Good quality product

Amazing quality product which taste fabulous! You can really feel the product working as well. Gives me a lot more focus and energy when i need it!

Solid for beginners

Experienced pro's may need a higher dose but the product does the job.

Good Pre-Workout

Good pre-workout Bit more expensive than my go-to pre-workout. Had the blue raspberry flavour, which seemed a bit sweet. Contains a lot of the ingredients I normally look for in a PWO (L-Citulline or L-arginine, Beta-Alanine) but they're all in a so-called 'propriety blend' and you can't ascertain how much of each is used...

Great pre

Solid pre work out, great value for money and effective for most gym users.

Does the job

It does the job with a good list of ingredients. Helps you push through your workout when you need it!

Good preworkout

Good Preworkout, no jitters and good energy.

Great energy

As a preworkout works great, I have a huge caffeine tolerance and this actually delivers!

Great taste

I bought this product not long ago and the taste is amazing and has helped with my training. Was also a great price too!

My favorite PWO

Been trying almost every preworkout on the market and this is definitely my favorite. Tastes awesome (green apple is my favorite). If you're feeling a bit low-energy you can always double-scoop and get a crazy workout. Good amounts of beta-alanine without the insane jitters.

Stimmed to the max

Lives up to it's caffeine content, had a sample of this and it had a very strong stim effect. Not as smooth as hydrazine/excelsior for focus but still gives a strong buzz and a decent amount of endurance.

Good preworkout

I have used this product for over a half a year now and it gives me good wake up and pump for training. Going to use it in the future as well. Usually 1 scoop is enough for me 15-20 min before training. It is also quite fast acting, so 30min would be too long before training for me.

Best pre workout

This is the best pre workout on the market along with shadow-x but tastes so much better. All flavours taste amazing, and great effects. Predator offers the cheapest price online.

Great light and easy pre workout

Very light effect so if your a beginner with pre workouts take this. I personally take 1 scoop and mix it with Gatorade then I take a 200 mg caffeine pill. If you are advanced pre workout junkie, look into predator line of pre workout they are insane (not for daily use).

Great stuff

Really good preworkout supp - energy was clean and lasted a good while, the taste was really nice and performance was great - 5 stars.

Curse not for me

This product made me feel really sick and didn’t give me the kick I was hoping for.

The Curse

After trying different Pre-workouts, I'm finally back on the curse. Got an incredible deal on Black Friday. Blue Raspberry is the best tasting pre workout I've had. Mad pre workout, was so pumped and energised the whole workout.

decent for the price

have used many different pre workouts over the years and have been searching for something as potent as the original jack3d, the search continues but this is decent. gives me a strong buzz and boosts focus. i add in extra citruline for the craic and that boosts results

Best pre workout

The most powerful pre workout on the market! Amazing boost and no crash. Cheapest place to buy.

The Curse

A great value pre workout if you're on a tight budget, however for the price point you can tell the difference in quality compared to some of the more premium brands. The curse gives a good energy rush, however, is missing that sustained energy factor.

The curse!

Get a better pump during work out more focused. Fast acting!

Good pump but not so much focus

I like this product but I feel it lacks the focus element. The pump is insane though! I understand where some people are coming from with the pins and needles feel; however!

Not up to the hype

It's okay, okay for the price but even reaching the two scoop daily limit it wears off, I found myself tingling like I was beaten with stinging nettles. I don't see the hype, pump wasn't really there, workout intensity wasn't great. With preworkout you get what you pay for.

Good, but may need more than one serving

Works excellently, but I find that I'll have to take two or three servings to really feel it, and that's after I had a couple of weeks off of caffeine as well! But still great for the price! Good flavours also.


if you have experienced the original jack3d and are looking for something that even comes close, then give this a try. ive tried all sorts of preworkouts and feel as though ive found a winner with this. i got it when it was buy one get one free which meant the cost per serving was very low, in honesty id have paid full price having tried it. mixed well and the 2 flavours i tried were both nice, blue raspberry especially. if you are looking for a preworkout to help boost energy and endurance then this is the one, i also felt that i was more focused while taking this.

Cobra labs the curse

Really good on a morning before work out


Incredible focus and pump!

Not bad

Tastes really good, the pump is nice, but I’ve had some better stuff.


It is a below the average p.w.

Pretty good

Its a decent fair price pwo that does the job

Still one of the best

Still one of the best pre workout formulas out there … tried the ‘lemon rush’ this time round and its great … nice strong tangy flavour and it gets the job done !

Good value for money

Good pre-workout. I'm buying while the BOGOF deal is active - great value for money.

Amazing Flavour - Pineapple

It's the first time I didn't almost die taking a pre-workout because of the taste. You can actually feel the hit of energy a few minutes after taking it. Just amazing!

