Great for cutting

It recommends using this pre or post workout but I tend to take them mid-workout, which has helped me maintain my muscle mass while shedding fat on my mini cut a while back. Amazing price for what it offers.

On bcaas

I take these intra workout or straight after can really see a difference in size when taking these get a lot of bcaa for the price and easy to take

Very Cheap

I bought three of these at once and found it very cheap. they work very well having them in the morning,night, pre and post workout and help to spare muscle. would recommend


I have taken this BCAA product for a while now (I had 200 caps bottle) and I think it really helps me recover. All BCAA-s have different amount of serving sizes, I mean BCAA content per serving, this has 1000mg. Some even have 10,000 mg. I guess you don't need that much if this smaller dose helps you recover too. Its cheaper too. I usually take 2 before and 2 after my workout and so far its good and helps me to recover.

Must have for a quick recovery

Amazing deal on quality BCAAs. If you work out hard, you need this for recovery. I'm amazed at how quickly I'm ready to hit another routine.


I take these before every workout on on non workout days. they help prevent muscle breakdown which is something im always fearing. taste isn't fab but it does the job