Effective but expensive

Works as advertised, it's very effective stuff for fat loss, muscles and more. I've only given it 4 stars because it's expensive, need two more bottles for a cycle.

Fatburning for sure

Highly recommend for fat loss and body recomposition. The only downside is excessive sweating. You have to run 2-4 bottles to see good results. And yes, you will get amazing pumps.

more vascularity

I noticed more vascularity than usual (even in my lower abs), even without changing anything in my diet or training plan.

Good product

Seemed to be a really effective fat loss support. Tried oral version before and didn't get nearly the same effect than with this.

works like a charm

I really didn't believe in fat loss products.. but this definetly changed my mind! lost a lot of fat without losing any muslce

UR Spray

I didn't notice any positive effects with this product.

Good gains but...

Good Results But expensive in The Long run you Need at least 2 bottles in a month. a lot of sweating. Good for inflammation. Very Dry skin After 6 bottles

Perfect for a recomp

This product is pricey but it is definitely worth it. I was leaner, harder and looking more pumped after using this whilst cutting.

Worth Every Penny! Mightily Impressed!

Used this training only 3 times a week, put on 3.5kg overall but massive drop in body fat. My BF scales were broke so don't know % change, but it was massively noticeable!! 50 Sprays split as directed, but after a few weeks I applied on shoulders and calves too, but with same 50sprays total. After a few weeks I noticed big change in muscle size. Big volume immediately after training (big pump, stiff muscles) but this resided after an hour... The next morning I had the fullness gain and vascularity started to show by end of 4th week.

Sceptical at first...but this stuffs for real

This is possibly the most effective supplement I have ever used. Having done a number of prohormone cycles I was sceptical of the results that are spoken about on various boards. I used this after PCT after a epi tren cycle. At the end of the first week I started to notice slight effects. But it was at the end of week 2 that I felt my clothes feel tighter and I also looked a little leaner in the mirror. I've just ordered my 3rd bottle.....

Try it

There is lots of same products in the Market but this one is amazing!

Good complement for Ursobolic

I have used both Ur Spray and Ursobolic to good effect. Having done so, I think the best way to utilise them is to take them together to get the best out of topical and oral ingestion. I notice good fat loss, and recomp effects with both.