It worked

Admittedly I took 3 pills at once but I have never sweat so much in my life. Muscle mass is good. Developed good shape. Taking a break for a while but I will use again.

I saw progress immediately!

After a couple weeks of a cycle on RAD140 I saw results and am growing my muscles like never before. I am currently cycling off of it and have not felt any side effects. I recommend this product to anyone who is interested in taking SARMS.

Expect decent gains

This is a good product, it works well. Don't expect crazy results, but if you stack it with a prohormone or other SARMS, you will get even better results. I recommend this!

2 weeks in

My 1rm bench has gone up by about 7.5kg in 2weeks, very happy. No sides to list other than the occasional night cramp in the last week, which is a very weird side I’ve never had before. Other than that great product must try. Currently running 12mg although I see people over the internet tend to go for 20-30mg


2 weeks in and 4lbs up on 200 cals above maintenance diet. Good for strength gains more than mass. All lifts gone up 5-10kg in 2 weeks. Quite happy.

Rad 140

Terrible sides, painful stomach bloat, acid reflux, low libido, nausea. Steer clear of this.

Definitely works

Great item, tried it on 4, 8 and 12 per day stacked with Ostarine. All good so far, at 2 weeks in. Have put on some fat and water weight considerably but diet also hasn't been 100%. Definitely helps with strength and mass!


Does exactly what it says on the tin. Would recommend!!

2 weeks in and strength increased

I use this alongside an Olympic lifting programme and all of my lifts have increased by 20kg. I haven't done any stats but I definitely look fuller than when I started. Sex drive hasn't taken a hit either which is a bonus. Would definitely recommend.

Strenght and bulk

I saw that the dosage is less than other product but I want to try this Rad..I found good results with indicated dosage, 5 lean kilos and more strength in the gym

Great lean growth

I build 4kg in a cycle..fantastic..more strength and resistance

Works as advertized

Seems to work as advretired. Super fast shipping to canada

Great for recomp

Do the job, great results, lose fat and put lean mass. Taken for 6 Weeks (4mg-4mg-8mg-8mg-12mg-12mg). Quite suppressive. I guess I would have a real pct but Nolvadren XT and Delta XT did the job. I recommend this great product!


I'm 34 and haven't lifted in any serious way since my college days. Once I got back into it--after 18 months of changing my lifestyle and permanently fixing my diet and general health--I didn't want to waste my time. Ran a few mild PHs just to boost my test and get that good feeling back. I trust OL UK, so I too, a shot at their SARMs. I can say, without any hesitation, that Radar1ne is insanely good. My strength and endurance are through the roof and I feel like I can move mountains. I cannot speak to what sort of lean mass gains as I'm still mid-cycle. But I've never felt stronger in my life, and that includes the years I spent as a dedicated lifter in college. This stuff is legit.