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Mixed case - what a great idea

What a great way to sample a range of flavours. Haven't had a 'bad' 3D flavour but this way you can try 'em all and choose your favourites. I got to sample grape, citrus, berry, sunburst and my favourite - candy punch (red can) which is absolutely amazing. I got myself a case of 12 and will definitely be ordering more.

Loved Liberty Pop

Amazing. Couldn't wait to try this flavour after seeing the hype. Well, it was worthwhile. Easily in my top 3 flavours. Love 3D drinks. Buy a case, you won't be disappointed.


Gold is one of the top 3D flavours for me. Very refreshing. Great pre-workout or sipping as a tasty drink.

Highly recommend

Subtle flavour. Not too strong. Just right. Great preworkout or just for casual sipping


Love the blue and silver one! Great taste and love having them pre gym!

Orange burst

Tried the orange- really nice taste and not *too* fizzy..!

Great Drink

Great taste and decent energy boost!


Great taste, highly recommended!

Love this energy drink

I love energy drinks, and this one has to be a favourite! Not as strong bubbles as regular ones, because of this i really enjoy it before a good workout! Tastes awesome too!

Purple Grape

Hands down has to be my favourite flavour, great alternative to a pre workout!


Not quite as good as a white Monster Ultra but it's a nice alternative. Subtle grapefruit/citrus taste. Not as fizzy as a Monster so great right before a workout.

Very refreshing

3D energy beats it’s competitors by a long shot. The taste is great and red is my favourite!

Nice but not the best

Very refreshing, full of flavour and a great afternoon pick me up or pre workout drink.

So delicious and good

I really love this one . Would drink it everyday if it wasn't so pricey . But for all of you energy drink lovers out there that want a true tasty drink , try 3D !

3D Energy Mixed

Lots of hype around these. Personally, didn't think they were particularly great. Defo prefer white monster to the white 3D. Blue and Green are the best flavours. Nice that they are less carbonated and with a higher dose of caffeine

Really Good

Having tried all the flavours I can say: Blue is the best easily, followed by Green then White. Purple is very polarizing, some people love it but for me it was just okay and Red is not that great. Overall, amazing energy drink. Love Blue, Green and White.

Really nice fruity flavour

Something special for the taste-buds in the no-kcal energy drink business.

3D Energy drinks

Best tasting energy drink ever tasted, great caffeine dose!

3D energy drink

My new favourite, the blue is by far the best in my opinion!

Tastes really good!

My new favourite energy drink!

3D Energy

I bought a 3D energy drink (red version) from the Leeds store last week... and it tasted delicious! I was looking for a energy drink which did not have many calories and high in caffeine, and 3D energy seemed to be the best match for what I was looking for. I'm looking forward to trying the other flavours!!

Tastes great

Really nice and good amount of caffeine!

3D Energy POWER!

This Blue flavour is by far my favourite and with the white one. Both has a refreshing taste. Blue one is more blueberry/raspberry type taste but not strong with a slight crossover to a white monster. The white one more lemon and lime ciritus flavor, very refreshing - dare I say better than white monster without all that crazy sweetness.

3D Energy drink

Low carbs, great alternative to taking pre-workout. Awesome taste, Grapefruit is my personal fav.

Nootropic Energy Drink!

I am a stim addict but was interested in 3D because of the ingredients. Not only does this taste amazing, I get an awesome nootropic effect! Crisp focus and clean energy that feels as though it lasts a long time. BLUE is my absolute fave followed by RED!

3d energy drink

I personally love this drink!