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Strawberry hits the spot

A great tasting good quality whey protein powder. The strawberry one works great as a shake or you can easily stir it into some greek yoghurt or quark for a high protein snack.

Great taste

Mixes really well and tastes great, I've had the salted caramel and the iced coffee so far, waiting for cookies and cream to arrive

Great Tasting Product

Chocolate Peanut Butter is my personal favourite. The consistency is great when mixed with Almond Milk (not to thick or thin). Its a regular purchase!

Lovely flavour

Great flavour one of the nicest protein flavours is yoghurt peach.

Tastes amazing

Just started taking but tastes amazing usually use usn

Nice taste and good value!

Mixes well and tastes nice. Peanut butter flavour from Scitec is my favourite!

Great Taste

Tried a couple of different flavours and so far and Iced Coffee has to be my favourite!

best value

Very good protein with an excellent amino acid profile and the taste of ice coffee is amazing.

Great taste

Amazing taste, chocolate this time, strawberry last time all wonderful.


One of the best flavoured protein shakes I have had!

The best flavour protein

The chocolate hazelnut and caramel flavours are delicious. Best tasting protein I have found so far.


If you were to choose your whey based on flavour, you'd struggle to find a nicer one than Scitec.

Scitec whey

Chocolate peanut butter mixes easily and tastes good; just like a snickers 👍🏻

Scitec Pro whey powder

Great product, easy to mix into a tasty shake! I drink it every day

Whey protein

Excellent product, arrived on time and flavour is amazing! Unlike some other brands I've tried, the product mixes well too. Would highly recommend.

Great standard Whey Protein

Great tasting protein that is easy to mix and with solid macros. Standard chocolate tastes very good!

My go to protein.

Berry Vanilla tastes great and blends well in shakers. No after taste and is an all round hit!


Good protein, love the chocolate flavour!


Fantastic taste. Good price!


Best post-workout protein shakes. Tastes great and has a nice consistency.


The best taste I’ve ever tried. Not too sweet. Perfect :)


Mixes well, not a very thick shake though. Chocolate peanut butter is ok but chocolate was better, plus this is expensive also. There's better out there if I'm honest.

Great taste

Really taste like real banana shake that's made from scratch. Blends easy

Lemon cheesecake is too sweet for me!

I do like this brand of whey and normally buy the chocolate flavour which I find tasty. However, I did have a trial size of lemon cheesecake and unless you have a sweet tooth then keep away. The shakes mixes well and does the job. I have bought another tub of chocolate which I would give 5 stars to!


Easy to mix...very smooth. Only four stars for me as I have just tried the chocolate and coconut flavour and it had quite a strong coconut flavour...so if you like Bounty Bats, then this is ok for you. I have used this company’s Whey before and have bought a large chocolate flavoured tub.

Great taste

I always buy this product. It tastes wonderful and price reasonable.

Best protein ever

Great quality and taste


Great tasting protein, mixes well and comes in a load of flavours. Well worth it.

Great ingredients and taste

It may be expensive but that's because of the great contents and taste.


The Lemon Cheesecake is yummy and I will definitely repurchase once finished.


Cookies and cream is a great flavour for a change. Mixes well and tastes good. Still not as good as some of the other chocolate flavours by Scitec though.

One of the best

Chocolate Peanut Butter is one of my top 3 scitec protein flavours (alongside choc hazelnut and choc coconut). It's pretty awesome, particularly mixed thick to top your oats.

Amazing Flavours

These are the best tasting protein shakes I have ever tried. Each flavour I try is better than the last.

Lemon Cheese Cake

Didn’t think I would like this but heard good things. In fact it tasted bomb and would highly recommend. Now I need the big tub!

Best Protein Shake

These protein shakes make you look forward to another one.

Good Taste

Best tasting protein out there! This product will make you look forward to having your next shake. Easy on the stomach also and does not bloat you. This was a sample with my last order.

Mixes and tastes good

I have just finished the chocolate flavour. Because the powder is fine it mixes and blends easily with or without a metal mixer inside the shaker. I've had chocolate flavours that were overly strong and sweet but this tastes nice and is very enjoyable.

Thumbs up

Chocolate hazelnut tastes fantastic. The best tasting protein I've had in a long time.

Great Bargain

A real bargain, having received the Whey Protein 2.35kg I also received mega daily one with a shaker, worth £15.00.

Amazing Taste

Probably my favourite tasting protein out there! This product will make you look forward to having your next shake. Works as intended.

Highly Recommended

Excellent, I highly recommend it!

One of the best deals out there

Great value for money and I personally believe that this is one of the best deals out there. Highly recommend.

The best tasting protein I've ever had.

The best tasting protein I've ever had. Mixes fairly easy as well. Would recommend.

Good tasting protein!

I got a free sample and drank it after workout, the taste was great and it was easy to mix!


Easy gain here, one of the best protein powders out there.

Good taste

Good deal, cheap and the protein is in the good tasting end.

Great taste and value for money!

Love this protein, there's a good range of flavours and it's great value for money.

Best protein

Nice Protein, great taste!

Recommend it!

There's a big range of flavours, it has always been good absorbing with that enzyme complex and there are a lot of servings for a really nice price. One of few cheap good products on the market.


it is good before and after training


Taste is ok and macros as well. Easily digestion

Good taste

Cheaper and good taste but in terms of macros you can find something better.


My Best Post-Workout Protein Shakes. Tastes great and has a nice consistency.


My usual protein wasn't in stock so I was recommended this one by a staff member, I was pleasently surprised, it tastes great, the flavour isn't too strong like a a lot of Vanilla proteins can be. It mixes very well, no clumps when using a shaker, I would buy this again

Vanilla very berry

Got a free sample of this with my last order and have to say was impressed mixes well and tasted really nice.

Great whey protein

Good tasting whey protein, not the cheapest but it's up there as one of the best I've had. Lemon cheesecake is immense.