Not as good

The first formula Alphamine was amazing and , having taken a break for a year on supplements of this nature I ordered without realising they had changed product. Where as before I felt that something was happening I have found that this new attempt is personally very below par in what I expect.I even contacted customer services to find out if my product had something wrong with it. Such a shame as why mess with a winner! About the same effect for weight loss as half a Red Bull.

Great (Iced Tea Flavour)

Reviewed this product before (see my previous review) - but tried the Iced Tea flavour this time. I normally have the Cotton Candy flavour (not as sweet and definitely not sickly) as you might think - sweet, but not overwhelmingly, like a weak squash/cordial drink). This time, though, they'd sold out of that, so I tried the Iced Tea. Not bad, not a weird, bitter, taste (like tea that's gone cold), and as strong a taste as in Rhode Island Iced Tea, more like a nice Nestea or Lipton... Must say, no-one has the same tastes as another, but this is my 4th Alphamine flavour - NONE of them were bad!

Great fat burner

Used this twice daily. In the morning on an empty stomach and before I workout, kept me energised through the day whilst dieting. Kept the appetite at bay too.

It's Great!

I use this product like a pre-workout - once in the morning before cardio, then again in the afternoon before resistance stuff. It's great! Little bit of a stimulus to give me the oomph to go and do more! To me, the fat burning is more of a bonus! Plus, not as sickly-sweet as some PWOs, even the cotton-candy flavour (which I love) is no more sweet than a watered-down squash...

"old" version Strawberry Pina Colada

Using the "old" version Strawberry Pina Colada this is part of my 4 week PCT (alongside other PCT Supps) to aid the cut process after PH's. The flavour is cute, nothing too strong or chemically and the colour is mild - not one of those toxic looking coloured drinks. Gives focus, energy and aids the cut process efficiently, however, I would prefer something with thermogenic properties - as I just don't feel the warming effects.


Awesome fat burner - I always take it in the morning and it gave me plenty of energy and mental focus.


This is the best fat burner I have ever used, gave me energy all day, use it before gym as well as a pre-workout and it helped a tonne. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Can't say much..

Tried this product before a workout and can't say I felt so much. Maybe I'm just too tolerant to caffeine.

Good taste and composition - smooth energy.

I take 1-2 scoops first thing when I wake up, then I put another 2 scoops in my bottle and drink it in the morning. Replace energy drinks or coffee, gives a good energy and focus while dieting and helps with appetite and to lose fat quicker on a cut. Appletini and Fruit punch are very pleasant to drink. I even take 1 scoop with bcaa during my workout. It is versatile and not to strong compared to a pre-workout.

Great morning kick and tasty drink

I like this fat burner a lot and have 2 scoops first thing every morning on an empty stomach as per instructions to kick start my day which works great! Definitely gets you going and the margharita flavour is very nice and a pleasure to drink so all good in that respect too.

One the best Fat Burners I've ever tried!

This must be the best fat burner I have ever used before! Can only recommend any other flavour than Margarita, worst taste ever!

Good preworkout

I use this stacked with high volume for a daytime workout definitely. Both work well together

Fat loss

Tried a lot of products , this one actually works , Berry flavour is lush , cuts the cravings out enabling me to lose weight but keep my muscle

Old was better, but new is also decent

Old version was a 5 star product! This one still does the job, but not as effectively.

Works time and time again

This is my go to fat burner has given me proven results. I do intermittent fasting without this its not possible keeps me full and going for hours. Managed to loose over 6 stones in about 9 months by eating clean, training couple of times/week and taking Alphamine

Good energy drink

This is good as long as you know what you're buying. I bought this hoping for the old version ingredients...nonetheless even with the new ingredients which is essentially caffeine and amino acids it still gives me a bit of energy and makes a good pre/intra amino drink if you're not looking for such a buzz from a normal pre workout

The best fatburner!

