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Perfect support

Anogenin is an excellent natural support during PCT to help maintain gains and strength. An excellent combination!

Best supplement I’ve had

I’m a 5ft10 mesomorph and I’ve been sticking to my 3800 cal diet and I’ve been struggling significantly to gain weight. I’d hover around the same weight for months (81kg). I’ve been taking 100mg of this supplement since 22jan and my weight has gone up to 84kg. I was in shock when i’d noticed my weight has gone up as for me it was very hard. Also noticed my arms are bigger and I definitely feel stronger in the gym. This supplement will help the audience who has a strict diet and a training plan. I haven’t had any side affects.

5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin !

This product has some great anadotical and scientific great trials behind it, it has a lot to offer and I feel its just making its way into the sport supplementation industry . I think it has a lot to offer !