Good little treat

Best cookies by far, good little treat which is healthy and can be eaten every day even when cutting.

Good taste

Tastes nice, and has a good amount of protein

Taste great but...

The macros aren't amazing, plus one cookie is two servings, I spent a full holiday thinking each cookie was about 200 cals, safe to say I put weight on!!

High kcal but wonderful taste

I love them, fantastic texture and flavours. To be consumed in bulk phase.

nice taste but heavy on the calories

these are a nice way to get some protein in your treats but they are that a treat unless your on a bulk its hard to fit a whole one in considering its only 16g of protein compared to 20+ you'd get from a bar for 100 calories less. best flavour for me is snickerdoodle and the birthday cake is not too bad either

Really Nice for what they are

I Bought the Chocolate chip ones and they are really tasty, better that some i had tasted in the past. I wasn't quite sold the first time i had them, but they really grow on you. i am now addicted. They are quite massive which is awesome, need to try other flavours

So much flavor

These are soft and have a very nice flavor. Probably the best protein cookies out there

Scrumptious Treat!

These cookies are really big and saturating compared to ordinary cookies. I had 'Chocolate Chip' and it tasted really good with real chocolate chips and a pleasant texture. It was not too soft or crumby. I can recommend these cookies and will get 'Birthday Cake' next time