4 genuine reviews
Noticable, temp increase, burn fat/tone up

Running this sarm @50mg with rad 140 @5mg. Only been 5 days and notice I'm recovering alot faster than anticipated. Feel my body getting dense, sweating a ton [also summer time] motivation for working out is definitely there. Will get a pct since I'm running 2 compounds. Very good product, effect comparable to EPI minus the aching joints. Will update towards the end. Promising sarm

Very potent product

I started off using this product for 3 days, then took 1 week off.. on holiday, now for the last 6 days I've combined with s4. it's great that if only wanted to use this for lets say 3 days a week, I can still can grow with this and i can stay away from any testosterone suppression. Highly recommended.


Works great, very effective supplement. Highly recommended.

Debut product

My first product of this nature. 2 capsules first 2 weeks, followed by 3 the following weeks. Felt a sense of motivation in wanting to train more and felt good whilst training. Night vision affected me a few weeks in, but nothing serious. Definitely worth persevering with and this has been a good introduction to S.A.R.M.S.