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Damaged Cynostane
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Damaged Cynostane

Damaged Cynostane Clearance

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90 Capsules

Damaged Cynostane

Product Guide

Lower in side effects than other options

Ideal for beginner

Over the counter PCT can be used

For male users only

Please note product is heat damaged

Damaged Cynostane


Cynostane is one of the purest prohormones around, as although it still provides great gains in lean muscle, it has little effect on other areas of the body. This includes no estrogen related side effects so Cynostane is also great for losing fat and getting good body composition.


Cynostane is a great prohormone to be used as your first cycle because it has minimal side effects and can have an ultra fast recovery during your post cycle therapy.


For healthy adult males over the age of 21 only who want to gain muscle whilst losing body fat. Ideally suited to men who are prohormone beginners.


AI Sports Nutrition Damaged Cynostane


Take one capsule 3-4 times a day with meals. Do not take until you are familiar with how to run a prohormone cycle safely and effectively - see our Knowledge section for details.