s hard to believe something this delicious can have all the protein you need and be so good for you. As versatile as any other chocolate flavour, Dymatize ISO 100 gets extra points for being so easy to mix into anything. This protein powder won't clump up on you or stick to the sides of your shaker.
110 calories and 25g protein per serving.

5. Best Beef Protein Powder – Musclemeds Carnivor

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This is the best tasting beef flavoured protein powder on the market. If you need to avoid whey, lactose and dairy of all kinds this could be what you have to resort to. Honestly, it tastes okay but you may want to choose a strong shake recipe to enhance its flavour. That means this protein powder goes great with iced black coffee, anything enhanced with cocoa powder, or spicy flavours. 
180 calories and 23g of protein per serving. 

6. Best Peanut Butter Flavour – PEScience Select Peanut Butter Cookie

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If you are a peanut butter fan, you can't get any closer to the taste of digging into a jar of the stuff than this. Keep in mind that when we say “peanut butter” we mean peanut butter. This is not weakly flavoured, nor does it lack the sweet, creamy component or true peanut butter. This makes the perfect addition to a chocolate-themed shake. It's also perfect with frozen bananas and jam-type fruits. Even though it says peanut butter “cookie” you can treat it like just plain peanut butter. 

110 calories and 24g of protein per serving.

7. Best Coffee-Inspired Flavour – PEScience Select Café Series

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This entire line of protein powder flavours is inspired by your favorite caffeine-infused beverages. In fact, they even contain a dose of natural caffeine in each and every scoop. With the Select Protein Cafe Series you can choose from “Vanilla Frappe”, “Caramel Macchiato”, and an intense “Iced Mocha”- it’s definitely a challenge to say which one is the best. That’s why we’re naming the entire series as the best coffee inspired protein powders. 

105 calories and 20g of protein per serving on average.

8. Ultimate Cookie Flavour – Syntha-6 Edge - Cookies & Cream

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This is a cookie with a distinct flavour of spice, browned butter, and vanilla. This protein powder from Syntha-6 manages to capture cookies and cream perfectly. If you're in the mood for a sweet, mild protein shake, then this is the flavour for you. Compared to the original Syntha-6 line, Edge has more protein per serving.  If you're looking to shake things up after you choose this powder, try mixing it into fruit smoothies for a creamy combination. The mix might seem strange at first glance, but it's a winner. 

155 calories and 24g of protein per serving.

9. Best Strawberry Flavoured Protein Powder – BPI Sports Best protein Strawberries & Cream

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This is a flavour for those that love fruit smoothies and anything fruit-based. As a protein powder, that's a more unusual flavour request. BPI sports has done justice to the strawberry flavour. Though it still might be a little on the “strawberry candy” side than the “refreshing and fruity” side, it still tastes great alone or in a mix. 

120 calories and 24g of protein per serving.

10. Best Banana flavoured Protein Powder – Musclepharm Combat Powder Banana Cream

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Not to be confused with the newer "banana split" flavour, Musclepharm's Banana Cream is the ultimate in banana flavour. It doesn't taste chalky, it mixes with most things very well, and it has a strong, distinctly banana flavour. Best used in shakes that have a bit of substance to them, like real bananas or a little-powdered peanut butter.
130 calories and 25g of protein per serving.

11. Best Spice-Inspired flavour – Cor-Performance Whey in Cinnamon Swirl 

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Miss having cinnamon rolls? What if you could have a daily cinnamon roll-esque protein shake? Or protein pancakes? Cinnamon-bun type oatmeal? This is your chance to have all of those things on your journey to a healthier you. This cinnamon-inspired protein powder has everything you need to feed your spice cravings. 

130 calories and 25g of protein per serving.

12. Best Protein Powder for Parfaits – BPI Whey HD in Granola Crunch

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Another entry on our list goes to a BPI protein powder. This powder is special for a handful of reasons. For one, if you happen to be a granola fan, this could be your dream protein powder. It contains small chunks of granola inside. That adds a noticeable crunch to whatever you mix it into. For some, that could be a shake. However, where this powder shines is add a mix into a yogurt parfait or mashed banana.
150 calories and 25g protein per serving.

