Worth Buying!

I tried a trial pack of Mango Splash flavour and it mixed well, none of that frothy top that some other pre-workouts have!!! It gave me a buzz even though it has less caffeine than I am used to - definitely worth buying!


The first pre-workout I can actually take and enjoy drinking. Drives focus and amazing power. My workouts are next level with no tingles or weirdness. Love it and highly recommended


This is one of my favourite pre for energy but really shines in terms of focus. This is a top pre. Try it

Good focus but take two scoops

I've tried a few new Preworkouts from predator recently and Prolific rates highly, the only thing missing for me is the kind of long lasting energy you get from hydrazine but then nothing else matches that either. For good focus, pumps, solid muscle endurance and taste prolific goes a long way to correct the wrong of the latest Alphamine version by PES.