International shipping and tracking

Shipping to other countries is performed by our international fulfillment service. During checkout you will see all the product prices, shipping prices, duties, taxes and handling charges in GBP.

Through our partnership, we are able to provide our international shoppers with attractive shipping prices. These are calculated during checkout and are based on a number of factors, the destination country, the number of items you purchased and the total weight of the parcel. 

FREE shipping on orders to international users (Prices in GBP):

Austria on orders over £160 
Australia on orders over £160 (if under 2kg)*
Belgium on orders over £110
Bosnia on orders over £260
Bulgaria on orders over £260
Canada on orders £160 (if under 2kg)*
Croatia on on orders over £260
Czech Republic on orders over £190
Denmark on orders over £160
Estonia on orders over £260
Finland on orders over £199
France on orders over £135
Germany on orders over £110
Greece on orders over £260
Hungary on orders over £260
Iceland on orders over £260
Italy on orders over £160
Latvia on orders over £260
Lithuania on orders over £260
Luxembourg on orders over £120
Netherlands on orders over £110
Norway on orders over £210
Poland on orders over £260
Portugal on orders over £199
Republic of Ireland over £125

Romania on orders over £260
Serbia on orders over £260
Slovakia on orders over £190
Slovenia on orders over £260
Spain on orders over £160

Sweden on orders over £199
Switzerland on orders over £160
USA on orders over £135 (if under 2kg)*

Flat Rate Shipping Costs for Selected Countries (Prices in GBP)

Where orders don't qualify for free shipping the following rates apply.

Austria £7.99
Australia £7.99 9 (if under 2kg)*
Belgium £4.99
Bosnia £19.99
Bulgaria £13.99
Canada £7.99 (if under 2kg)*
Croatia £11.99
Czech Republic £8.99
Denmark £6.99
Estonia £12.99
Finland £11.99
France £5.99
Germany £4.99
Greece £12.99
Hungary £11.99
Iceland £19.99
Italy £7.99
Latvia £12.99
Lithuania £10.99
Luxembourg £4.99
Netherlands £4.99
Norway £13.99
Poland £11.99
Portugal £9.99
Republic of Ireland 
Romania £12.99
Serbia £15.99
Slovakia £8.99
Slovenia £11.99
Spain £8.99

Sweden £9.99
Switzerland £8.99
USA £7.99 (if under 2kg)*

*If your order is over 2kg the shipping price will automatically be corrected based on the weight of your order.

If your country isnt in the list above, please contact our customer service team on +441924428420 to find out if we can ship to you and costs. In most cases for parcels under 2kg there will be a £7.99 shipping charge.

Items are shipped within 1 day and generally arrive within 2 – 7 business days, depending on the chosen service level and location. Based on the destination and the selected shipping method, you will be provided with a more accurate timeframe during the checkout. Please note that while we do our best efforts to deliver your purchase within the estimated timeframe, despatch and delivery times are estimates only and are not guaranteed.

Please be aware that import duties and taxes may apply upon receipt of orders shipped outside of the European Union. Such duties and taxes are beyond our control as they are set by the Customs Authority of the destination country and depend on a number of factors, such as country of origin of the purchased product, local VAT rates and local import taxes, and it will be your responsibility to pay them if and when asked to by your local authorities.

However, for certain shipping methods we may be able to support calculation and pre-payment of such duties and taxes. Shipping methods that support pre-payment of duties and taxes will be marked as such during checkout, so you can easily identify them. Should you choose to use this option and prepay duties and taxes as part of your checkout process, you will be provided with a 100% guaranteed total amount for your order (including all applicable delivery charges, duties and taxes).

International Reshipment Charge

If the courier has to re-deliver a parcel, due to a fault of the customer, there will be a charge to cover reshipment plus handling fees. Please contact us to provide further information as shipping charges will vary based on weight and destination.


If the Supplier has to re-deliver a parcel due to a fault of the customer, there will be a charge of at least £7.50 to cover our freight, shipping and handling costs.

PO Boxes

Please be aware that orders sent to PO Boxes could attract additional charge for the amount of £9.