Works A Treat

This product is amazing, I am on my 2nd cycle now. Gained 7kg of pure mass. This was over a month. I am currently using it on its own and the side effects are minor but it means they are the real thing. Worth the price.

not that great

It killed the hunger.

Does what it says

Happy with the product better then some I've used and can already start to see results.


I have used this for 4 weeks with Cardarine. Gained 2 kilo and my waist is 3cm smaller. Very good results!

Worked fast

Felt S4 working after a few days, good recovery and strength. After week one I started getting eye issues with light sensitivity pretty bad, also started getting tension headache that would not go away. Stopped taking S4 and both symptoms went away. Overall when taking was working well, side effects were too much for me so switched back to a SARM. I have had good results with LEGEND by Olympus Labs.


This worked right away. I was taking a different brand not from predator nutrition and did not notice much effect however, once I started taking this one the effects were immediate. Good product.