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Rapid acting fat burner

Boosts fat loss and athletic performance

Decreases appetite through neuropeptide Y

Increases endurance thereby upregulating fat loss

Inhibits the process of storing fatty tissue

Intesnsifies the activity of lipolytic enzymes

Red Sky


The new Chaos and Pain formula will ignite your fat loss, inhibt your appetite and ensure your body better uses free fatty acids for its fuel. The potent formula literally heats up the core of your body, intended to burn more calories. This product is the perfect supplement to your gym bag when you are dieting.


This product can be used any time you are dieting to enhance fat loss, and to improve overall performance in the gym whilst wanting to maintain maximum muscle. In order to avoid developing tolerance to the ingredients of the supplement, it should be used in 8-week cycles with minimum 2-week breaks between subsequent cycles.


The supplement is aimed towards people who have taken potent fat burners before. It is not intended for new users due to high stimulants and appetite suppressant. This product is perfect for anyone who is trying to shed those last few pounds.



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