good stuff

Good mix tastes good and has a perfect blend of nutrients. A little high on the caffeine though in my opinion, but i prefer assault powder by Musclepharm.

Gave a tingle

Had the trial size Mango-Lime the other day, got a tingle on the lips and had a decent half hour workout but the effects soon wore off for me. The powder mixed ok and tasted fine.


Looks disgusting, taste is very meh but it will give you a burst of energy to get through a decent workout.

Does the job

Tried a tester sample. Gave me the tingles on my face. Overall does the job, but there are better ones out there.

It's Okay..

Tried it for the first time. It does the job to an extent and does not crash. I still prefer the Curse as it gives me better pumps and tastes so much better!! Could do with more flavour choice and tweaking the ingredients.

Good effect but mediocre taste

I found this pre workout to be effective and slightly above average in terms of the kick it gave me. However for the price I'd expect a little more, especially with a slightly "chemical" taste which wasn't the best but still drinkable.

I will buy this again

I had Mango-Lime flavour and it was very nice. It mixed well and I soon had a buzz. I often use Rage but I will be buying this for a change. Well worth it.

Maybe in stack

Low effective pw. Maybe it coul be stacked with something serious.


Middle of the road compared to most of the other pwo's out there. If you are using other more powerful pwo's that needs cycling, this could be an option, since it has quite a lot of caffeine. No noticeable pump, no crash.