This is definetely the best fat burner i've ever used. Great thermogenic/energizing effects and great anticatabolic properties. Fantastic taste.

Old version works

I've used the old version several times, great tasting source of caffeine and just help with cravings and also drys the physique out

shredding essential

makes me work out so much better and noticeable difference when cutting on this - always come back to it

Great product

It is a great product but my heart goes on a racetrack everytime after i take the recommended dosage! Would recommend it for fat loss!

5 Stars

Works great as a pre-workout and no after-effects as it promises. Very highly recommended.


always good before breakfast gives a lot of energy for the day

Good product

Very happy with the product however it caused damage to my teeth due to high acidity .

Over hyped

I used this product whilst cutting for my summer holiday. I found it provided a boost pre-workout that helped get me through my cardio (and if that's all you are after fine- give it a go) but as far as the fat burning goes i don't think this one lives up to the hype. In my experience fat loss results were no better than after previous cutting phases without the product.


This product is really something I can highly recommend does exactly what it's supposed to!

Another PES winner

I have used this several times, I found appletini and cotton candy go down pretty easy! It has serious appitite supression, loads of energy so great for that get up and go in the morning or before a session, and prepare to sweat!! With your diet in check this is a great tool to help you get over the line!

Go to supp

Always good for a pick me up post breakfast, definitely saw weight improvements and general day to day life mood enhancer

Always a winner

Will always stick with this sup! never seems to fail me when I need to cut weight. 10/10 would recommend

Super product

Enhances mood, great energy boost and best if all helps tone especially around the waist.

Back for more!

No Matter what other cutting supplements seem to come out, this is always the one that I come back to time after time! Does exactly what it says on the tin - it's hot, burns fat plus gives you a pretty hard nudge. Dosing: It's not one to over-do in one sitting - I have found 2 scoops is quite enough to surge forwards for a good few hours. However I am female, 5ft5 and generally athletic. I'm sure other sized humans would have different tolerance levels. In regards to timing, I can sleep easy after 11pm with a dosing around 6pm. But I tend to not have issue with caffeine at night - I often drink coffee before bed. Heat: Definitely read and follow the label when it comes to drinking water and keeping hydrated. If not armed with water, it's quite comparable to having steam coming out of your mouth and your tongue being stuck to your cheek. Not the most attractive image. Flavour: Not really to my liking, but I'd take effectiveness over taste any day. There are worse out there. Value for Money: Totally worth every single penny that I have spent on it. Would I recommend it? Yes, to anyone and everyone who is looking for reliability and can tolerate heat and stimulants.


Excellent boost in the morning. Tastes lovely highly recommended.

Works really well!

Great fat burner! No jitters, boost in energy, and really curbs appetite.

Great product - but old version was better

It is a great product, I take it every morning right after getting up. However, I liked the old version much better. I don't get why the companies switch around complete formulas and sell it as the same product. I think the taste was better and it actually resolved in water completely. As for the uplift - that's why it is still 4 stars. Maybe even 5, but I have to subtract one for switching the formula around.

Amazing stuff

Love this product and all flavours are really nice

Sweating hell

Just started using this product and like it already.been using it each morning before my fasted training and wakes me straight up and gets me in the zone.im stacking this with pes high volume aswell and it's awesome.i definitely notice my body temperature and sweating happens alot quicker.looking forward to keep using this supplement

Raspberry lemonade

Tastes decent and lasts ages with the amount of servings.

On like a switch!

I was skeptical of this product due to the high caffeine content and the claims about it having no jitters with it. But let me tell you I won't be going anywhere without this, once it's mixed and drunk it's like you have awoken to the state needed to get shit done! Amazing supplement! The only critiques I have about it is the powder left at the bottom of the glass. Word of advice though make sure you drink plenty of water with this supplement. Flavour tried: Raspberry Lemonade

A Must Try Product

One of my favorite PES supplements. With good diet and hard work can see noticeable bodyfat loss with vary little loss of muscle or overall weight. Gives very clean focus without jiters associated with some thermogenics. Pina Colada is fav flavour so far but everybody will be different. Leamonade can be a little on the sour side.


