Protein bread

This bread tastes authentic and is not full of nasties. Admittedly the slices are small but packs a punch of flavour as bread in a sandwich or toasted with eggs on it🥪

Low Carb Saviour

I'm on a carb limited diet right now and the only thing I've been really fancying is bread! Stumbled upon this while doing my usual monthly sup top up and SO glad I did. Toast and PB&J (skinny food jam ofc) are back without destroying my macros!!

Thank you!!

Game changer with most bodybuilders not being able to put carb allowance on bread, this is a great product to solve that issue!


Easily as good as the old Dr Zaks stuff. Tastes much lighter and not like chewing a brick. Great with some chocolate spread on ;-)

Perfect breakfast

Love it, Perfect for my breakfast and for a sneaky snack in the evening.

I LOVE this!!!

Having not allowed myself to eat bread for months I finally gave in and thought I'd give this a try. I was not disappointed. For a low carb bread with a shelf life of 6 months this stuff is great. I've bought 6 lots now and will be buying more. For an absolutely delicious treat I added the Cookie Dough Peanut Butter from Nuts n More (also bought on here), it's AMAZING!!!

Awesome bread

Have been on a keto diet and have been looking for a bread that actually feels like you have had bread, this product is awesome tastes lovely and allows you to not feel restricted. Thank you 😊