Brilliant stuff . Works wonders. Ufffff the energy and mood is immense . I feel stronger and confident . I push through my heavy sets . Defo need to do a 8 weeks to see maximum results . Makes me a beast !!!

Great product

Great product. I stacked with Nolvadren XT to cut and maintain gains after I did a 6 weeks cycle. I will be buying again for my next bulking cycle. Highly recommended.

Early review

Well this is an very early review (10 days). I am very skeptical if I will cont to take this supple because of the very bad side effects that have experience until now.First and worst is the headaches ,every time I wake up afte I have take it my head going to explode from the pain and also I have very bad mood.and the worst part is that I never reach the full dose ( 3 pills ) all this happen to 2 pills and in the last days in 1pill.Realy don't know if i will cont.I have bought it with nolvadext so i can stack it .Atm only nolva work for me.

Good for PCT

Used for PCT after a course of Superdrol (which is very suppresive), gets things back to normal after 4 weeks. A little expensive on it's own but good value on a BOGOF offer.

As expected...

Ran it as a PCT to maintain after SARM's, continued to improve tightness and hardness. Highly recommended.

Che bomba (What a buy)

Non esiste prodotto migliore da comprare (There is no better product to buy)


Excellent supplement! Brilliant size and pumps. Well worth it!

Excellent sleep

It won't help you fall asleep but once you are sleeping you sleep really well. I usually sleep 4-6hrs a day and I wake up very refreshed. The only "downside" are very vivid dreams and didn't really notice any increase in libido in testosterone but overall I am happy with a good night sleep. It starts working after 2-3 days and even works if you don't take pills every day (I usually always skip Saturday evening as I am off on Sunday and still sleep good).


Great product range....never disappointed with this company's products...this is another great rewarding product!

Nice test booster

Great ingredient choice, a bit different to the rest. Love the additional epicatechin it has in it and I feel that it does the job!

Genuine product

Does what it says on the bottle! Takes 2/3 weeks to kick in. Good results and strength. Would definitely recommend.

Helps with recovery

It helps with soreness but i haven't noticed any changes with improved sleep; this might just be me.

2nd time using it, great product

Exactly what it says on the tin, great value usually too!

my go to pct

i use this as a pct after a sarm cycle, works well i don't experience any dry joint issues but i do have a good supplement stack i take all the time anyway.

10 out of 10

Brilliant stuff, works wonders and no sides!! Good steady lean gains. Well worth it and best to do on 8 week cycle.


I stacked this as recommended with nolvodren. Noticed nothing beyond what I'd expect from the diet and training I was doing.

Excellent Testo booster

I am using this with nolvadren xt. Excellent results in terms of strength and much drier and lean looks

Delta XT

Was using this in combination with Nolvadren XT only got to use them for 14 days went away for 3 months but I did notice some energy and really dry joints, plus my wee was purple :D. I must give a update once i continue using them after my Nano1t and Decalone cycle. . . They are working for sure working but i will be back for an update.

keeps you strong ;)

i bought this to help after a pro hormone cycle which resulted in decreased libido. This product helped me get my woodies back and then some. I also felt that the gains id made on prohormone were retained while taking this. I've took this product for 2 months and haven't looked back, would buy again.

Great Natural Test Booster

ZMA works as a test booster, but this so much more, epicatechin, DIM, MACA, fenugreek. Very versatile product, will help when bulking or cutting combined with the correct diet and training. Felt good when i used this and being all natural it gives no bad sides.

solid test booster

I like this product and feel good when I use it …. The only thing I will say is it doesn’t quite match up to species nutrition ‘Testolyze’ which I feel is a superior test booster.

Used with NOLVADREN XT to help keep lean

This is a great ZMA supplement. Its ZMA with a BANG! I use this alongside Nolvadren XT 8 weeks on 4 weeks off continuously. I do not use this stack as a PCT but just to help keep lean and cortisol down. Notice fat and water loss after couple weeks and it peaks at about 6 weeks. If you are just looking for a simple stack to keep cortisol in check, help lean out a bit and get good sleep then this is for you.

