8 genuine reviews
Good in the bedroom

Felt stronger in the gym with these and more healthy. Also added bonus is morning wood and more stamina in the bedroom department.

Absolute quality

Quality product! It takes about 8 weeks before you notice the effects. Brilliant!


Great supp...definitely works, I highly recommend.

JYM = Quality

Very effective, really works!

Ordered a second!

Almost finished with my first bottle and feel stronger overall - ordered a second.

Top Product

Essential product for those over 30, maintains the strength you have, potential strength gains noticed too.

Solid test booster

The most potent natural test booster on the market with - as always with Jym Supplement Science - proper doses of each ingredient. Improves your gym sessions, mood and libido.

Trust Jim

Jim Stoppani's supplements are technically the best in the legal/natural range. All others i've come across don't tend to do what they say. But since taking Alpha test i've noticed i've been more awake, feeling stronger and have increased libido. I back it.