Best protein bars...

I absolutely love Combat Crunch bars & the peanut butter lovers option particularly. The shell is thick & crunchy with a softer nutty inside. I highly recommend trying these bars!

Horrible smell, taste & texture

One of the worst smelling bars there is. It really puts you off before you've even taken a bite! (chocolate peanut butter cup) The taste or texture isn't much better. Feel like I've wasted money on these as I definitely won't be finishing off the box.

Average bar

I bought these when they were on offer to see what the hype was about, but to be honest was disappointed. Hard chewy bar, I could barely bite through it. I don't even know what flavour it was other than it had chocolate on it. Not great.. avoid in my opinion, much better out there.

Favourite Bar

Love combat crunch bars, great flavours and very satisfying!

Great for on the go

Love the peanut flavour, it keeps me going!

Combat crunch are not as good as they used to be

Bars are not as fulfilling and lack the old substantial feeling to the bar. They are ok, but nothing to get excited about.

birthday cake

Birthday cake had an obvious ginger taste, not a fan of that surprise.

like this flavour

I like these as it curbs my sweet tooth. They don't exactly taste like other chocolate based protein bars but I have got used to these. The Birthday cake flavour is good and the bar is filling as a mid afternoon snack. This flavour was on offer so I can't complain whatsoever.

good for free

I got these with the points I've accumulated and was pleased with the texture and taste. They are ginger based in flavour which I like. Not sure I would pay money for this flavour but for free it is a great protein snack!

Great tasting protein bar at a reasonable price.Will buy definitely buy again

Great tasting bar at a great price. Will definitely buy again as I've tried various bars but this wins on taste.

Still My Favourites

Although I've tried lots of the different brands on the market, these are still my favourite. Chocolate Cake is very chocolatey and definitely satisfies any chocolate cravings.

Best protein bar around

My favourite protein bar to date, amazing chewy texture coated in white chocolate and rice crispies with a great taste to match!! Highly recommend


Cookies & Cream flavour is another winner from Combat Crunch. They’re rich and creamy and have a very pleasing texture – rather softer than some of the other Combat Crunch varieties but nonetheless very satisfying. They’re coated in not one but TWO layers of chocolate - both milk and white – so how’s that for decadent! You’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven.

One of the best protein bars

With Oh Yeah One and Grenade Carb Killa one of the best protein bars I know. Favourite flavors: Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Cup!

Chocolate coconut is the one!!

I’ve tried three flavours so far, chocolate coconut, cinnamon twist and birthday cake! I was a bit disappointed by the flavour of birthday cake, didn’t think it had much, the other two are insane though! All combat crunch bars have the same great texture!!

Great tasting bar

Great tasting coated protein bar. Lots of flavours to choose from. Each bar is coated with crispy pieces and has great macros!

Happy birthday!

The birthday cake is really good. Quality protein bars.


I was a little wary of trying the Combat Crunch White Chocolate Raspberry as I feared it might be a little sickly – however, it’s as delicious as any of the others in the range. With its crunchy crispies and flavours of cream and fresh raspberry, it’s very reminiscent of a raspberry pavlova. It’s a dessert in a bar!

Simply the best

The best bars on the market for me, just edging out One bars. Cinnamon Twist is one of the best things I've ever tasted.

S’mores flavour Combat Crunch Protein Bar

I gave these a try while I was on a protein bar kick and I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I thought it would be dry and tough to get down from the look of it but I found that was not the case. While I don’t know if it was quite like “eating a soft-batch cookie” it wasn’t that far off, as far as protein bars go. There are 20g of protein and 12g of fibre for 210 calories, which is good for a sweet snack, but this bar also has a good deal of fat. It’s also a bit heavy and filling – which isn’t necessarily a negative point. A good option when you're craving sweets but don’t want actual candy. I would definitely recommend this for those shopping for protein bars.


Really good bars. They aren't snickers, but they're the best tasting protein bars I've had.

Not the best

The wrapper makes these look inviting but the truth is they look nothing like it when opened.

Not my cup of tea

Everyone’s taste buds are different and mine didn’t take to this brand at all in any flavour.

Best protein bar alongside Grenade Carb Killas

A little on the chewy side, but these fill you up unlike some other protein bars on the market.

Best protein bar

A little on the chewy side, but these fill you up unlike other protein bars on the market.

Protein bars

Quite palatable and very chewy. Goes down well with either a hot drink or water.

Combat Crunch Birthday Cake – Cause For Celebration!

The birthday cakes of my childhood were a nightmare of white sugar, artificial vanilla flavour and cheap jam but birthday cake flavour Combat Crunch are another thing entirely. The filling – which is dense, toothsome and satisfying – has a somewhat cakey flavour with a faint tang of fruit. The coating is white chocolate with crispies and makes a great accompaniment to the inner. I took these to a family birthday recently instead of a cake and they were very well-received!

Birthday Cake bars

The coating is very much like icing, unfortunately the middle is tough and bland.

Tough, but nice taste

[coconut] Tough as, but the flavour is very nice. One of the better bars I've tasted

Lovely taste and great treat

20g of protein with other helpful macros included, also tastes great and goes well with low fat ice cream ;)

Birthday cake flavour

I've tried protein bars from a few different companies and can honestly say this was one of the best tasting ones I've had. It's not hard either so easier to chew on than some I've had in the past.

Best Tasting Bar

Best bars on the market for overall taste and texture. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Peanut Butter are my favourites. Great price especially when deals are on such as BOGOHP or buy 3 for the price of 2. Difficult to stop at eating just one.

