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Best Chocolate Protein Powder

This is hands down the best chocolate flavour protein powder I've had. I've tried quite a few and none of them tasted quite right, but the chocolate milk flavour literally smells like hot chocolate powder when you open the tub. Blended with oats, water & ice, has the perfect mild chocolate flavour. Not too sickly and overpowering for in the morning. On top of that it's gluten free and the macros are great. This is now definitely my go to chocolate protein powder.


Got the vanilla flavour. Best protein powder I’ve tried. Delicious flavour, not too sweet and thick shake.

Best one

Very sweet and tasty (cookies and cream).

good protein

Good protein, I really like the fact that you feel full for longer in comparison to other proteins that you drink and you're hungry again in 20 minutes. I chose peanut caramel, and the flavour is delicious!