I've been using this more than 10 years

This is my favourite protein shake! I always see good result and I've been using this more than 10 years. Never disappointed.

Birthday Cake... surprisingly nice!!

I bought this as Strawberry was out of stock, half expecting to hate it, but it's really nice! It's not overly sweet, and has little crunchy bits like hundreds and thousands - now I'm torn whether to get this again or Strawberry next time!


As always Nitro-Tech never fails, excellent results excellent gains, and the flavor is pretty tasty.

Delicious taste

I've upped my consumption of whey protein mostly due to the way this tastes, it's so thick and creamy! I'm mixing with water only, and the taste of strawberries and texture is great. It mixes well, maybe needs a few more shakes than SciVation, but only a few, it's an easy mixer generally speaking.


this is perfect product for building muscle. the taste is AWESOME, and i look forward to taking this product every day! and the cookies that comes with the package is a bonus


lost a lot of fat, and was rarely hungry


i really liked how this one tasted, the amount of protein in this is really great!

Fantastic but too expensive

I love the brand and the ingredients but it's too expensive.


Good gains and tastes great!

Muscletech: Nitro-Tech

Excellent product

Top Quality

At first I really thought all the info and facts was just a gimmick but I was very shocked with the results. I've been taken by this supplement for 2 months now and have noticed a signifcant increase in strength. I was stuck on 100kg bench press for ages but after taking this shake for a month it has risen to 120kg. I'm feeling stronger generally in every exercise. The taste is nice and it mixes great. Will defiantly carry on purchasing this supplement regardless of the price.

great Performance, Must Try

Great performance and must try for everyone.

The best

One of the best if not the best protein money can buy in my opinion.brilliant taste,mixes great and this will get you results


This is very good protein by MuscleTech. The contents are impressive you can get 30g of protein and also there are creatine and taurine in it, so you don't have to buy them separately. It's a bit expensive but you have creatine and taurine in it, so I quess its pretty good deal. The results are also very good, I gained both mass and strength while taking it. Flavour was chocolate and it tasted good. Recommended.