Oh yeahhh

Great pre-workout! Would buy again for an every day PWO. Great focus levels! Blue raspberry tastes like a WKD, I love sipping on this rather than necking the scoop!


This stuff is 10 out of 10!!!!!! Awesome, kicks in like mad and there is no come backs!! Massive pumps and energy. Just want to keep smashing it!!!

Good focus and energy.

I've tried many pre-workouts in the past and this one works the best for me, good focus and energy.


This is literally my new favourite pre-workout.

The best pre-workout I have ever come across

This is the best pre-workout I have ever come across. I have tried so many but this certainly does the job for me. Two scoops and I am on fire, best pump and veins sticking out. Good energy levels throughout. Would defo recommend this product. 10 out of 10 for me.

I keep coming back....

I’ve tried several pre-workouts but I keep coming back to this...my last was the Green Apple Envy flavour.....v green!! It does mix well and tastes good, and does the job in the gym.

The Curse is my favourite pre-gym kicker.

Orange Mango is my favourite flavour and The Curse is my favourite pre-gym kicker.

Does the trick

Rarely take pre-workouts but tried this (blue raspberry) and loved it. Might try some of the other flavours soon, probably just the sample sizes so I can try a few.


It tickles when I take this and the pump is amazing!

Simple pre workout but does the job

Got this as a sample, not a fan about green apple flavor but ok . The dosage on caffeine is decent, quite ok as pre workout?

Lemon rush

Good tasting pre-workout 2 scoops and the tingle will cut in at about 30 mins and you are ready to go.

A simple and well dosed Preworkout

I had a green apple 8g sample, the taste is really good, i love apple loops :) If you look at the ingredients, it's a very common composition for a pre workout, not to strong, it does the job. Gives a good Kick, a decent pump and endurance. Thanks to Caffeine combined with olive leaf extract. I'm a stimjunky, pwo every other days, so I felt it lighter than hardcore preworks but I felt It, really.

Not for me...

It kicks in within a minute or two, you know this as your whole body from your scalp, your face, your backside, your feet - everything just feels like it has cold pins & needles. Personally, it didn't do anything else for me - focus just the same as normal, the taste was pretty rank - very sweet and sickly. Glad it was a free sample.

Great pre work out!

Taken pre Workout for a number of years on and off, and decided to give the curse a go on a whim after spending a couple weeks off of stimulants. WOW. It kicked in quickly, and boy does it help. Beta alanine content is perfect and it really gives you a consistent focus, as if you’re the only person in the gym and nothing else but your next rep matters. Great value for the tub for the amount of servings for it.

Mad pump

Mad Pump and great flavour: Lemon rush.


Wow, amazing pre workout

4 Stars

Great price and a decent pre-workout, but not as effective as others I've had in the past.

Good stuff

One of the best pre-workout formulas out there and great value for money. bought another tub last month and will continue using this product for the foreseeable future. Like all pre-workouts its best not to use it every day as the body will develop a resistance to the ingredients and it will gradually become less effective......personally I use it twice a week before a workout I know is going to be particularly arduous or when my energy levels are low.

Decent pre workout

Great value for the price and number of servings you get. The effect isn't as great as some of the pricier ones but that's to be expected. Got the tingles and focus around 15 minutes after drinking but just lacked that "kick". Overall a good product.


I've used curse before in the blue raspberry flavour . The effects are brilliant for a low stim pre workout . If you need more caffeine then you can double scoop and it still workout cheaper than most new pre workouts. Must say I tried the lemon flavour just to test the taste and it is outstanding .

Definitely gives you the kick you need when you don't feel like it

Feel very snappy and alert when on this, used 2 scoops pre workout with a third mixed in with 8oz of water too prevent a crash mid-workout and it works very well. Great pump, feel very full and definitely feel the contractions alot more

Great pwo11

One of the best pwo i had tried for a long time!

Best preworkout I've tried so far

Great preworkout. Good value for money. Highly recommend


Really good product

Fanatastic Preworkout

Really good preworkout. Mixes well and blue raspberry tastes great. I've tried a lot of preworkout over the years and some give you that distinctive crash, The Curse has none of that. Gives you energy all through your workout and for the rest of the day. Even after 1 tub it was still as effective and the first scoop. One of the few preworkouts I'd buy another tub of. Good price and 2-4-1 offer means it is well worth a try

The Curse

Boosts my performance in the gym. I get good pumps. Blue raspberry tastes nice. I would definitely recommend this product. No disappointment at all.

Push the boundaries

I go to the gym in the morning and this is great to get you. It doesnt live you feeling jittery either

Belting Pre workout

Brilliant taste and boost in performance when I was in the gym

Alright for the cost

Initially took 1 scoop and felt nothing. Next workout went to 1 and a half which is what I'm currently taking. Slight tingle shortly after. Feel it helps with longevity of my workout but no special pump!