Just started my Third time using this. Works perfectly, and feel results in a few days. Abs feel harder after 4 days, and become more defined after week.

Best fat burner around

Must be on my 5th tub of this now. Great as a pre-workout and fat burner and doesn't give me any of the side affects usually associated with this type of product. Mixes very well and tastes great (appletini and fruit punch are my favourites).

Great product

Great smooth energy and mental focus. For me it raised my blood pressure alot, so be aware of that


Great product! Highly recommend, ordering more soon!


Great product highly recommended


This product helps to cut my bodyfat really well and also give a bit extra energy as well. Only two bad points from my point of view is the taste, what it is not the best but accebtable and the container what does not seal thepowder properly. I have to say these two things are really not big problems at all. I can offer every one.

PES Physique Enhancing Science Alphamine

I love this pre work out! It gives you a 'natural' energy boost, absolutely no jitters or shaky feelings. I take it about 20 minutes before I work out and by the time I get to the gym I'm ready to go. Tastes really, really good and mixes super well.

Nothing better!

This is my go to product when intermittent fasting. Tastes good, keeps appetite at bay and gives great mental focus.

wonder powder

Was recommended this by a friend,was a little sceptical at first but read a lot of reviews and bit the bullet!! So glad I did,I train with weights 3 days and then run (cross country) on the other two,when I started this regime (after years of heavy weights) I was touching 14stone. After 2 months (and good eating too) I'm at 12 stone,and look like a new person!! Don't hold back,get some and train like ba***rd and you'll see why everyone who's knows what's what uses this stuff!!! 10/10 anyday of the week!!!

What appetite suppression?

I'd drink this and it didn't suppress my appetite what so ever I'm not sure whether it has a certain time before it starts working but I was hungry just after I'd drank it and still hungry 6 hours later.

The Alpha in fat loss!

After several years of trying different products, I finally stopped jumping ship when I found Alphamine. There are so many alternatives out there that either leave you feeling jittery, unimpressed or just peculiar, however Alphamine isn't one of them. nTaste wise, Raspberry Lemonade seems to be the more appealing taste of the two on offer. The effects are consistent and have always done exactly what it says on the pot, as well as kept the potency - which is a rarity in many cases!nI use this product generally to cut down before performances/ photo shoots / videos and the month's supply, plus a clean diet with 2+ litres of water p/d, definitely hit the spot and shed several pounds in no time at all. nThe product does work best on an empty stomach, so 2 scoops in the AM plus an extra scoop just before lunch have been effective so far. nIt mixes perfectly, no grit in the bottom of the shaker to greet you, plus it doesn't offend the taste buds no matter what ratio of water you mix it with. nVery good product, and most definitely one I recommend to anyone who needs results, and to 'feel' it working. Plus is great value for money!!

Great Product

A mate of mine recommended this product, as I had never heard of it before. It is really really effective - a good energy feeling, i drink thoughout the day and it just keeps me on top form. It has also controlled my appetite nicely. Just does what says on the tub! Feeling and looking lean, so its doing its job for sure.

great product

well worth getting

Changed (reduced) formula

This is my third year in a row I am using Alphamine. First year I had very good results with it and I would feel it EVERY time I took it. I would feel the heat in my body and often tachycardia, meaning it probably affected the beta receptors. Last year I used it, I never felt any of those symptoms and had absolutely no results. This, third year, the story continues - not only that I NEVER felt heat or tachycardia, but I even feel my pulse is lower than normal! My conclusion is, no matter that the taste is still the same (and great), there is absolutely no need to waste this much money on a tasty drink, and Alphamine is no more than a tasty drink. My guess is the first formula (with tachycardia, tremmor and heat) was too dangerous so they had to change it completely, just kept the name and the taste. I do not suggest you buying this product. However, if you do, I would love to hear if you share this opinion.


