Zero Calorie Vanilla Syrup 425 ml
Zero Calorie Vanilla Syrup 425 ml

Zero Calorie Vanilla Syrup 425 ml Condiments

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Zero Calorie Vanilla Syrup 425 ml

Product Guide

Delicious vanilla flavoured syrup

Unique to the Skinny Food Co

Totally calorie free

Ultimate indulgence especially for those who are dieting

Spice and sweeten up your bland food

Zero Calorie Vanilla Syrup 425 ml


If you're on a diet and are sick of the inadequate or unappetising dessert options you're limited to, this is a game changer. An ideal way to sweeten a bland bowl of porridge oats or enjoy dessert without piling on further calories. With zero calories, Skinny Food Co Vanilla flavoured syrup is the perfect topping for any snack or desert. It doesn’t compromise on taste either with a rich flavour that tastes just like the real thing


Use these syrups when you have those pesky cravings for something sweet and sugary. They are ideal to top protein pancakes, add to oats or making french toast. A delectable treat that you can consume without adding unwanted calories


These zero syrups are ideal for anyone who may be following a strict diet but still wants to have some sweetness on their food. As they don't have any calories in them, you can enjoy these totally guilt free!