Peanut butter

Good clean peanut butter, i mix this in with my protein drink, tastes great.

Tastes Great, Amazing Value

I was looking for a peanut putter that didn't have all the added junk that most supermarket peanut butters have. This is great value, tastes great and has nothing added to it, just pure peanut butter. I'd recommend to everyone.

Brilliant Peanut Butter

When looking for healthy fats without all the added junk this is the best peanut butter available. I stick a full tablespoon in with a pancake mix, tastes great!


It's great to find such a tasty product with no added sugar or salt! Supermarket brands work out at about the same cost, and aren't as tasty as this!

Great For Bulking Or Cutting

This is a great versatile super food. It is much better quality than the supermarket rubbish because it is 100% Peanuts Whole Skin On, crunchy is best and very moreish. 5/5 Great Value High Quality Peanut Butter.