Very effective stuff

I'm very happy with my DCP, it is a very effective fat burner with no side effects. I'm using it during the PCT of a bulking cycle ... the real deal!! I'll buy it again.

It really works in both ways

I'd used DCP many times to lose fat in the past and I've always been happy with the results, this time I tried it during a weight gain phase and was even happier. It allowed me not to gain any fat even with a fairly high caloric increase.


Been losing about 1lb a week for a while now on a slow cut, this product has been the only change I've made in a while and I've lost 3.5lbs in my first week on it! This product is a game changer!

A special fatburner

It works very different from a normal stim based one. But it works in a great way!


DCP is a great non-stim fat burner that works excellently!! Recommended for everyone on a diet or lean bulk.might give a lil bit stomach burn due to capsaicin but its not that bad.one of the best stackable fat burners available!