Awesome product the best..is better then eca..without side effect

Super Product

This product is amazing! I sit in an office all day and am tempted by food when i get board!nBut Alphamine is amazing at blunting my hunger! I try and train/eat smart, so this is a great tool!

Great product, great taste.

I was recommended this product by a member of staff and after starting off with just one scoop and slowly building up, I really felt effects. My hunger was suppressed which made it easier to eat well and the taste is great. Will be buying again today.


Tried a few fat burners in my time, this is by far the best, especially when trying to get down to bodyfat percentages of 5-6 %used for about 4 weeks before my first amateur physique contest.. Was impressed with the way it made me sweat and the incredible energy it gave me during my cardio workouts (30-45 mins on the heavy bag) dropped fat and water weight, gives you a grainy hard look pre contest.


I bought this about 2 weeks ago now and wow!! I'm a 27 year old female who likes to use weights but to be fair, I havent been able to workout much for a while. I bought this after getting a sample in another order and liked the feeling. I got the 'raspberry lemonade' flavour which I really don't like the taste of, I have a sweet tooth but this is so strong! (weaker with 1 scoop) but it far outweighs the pro's of it. I get such a great clean energy from it. Not a horrible, on edge, heart racing type of one from other stimulants I've had in the past. Even with very little sleep, I felt amazing at college all day and felt wide awake. I've lost a few lbs and feel really good. I would buy this again for sure.

Super Fat Burner

I have been on Alphamine after seeing all the great forum reviews for it and I have to say it is the best fat burner I have ever taken. I can take a scoop in the morning and feel it work within minutes but last for hours. Since I took Alphamine I have lost 2% bodyfat while hardening up at the same time! To cap it all off, since taking Alphamine I have actually gained strength. Alphamine has no side effects like many fat burners so I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Wow - Finally a fat burner that really works

I had this suggested to me by a member of the Predator Customer Services team as a new fat burner to try and it really is impressive. I've noticed a reduction in bodyfat, improved, mood, increased energy and muscle hardening. My colleagues have noticed that I've lost weight too. All in all, this is a great product and I will definitely be buying again.

take 8 weeks staright

can you take it for 8 weeks straight? or do you have to do 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off?

didn't do anything for me :(

I thought I'd give this a try as was on a deal. First off, it mixed well and tasted ok, but didn't get effects that others did, to be fair I don't really feel the effects of any 'stim' type pre workout or fat burners. I dosed 2 scoops on waking, 30 mins before breakfast, then 1 scoop 30 mins before lunch. With no change to diet, weight/BF % stayed the same. No focus or extra energy felt at all. Sorry, just been honest!

Fat burner without the jitters

I was apprehensive about buying this product having experienced jitter/crash effect of other fat burners in the past. However I was pleasantly surprised by this product experiencing a good boost in energy level pre/during workout without the usual crash. Yet to experience much fat loss however its early days having only used for 2 weeks now. Would recommend to others!


I finished my first tub of this last week and am waiting until pay day so I can purchase another. I have even recommended this to my partner who is also going to get a tub and take a lower dose. Tastes great but I do agree with the other reviewers who say it's maybe TOO sweet. I took two scoops half an hour before breakfast and one scoop half an hour before training and my results have been great. I can see the fat loss without even measuring. Cuts around shoulders and chest appearing and belly fat is about half of what it was. ROLL ON PAY DAY!!!!! DEFINITELY WOULD RECOMMEND.

Sweet Fat burner

Great fat burner..no jitters or strange sensations however it is VERY sweet...needs to be taken pretty fast to avoid the sweetness lol.. would recommend as you will see results within a month if you are working out sticking to a healthy diet and taking the fat burner..its a great helper! :)

The best fatburner

this stuff is great, never thought fat burning would be so easy. used during cutting, onto my second tub which should last me until my holiday, massive drop in fat especially around my stomach, great tasting and mixes easily. makes for a pleasant wake up get up and go drink, 10x better than my morning coffee. by DJ

High tolerance?!