A pct must have

I ran this with my pct and it kept my gains, my libido increased and increased my energy levels. Nice natural supplement.

Nice backup to Nolvadren

Ran as directed, nice addition to Nolvadren XT as the more bases covered in pct the better it will run alongside.

Stacked with Nolvadren XT

Used as PCT with Nolvadren XT and it worked wonders.

Great product

Helped increase natural testosterone levels without any side effects!

Good PCT

I stacked this product with Nolvadren XT and used it as a PCT. It worked well and would definitely use it again.


Great product. Seen strength gains and also having great nights sleep.

Good stuff - No side effects

Great product, no pct etc. which is great. However, will not give you transformation results, but does certainly help me keep muscle when on a hard cut.


Not for me, first time I took full dose and was tired for most of next day despite having slept well. Tried smaller dose (1 cap) the following time and worked much better, but there are better supplements out there and I found a good tribulus works better for me, although not the same for everyone.

Top stuff

Another great Man Sports product. Helps with strength and endurance.

Decent but not outstanding

It's okay and certainly helps keep gains but wouldn't say I have observed anything exceptional after about a month. It does say for best results, wait until 8 weeks. I have noticed a difference in muscle hardness however.

Very good sleep and recovery aid

I use this product as a recovery and sleep aid and can say it works well. I always feel very fresh for my morning workout. First time using it, and it won't be the last!


Got my 5th bottle now! Brilliant stuff!!!! Works wonders!!!!

Great stuff!!!

Brilliant test booster. No sides, no worries. Good gains that last!! I suffer from gyno and this doesn’t provoke it at all. Loving it! I've recommended this to all my gym pals!

Grown muscle and strength is through the roof!

Brilliant combination. Helps me sleep and my recovery is on point. 8 weeks course given me some good solid gains. Grown muscle and strength is through the roof. On my second batch. Would surely recommend. No nasty sides. 10 out of 10.

Good stuff

The delta xt is a great start in taking a test-booster. Since you take it at night I've noticed I sleep a little better, my recovery from workouts is quicker, and the increase in libido is also nice!


Took it after Ostarine cycle with Nolvadren. Better sleep, morning "mood". Works great!

Delta XT

Nice product, really helped me to sleep well.

First time

First time using this product and can say that I’m quite enjoying it. Using it alongside reversitol 2 as part of a PCT. Feel good on it. Would recommend.

Top stuff!

Used with Nik a for pct, great booster. Would recommend.


Used with Nolvadren for PCT done the job good product.

Brilliant! Works wonders!!

Excellent product does the job to a good standard great for muscle growth. Noticed good pumps! Full of energy! Loving it. Positive FEEDBACK for gains!!.


I would say one of the best test booster very complete I would by again


Excellent product does the job to a good standard great for muscle growth

Best ZMA product so far!

I've downed a few bottles now and this is a superior ZMA product! Sleep is good, restitution is great and the overall feel due to fenugreek and maca is fantastic. Hope other companies will learn from MAN products on this one!

hand in hand with Nolvadren xt

Love -Epi and this product also has a good profile

Good results after 3 weeks so far

Making some nice gains after 3 weeks on the product, just about to order another batch to go for the full 8 week recommended trial. Stacked with Nolvadren XT

hit and miss

i think it did give me a slight test boost but my biggest problem with the product that my sleep patterns were all over the place no matter how i dosed it 30 60 90 or more before bed tried it fasted and with food but sleep was always the problem

Great Product

Good recovery after hard training session. Improved quality of sleep.

delta xt

Another great product that works, by what is quickly becoming one of my new favourite brands! Always top quality, with multiple highly dosed ingredients, not just the same old thing. Plus it's non hormonal, so no nasty, toxic sides, suppression/shut-down.