I know they’re working as I feel much fitter and stronger. This product is well worth it if you have an intense training regime.

It works

Been suffering from sore knees and ankles after running, a few days into these and it’s nearly gone, I’m impressed

Perfect product

Started taking this when I had an elbow injury. Almost 2 months in taking this and my injury appears to have disappeared. Perfect product for taking every day.

really helped us

I have been trying to get my wife into lifting but she's always struggled with her left knee, we have seen doctors and never had it clearly diagnosed. We still don't really know whats wrong with her knee. After reading a few reviews I bought this and it really has helped her

Pretty damn good

It tastes pretty damn good and I like it because of the collagen addition in comparison to the original version. Having a reasonable 4g per serving and lasting 30 days it's rather economic - really can't ask for more and I did notice a real progressive difference in my joints. In a short few weeks, my shoulder pain had significantly reduced.

Seems to work

My joints seem to ache less on this. Downside is u need a lot of water to down all the tablets. Also definitely take with a meal or the turmeric/ginger tablets burn your throat.

My first choice

I’ve tried several other products out of curiosity but this is always the product I revert too. Much needed in any box of tools for long term health.

Helped with aching joints

Used it in the past however my knee and wrist pain returned after few years. It takes about 2 weeks to start working and it does work well. I just finished the can and no more pain. Price is decent and although there are many pills I never struggled to take them.

Best joint supp!

I've been having problems with my knee with dead-lifting and ligament problems with my elbow when pressing should probably take time out but no one ever wants to do this or lower the weight! I’m happy to say within a week massive change say half as bad and with in 4 weeks almost gone. I can’t give all the credit to animal pak as I was taking with Hydrapharm Unbreakable 👌👌💪💪💪

Best I've tried!

This is really the best product I've tried for joint support. As soon as I go a little heavier, my shoulders start hurting, but with Animal Flex that is not the case, it really helps! Only downside is, there are a lot of pills to take - every dose is 12 pills, so if you have a problem with that, this is not for you.

Staple supplement for the hardcore trainer

Sick of sore joints and mild injuries? This definitely does the job of alleviating these issues, particularly when strength training or when your bodyfat is drastically reduced (i.e. for a competition). after trying a few different joint formulas this always comes out on top

Solid but better out there

Animal Flex is a decent supplement but having tried the likes of Achilles and Joint Help I think its a bit dated now.

Animal Flex

Great joint and tendon product. I use it with a cissus product and have always had great results.

animal flex helps joint pain

I've had joint pain for a while and don't like taking painkillers so I went online and saw this being recommended. Having used Animal Flex for a month now my body feels more limber and in particular some chronic knee pain I had has been reduced.


Very good joint supplement. It has made a noticeable difference to my knees, lower back, and shoulders. Granted I still make sure I warm up before workouts and constantly work on form while lifting. I stopped taking this for a month after I went through a can of flex and I did feel a lot more joint stiffness. I started taking them again and I can tell the difference. Great product!