Covers all bases

Reviewing from 2 samples. Solid ingredients profile with nothing out of the ordinary, and results match. Increase in energy and performance (not much in the way of pump if thats your goal), and decent value. Great entry level product, perhaps not for long time pre workout users with high stim tolerance. That said, would make a perfect daily pre workout if you don't want to consistently use products with higher stim levels.

Great focus

Great PW would recommend,get a good buzz and lasts longer than most


Slight tingle and great energy. Really helped push out those last few reps. Definitely my PW of choice

Not bad

Great taste, my energy was up but not much in the way of a pump, there are better Pre workouts drink available

Good buy.

Great pre-workout just make me want to keep lifting even once my workout is done.

Better ones out there

I bought this as I have had many pre workouts in the past and wanted to try something new. The first buzz was good but it didn't last that long. I felt like it had worn off halfway through my workout.

Amazing and Mind blowing

One of the best pre-workout products on the market, Before I used this I used the original Jack3d to get a pump this is by far the next best thing, for people that used Jack3d get this product before it's to late.

Works well

This pre workout has a very simple back to basics formula, but it works, the ingredients are tried and tested, taken 20 mins before training you get a real tingle and energised focus from the caffeine and beta alamine. The apple flavour is stunning. Not too sweet or sickly, easy to drink and mixes effortlessly . The only downside is the addition of the artificial colours, the vibrant apple green colour gives an indication of the additives. But overall an amazing pre workout at a great price compared to some of the bigger brands

good stuff

I definitely feel the boast having taken it 50 minutes before trianig. some workout days though ive had trouble sleeping, don't know if its this or uni work

A pleasant surprise

Whilst purchasing far too many PWO's to try and replace my beloved craze, I stumbled upon The Curse - saw the name and the label and thought 'Yeah why not?'' Didn't expect much as I haven't heard of the brand or of anyone who's used this product. HOWEVER, it turned out to be a genuinely great PWO, good energy, not too jittery and no crash! There seems to be a tonne of beta alenine in there which makes your skin crawl quite a bit if you start upping the dose, but thats a sign that its all working. Definitely recommend it to all PWO takers.

the curse

Very good

best I have ever had

this is the best pretrainer ive ever had, i honestly thought my head was going to fly off the first time i took this, once youve had the curse nothing compares , tastes good, works brilliantly but unfortunately barely ever in stock : (

Strangely awesome

I've tested EVERYTHING... This one had a nice fuzzy effect on me! Taste = sweet, whatever, it mixed good! After 10 min at the gym I got tingles in my legs just for a brief moment, but the most noticable effect was that I felt warm in the muscle group that I used, feels like I would expect the villains feel in the new Iron Man movie lol! This feeling is awesome! I also started sweating like crazy... :)

Middle of the road

I've tried many pre-work out drinks and always on the look out for new ones, I tried the curse firstly on a Thursday night after a long day at work so thought great time to try it, I took 3 scoops of the the Lemon blast it was a bit tangy but liked it and mixed well, after about 20 minutes I could feel my skin itching and felt an urgency to get to the gym, once at the gym it was chest and back day I blasted through 45 minutes including supersets I then started to lose focus and started to find myself thinking about anything but lifting I perservered and got through my full set. I gave the curse another run out on the Saturday morning after a rest day and was expecting a much better performance but the workout was pretty much the same, overall The curse is not bad but it isn't anywhere near my go to pre-work drink, I would use this in the week when shorter more intense workouts are needed but leave the weekends for my favourite.

Wow was not expecting that

The Curse would have to be one of the best and cleanest Pre Workouts i have ever used! Really enjoyed the crisp energy!

Completely pointless

I've used several pre-workouts products before. I tried this one too, it seemed good enough. I didn't get any benefit from using this. If you are not extremely reactive to caffeine, try something else that relies on other central nervous system stimulants, such as phenylethylamines (PEA), because caffeine and beta alanine won't do the trick for you. I felt no extra pumps, no more energy, ..., nothing. As if I didn't take anything. As for the taste, I got the Lemon Rush flavour. It's fairly decent, I've seen way worse. It really tastes like lemon juice, with a slight chemical aftertaste but it's very mild. The mixture is very acidic though, they recommend 6-8oz, definitely use 8. All in all, I definitely wouldn't recommend this, there are way better products on the market, this is a total waste.

Great energy, bit of a crash though

I was really impressed with the energy this gave. Normally I use Craze but I got a sample of this and it gives a different kind of energy to that - more aggression which means you keep up a really high intensity throughout when using The Curse (I used 1 scoop only). Definitely impressed and will buy this to cycle with Craze I reckon.

The Curse is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cobra Labs have really stepped up with this pre-workout product. Think your a hardcore trainer? Then give this a go!