I finished taking Alphamine about two months ago but I didnt decide or remember to write a review earlier. First time I started taking it was about 14 months ago, I started slowly because it was my first thermogenic ever. I think I started with 1.5 scoops per day, slowly going up for about 0.5 scoops each week so in the end last few days I was taking 2.75-3 per day. I would feel hyperthermia (heat) around stomach every day after morning dose and often after afternoon, however a few times I felt very high heart rate around midnight. I was a bit afraid at two times because it went over 115-120 bpm (while doing desk job and sitting) and my regular is 70-72 bpm, but all in all it kinda worked - I did look leaner, however I trained more and did much much more cardio than before taking the product, so that too did a lot (or all) of the lean effect on my body. I didnt get appetite suppression, in fact I felt more hungry first 2 weeks, but a month after I stopped taking I actually had big appetite suppression and lost 2-3 kilos, I just didnt have the need to eat much, dont know really if its because of Alphamine. The taste is really good, first few days I didnt like it but then I got used to it and even enjoyed it. The second year I bought it, I couldnt wait to taste it again after 12 months! So, as I just said, I took it again this year, 3 months ago, did MORE training, the same quantity of cardio, had the same diet, took bigger doses (!) but had much less effect. I felt higher heart rate only a few times, I NEVER felt that special heat through my body (and a year before I felt it every day) and didnt have any notable results on my body visually nor on my weight or on my appetite. Conclusion: The product was good the first year, I personally did a lot of job for getting leaner but it also may(!) have helped me by boosting my metabolism and heart rate. This second year however, my body obviously 'remembered' and became tolerant to the product so I never felt it really working and didnt have expected results. I might have taken bigger doses to beat that tolerance (for example 4 scoops), but I dont want to risk with such unknown products.n(Also, this was the only thermogenic I ever took so I cant compare it.) All in all, I was kinda happy with this product first time I took it, but the second time when I bought it again I got very disappointed by it. Always keep in mind that these are not real and tested medications, but just experimental products with no proof of work or its dangers!

Best weeks of training yet!

Alphamine has given me the best few weeks of training to date, great flavour, great energy, definitely seeing fat burning results and my body's much firmer after just a couple weeks with Alphamine compared to when I was training without. Loving it especially how many weeks worth you get in one tub! Fruit Punch flavour next!

Wow this actually works !

Awesome stuff indeed. Belly fat nearly all gone after 3 weeks. weight has gone up from 80kg to 83.2 but i have way more definition. My got arms body is firm all over and i feel much stronger.This deff increases lean firm muscle and now im on my second tub!


I have tested several fat loss product such as alpha t2,animal cuts,dexaprine..Thisis one of the best,It gave me a lot of nrj and helped me for the session.I've lost some fat while on it too!

Pleasantly Surprised

I've tried a few fat burners over the years, usually to get me off my backside after I've put on a few pounds. I've always had sporadic results with dodgy stomachs or no effect. I have tried this for 3 weeks now and I have actually lost just over 2.5KG on a reduced calorie diet. This has genuinely increased my mood and motivation, I felt thermogic effects when I first started (sweating, increased HR) but have since tailed off. Like others I agree it's a bit sweet tasting (cherry limeade) and is bitty no matter how much blending/shaking you try, but you very quickly get used to it. The biggest effect I found is diet suppression, I feel fuller for longer and as cliched as it sounds I have to remember to eat. I've tried reduced calorie dieting before and Of course lost weight, but this stuff really has helped increase loss in a short time, as well as increasing my motivation to get up and exercise. I would honestly recommend Alphamine to anyone, as I said I've been pleasantly surprised.

