Focus, Focus, Focus

This product gives you excellent pumps, not wild and crazy and definitely no crash. The Rainbow Sherbert flavour is decent and can be chugged easily. If you want energy and lazer like focus - give this a shot!

Lives up to the hype

Really good pre workout that does everything you want it to. Chose this over the titanium edition as I’ve heard that product is harsh hitting. Will purchase again in future for sure!

Damn 🤩

When manufacturers use sentences such as “God like surge” it usually sounds to good to be true. In this case it isn’t! Best PWO product in a long while, hands down. And the best part, no crash! Like it - Love it 👌🏼

Great pre work out

I love stim pre work outs, this hits every nail on the head. Great focus. Big pumps, energy no end, no crash. my no. 1 pre work out from now on!