Life Support

Best support supplement and does its job as intended, will continue to use!

Great support supplement

I have used this supplement several times together with prohormones and sarms and I felt good the whole time.

This cycle support does the job time and time again

This cycle support does the job time and time again. I have used it on prohormones and sarm cycles with good results.

Good during PCT

I used this during my PCT off of SARMS. Seems to have done is intended job. Would recommend.

Great price

Great price for such a well dosed product. Definitely feel and see a difference after just 1 month of using it.

prevented headaches on cycle

I did one pro-hormone cycle without cycle support and suffered headaches approximately half hour to one hour after each administration of hormone capsules. The next cycle I used a stronger pro-hormone but used Life Support 2.0 throughout the cycle at recommended dose, that is 2 capsules twice daily for a total of 4 caps daily. I did not suffer and headaches at all this time. On my third cycle and thereon I used this product again. I am happy with the results and my intention is to use this product on each cycle provided it is in stock.

life support

incredibly comprehensive support covering every possible problem that you would be likely to encounter on any pro hormone or deigner /steroid cycle to maintain your best possible health before and afterwards. Probably better to pre-load it for two weeks, too though(just in case).