Best OTC Fat burner without a doubt

Tried many many many burners since ECA stacks became less widely available. This is the only one I have placed multiple orders for. Use this twice per day once in the morning and once as a pre-workout. Works amazingly as a pre-workout as well! Stack with Alpha-T2 for even better effects!

works so well

the only thing negative I could say about this is the taste is a bit sweet and bitty. but this stuff works so well, I got a tingling in my stomach whenever I took it. felt it working. also could be used as a pre workout!

Alpha Juice !

Just got this stuff with the mail... So i just took 1 scoop before my cardio work out.... And this stuff is dang good ! Tastes like sweet juice .. So im gonna chuuuuck it down and wait for the Alpha to kick in.. Only thing that that i can say about it , is Would deff buy again

Makes me happy

This is a great product! Makes me really happy and full of energy for many hours. Great value for money with a 4 week supply in one box. Recommended !

Fat burning made easy

this stuff is great, never thought fat burning would be so easy. used during cutting, onto my second tub which should last me until my holiday, massive drop in fat especially around my stomach, great tasting and mixes easily. makes for a pleasant wake up get up and go drink, 10x better than my morning coffee.


From 17% to 11,8% fat on hard diet + alphamine for 4-5 weeks, works great!


This stuff is great to get your fitness regime started. Gives you a real boost and gets things going quickly


The best product if you want to lose weight without losing muscle. They have not been 4 weeks yet, and my abs are already here!

5th tub and definitely the last

Something has changed with this nI used to rate it alongside ephedrine and clen but this stuff has no effect whatsoever I used be buzzing of a scoop of this now nothing nSomething has changed and I wouldn't waste my money again on it nothing more than a tasty drink nFirst 3 tubs brilliant best stuff ever this last tub and one before well disappointed nPes what have you changed ??

Great Product

Bought this product alongside alpha t2 as a fat loss stack and found that it is phenomenonal effective when used alongside a non stim burner such as alpha t2 or dcp, especially with a strict calorie deficit.

was ok..

Bearing in mind this is the first and only fat burner i've tried, I thought it was too sour and didn't taste that nice.. But it's a great appetite suppressant.


Alphamine is a really good product, ive sat around 83kg for months now always trying to cut lower but failing, been using alphamine nw for 3 weeks and im den to 81kg. I exercise 4-5 times a week weights and cardio.nThe weight im trying to loose is the stubbon lower belly fat (so hard to get rid of)

The best thermogenic out on the market

Every summer I turn to Alphamine. They say using a fat burner will give you that extra 10%, I'd say it's closer to 25% with Alphamine! Really helps me lean out (with clean diet of course), hardens muscle and makes me feel good all day. I look forward to the approaching summer Alphamine discount deals Predator!

Best ive tried yet

I've tried a number of fat burners over the past few months, but none had as much of an effect as this. I'll definitely be sticking with it now.

Best far burner

Nothing I have used and I've used a lot of products comes close to Alphamine for putting me in a great mood and providing focus as well as appetite suppression. Having used supplements that seem to make you crash it was a pleasant surprise to see no such issues with Alphamine. In terms of results I noticed I got leaner and felt much more chilled out compared to most stimulant fat burners. Hard to describe but Alphamine feels like it is as much a nootropic as it is a stimulant.

great stuff

I tried this the first time last year and ended up giving it away, as even at 1 scoop it severely disturbed my sleep, even at 1 scoop upon waking. nDecided to give it another go and I no longer get sleep issues I'm glad to say, it really does help suppress my appetite as I practice IF most of the time. Also gives a nice feel good factor. nThis is now a staple for me.


Got 3 samples in gift pack, used as preworkout, good boost in energy and mood. Definite increase in body temperature got me sweating. Didnt feel too hungry for few hours after workout but as I used it more for energy rather than dieting I still had a munch but could of went without


Really good product. Really gives you a boost in energy. I used it as a pre workout and just as a energy booster. Tastes really good. Like everything your body does get used to it. I wouldn't use for more than a 4 week cycle.