Combat Crunch – Best Of The Bunch!

Combat Crunch – what can I say?! The chocolate coconut ones consist of a chewy, satisfying inner with a coating of white chocolate and crispies. The chocolate peanut butter ones, on the other hand, are like a mash-up between a plain chocolate Ferrero Rocher (can I say that?) and a Snickers bar that’s been allowed to get a bit warm. Combat Crunch may be the product that’s most like a confectionery bar, and are a good introduction to the world of protein snacks.

A Birthday Party In Your Mouth

Ohh yeah, for sure this is a real treat, so darn tasty. No wonder it's called birthday cake, it's an all day party in your mouth!

Peanut butter cup joys :(

Super soft chewy and crunchy coating these bars are outstanding ! Great macros and my new firm fav over quest bars. Up there with Grenade

Birthday cake

Good tasting protein bar although a little chewy

A real quest challenger

Amazing taste, macros not quite at quest standards but much worse out there on that front

love this flavour

these are in the top 3 bars for me. for taste quality nutritional value and texture. an also smores is one of my preferred flavours. great product an great price when bogohp deals are on

top tasting protein bar

can t go wrong with these bars. I do prefer other flavours to birthday cake but over all taste an texture is great

one of the best protein bars on the market

tried loads of different protein bars this is one of the best for texture and taste. moist and not too chewy with crunchy bits on the top. high protein low carbs and fat. would reccomend

Some of my new favourites

I've tried many many protein bars, and I have to say that these are definitely in the top few. Taste-wise they're great. I love the sweet coating around the outside, and the texture inside is perfect. Good macros too. I've only tried the birthday cake and cinnamon flavours, but I'll be looking to try the other too! Would really recommend these

birthday cake flavor

This flavor is my number two favourite from the combat crunch range. Very sweet, chewy and soft at the same time. Excellent macros

a great tasting protein bar

a great tasting and texture a top notch tasting protein bar


Super tasty

A little chewy but great tase

Might give you a jaw ache if you leave them in the fridge but a great meal replacement and really tasty.

protein bars

quite filling but have had better tasting bars before

Combat Crunch


Chocolate brownie

A bit on the hard/chewy side but tastes nice and is filling. Also doesn't upset the stomach like some bars can. Worth a try.

Best Bar on the Market

These bars are the tastiest bars on the market and the macros are perfect.

amazing flavor and texture

My favourites are birthday cake and cinnamon bun :) seriously satisfying and taste so good!

Good bars

Tasty bars with a good macro split. Very crumbly and not easy to eat but very good apart from that. Please get peanut butter back in stock!

Best protein bar on the market

I have tried a lot of protein bars but this is by far the overall best when taking into account taste and macros.

Best protein bar on the market!

These are by far the best protein bars I've tasted! Had the coconut, birthday cake, whole chocolate and raspberry, peanut butter and cinnamon and can honestly say they're all great! No weird protein aftertaste and the texture is amazing


Absolutely delicious. I eat these after a bike ride and they are a real treat.

Best protein bar now

Can't beat these, better than Quest for taste and better than carb killa for macros.


200ish cals per bar and substantial protein. More filling than Oh Yeah, Grenade etc I think. rnrnI have a major sweet tooth, so reviewed accordingly!rnrnCinnamon Twist - LOVE. Seriously fave cinnamon protein bar. Would eat for fun.rnrnWhite Chocolate Raspberry - another good one. Not as sweet as Quest one, which is a good thing. rnrnBirthday Cake - bit of a lemon flavour, cute multi-coloured crispies. Very pleasant.rnrnCookie Dough/Choc Peanut Butter - taste pretty much the same. Are fine and not very sweet, but a bit bland.rnrnChocolate coconut - the white choc covering is nice but it smells weird. OK taste.rnrnYet to try cookies and cream. Not sure I want to invest in box yet based on choc coconut miss...


Best tasting protein bar i've ever tasted literally just tastes like a chocolate bar. Chocolate peanut cup flavour was unreal. would recommend!

Delicious cake like texture

Awesome cake like inside with a little crunch. I've tried the brownie and cookies & cream and am about to re-order and check some other flavours.

Tastes like a Candy Bar. Benefits of a protein bar.

Cookie Dough flavour was unreal, texture is so soft and just like a chocolate bar. Had to have some serious willpower to not blow through a box in 5 days! Will definitely be getting these again.

A genuine alternative to Quest bars

On a whole, I would actually state that these bars, personally, taste better than quest bars. They have a much more supple texture as opposed to the quest bars, and a good nutritional profile to go with it. Perfect for a snack to keep the sugar cravings at bay

Combat Crunch

Absolutely the best bar I have ever tasted. I was a huge fan of Quest bars previously and took a chance on these when they were on offer...have never looked back. Really a MUST try

Dangerously addictive

These bars have an excellent nutrition profile but more than that, more dangerous than that, is the taste. The Chocolate PB cup is my Achilles heel, incredibly tasty, good texture and satisfying to eat. These can quickly disappear if your discipline is as bad as mine. I definitely recommend these, but beware their addictive nature as it could undo your hard work!

Great tasting alternative to Quest

Chocolate peanut butter - they have more calories than a quest bar, but in a blind tasting they would hold up against a simple chocolate bar. Nice chewy texture without being too much work, and the chocolate coating makes a good change.

the best

hands down the worlds best tasting protein bar taste better than most cadburys roundtree bars