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Powerloop Blue 65mm DISC
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Powerloop Blue 65mm DISC

Powerloop Blue 65mm DISC Fitness Accessories

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Powerloop Blue 65mm DISC

Product Guide

Strong loop bands for optimum resistance

Verstalise tool to help strengthen muscles

Ideal for use in functional training and stretching

All loops are 4.5mm thick and 100cm in length

Made from latex rubber

Powerloop Blue 65mm DISC


Made from seamless latex rubber, they are extremely strong, and by using a combination loops you can dramatically increase the resistance. The loop bands are circular and the size shown of 100cm (40") is when the rubber band is laid flat. With these resistance bands you can add extra pressure onto bodyweight workouts, home gym workouts or normal gym routines


Resistance bands can be used any any time, they are super convenient and lightweight to transport to the gym, or easy to store away at home for their home workouts.


These resistance bands are ideal for anyone who doesn't have access to a gym or wants to add further resistance onto gym machines. Perfect for home workouts