13. Best Citrus Flavoured Protein – Body Nutrition Lemon Meringue Pie 

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Trutein combines whey, casein and egg proteins to create a blend like no other. Proprietary chemical engineering results in “faster muscle growth” and “digestive enhancement” or so each and every bottle claims. If you want to find out for yourself, be assured that their lemon meringue pie flavor is top notch. 

120 calories and 24g of protein per scoop.

14.Best Vegan, Non-Soy Protein Powder – Scitec Nutrition: 100% Plant Protein

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"Alternative" protein powders have a bad reputation for being, well, gross. Plenty of people swear that the only way to use it is in baked goods. That or you can add it to something bitter like grapefruit juice. With this pea protein that trend isn’t really broken. However, as long as you have a thicker shake to mix it into, the protein powder itself doesn’t taste so bad. In fact, it lends a unique and altogether pleasant element. Even better it’s one of the lowest calorie options on our list.

102 calories and 21g of protein per serving.

15. Best Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder – Body Nutrition: Gardenia Vanilla Bean

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A basic, mixed plant-based protein blend. Only ethically sourced plant ingredients are used. You can also select from 4 classic flavors including vanilla bean, mocha and CinnaBun. This vegan alternative to the whey options on our list tastes great in spite of its distinct challenges. For a basic, healthy shake try mixing frozen bananas, almond milk, honey, and cinnamon with a serving of this protein powder. 

120 calories and 20g protein per scoop.

16. Best Flavour for Camping – Pro Jym in S'mores

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This is less a versatile flavour and more one for special occasions or people who like s'mores. It's a hearty, true to the real thing flavour duplicate of the classic summer treat. If you want to put it in a shake, be prepared for a unique flavour combination. Some fans even mix it in with tepid tea, claiming that the resulting combination is similar to "bubble tea" in flavour if not the texture.
140 calories and 24g of protein per serving.

17. Best Fruit Dessert Flavour – Dymatize ISO-100 in Orange Dreamsicle

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This may seem like an oddly specific category, but most flavoured protein powders come in at least one fruit variety. Frequently it is a "jam" or "pie" version. Orange Dreamsicle is a creamy, fruity alternative to the ordinary chocolate vs vanilla debate. It works great with any fruit in a smoothie-like shake. Can be used with or without milk.
120 calories and 25g protein per serving.

18. Best Diet Protein – PHd Diet Whey

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If you are counting every single calorie and must cut back in every conceivable place, this could be the protein powder for you. Not only is it lower in calories than your average powder but it packs a hefty nutritional bunch. With each scoop you are getting the benefits of high quality protein as well as flax seeds, green tea extract, and ALCAR. This powder also has a “creamy texture”. However, if you prefer your drinks a little thinner, just add more water. Hydration is important and it will help keep you feeling full. 
91 calories and 17g of protein per serving.

19. Best Novelty Flavour – Body Nutrition Trutein Shamrock Shake

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Say you want something delicious, decadent, and completely unexpected from a protein shake. Vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter? Too overdone. Banana or strawberry? Still not unique enough. Enter a protein powder capable of emulating the infamous "Shamrock Shake" to a T with no weird aftertaste. (In case you don’t know, a Shamrock Shake is, essentially, a mint milkshake.) Beyond that, this powder has a balanced nutrition profile and less added sugar than many other entries of this list. Best experienced on its own, this flavour has also been successfully mixed in with green juices and milk-based shakes. 

120 calories and 25g protein per serving.

20. Best Cookies and Cream flavour – Syntrax Nectar Sweets in Double Stuffed Cookie

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It seems like just about every protein powder brand has their take on the classic "cookies n' cream" flavour but which one would a real fan stick with? The answer is this particular "Double Stuffed" flavour. It may not have maxed out its health-food potential, but many are willing to give on a few points for something that tastes this indulgent. Whoever came up with this flavour formulation knew what they were doing. In addition to being delicious when mixed into milk or water, this flavour also does well when added to cold, black coffee. 100 calories and 23g of protein per scoop.