Tastes great

Really like this product. Tastes great and easy to drink throughout the day. I feel this aids in my recovery and having tried other BCCA profiles; this one suits me.

Good for intra workout

I bought the cola flavour and use during a workout when I train fasted. Tastes good and has a good ingredient profile.

Good bcaa

I rate this 4 stars because the flavour of it isn't what I was expecting. However, I do feel it in my training sessions. Needs some improvement, but mostly everything is good, I'd recommend

Tastes Great!

I tried the Green Apple and it tastes really good, would recommend without hesitation. I take this during my workout and will be buying again.


Awesome recovery. Mixes well and the taste is just amazing!


One of the best bcaa supplements and comes at an amazing price would definitely recommend this product