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Very tasty!

The best tasting protein snack I have ever tried. Bigger packs needed I think!

very tasty

A great tasting healthy cookie with good macros.

Ottimo (Great)

Ottimo biscotto, gustosissimo e con valori nutrizionali buoni (Excellent biscuit, very tasty and with good nutritional values)

Great tasting cookies

Lenny and Larry never seem to disappoint and yet again they’ve made another great product. I didn’t actually mean to get this type of cookie and I’m not the biggest fan of coconut but I thought why not I’ve already got it now. I’m glad I chose to stick with them! The cookie itself is soft baked filled with chocolate chips so you know it’s already good. The coconut isn’t overpowering like most things with coconut and it’s complimented well with the chocolate chips. Plus the cookie is massive!

Great Cookie!

Best tasting protein cookie I have ever had. Although the macro nutrient profile isn't the best in the market. If you are looking for a post workout snack this is the one.

Filling and tasty

Just finished the gym and was starving but it wasn’t mealtime yet...had a Lemon Poppy Seed flavour cookie instead. They are huge and tasty. I was full after that and it meant that I didn’t eat any rubbish instead. Well worth buying!


These are so good! Really enjoyed the Snickerdoodle and the Chocolate PB Chip. Macros on them are not that great but beats having a "real" cookie for sure! Would defo recommend.

The king of protein cookies!

Dense, tasty and seriously scrumptious protein cookies. Macros are high, but if you got them as a bonus item; it doesn't count!

Great cookies

These cookies are awesome! I’m not usually a big fan of cookies since i've tasted all bad ones previously. However, these are great.

Best selling cookies in the world

After having one bite of these you can see why. Really really nice tasting protein bars!


I finally found my favourite flavour. Try putting in the microwave for about 10 seconds out of the wrapper. Mouthwatering!


I've tried a few flavours of these. Some are great, others... less so. Snickerdoodle isn't one of my favourites, it's okay but a bit dry. Warm it slightly and have with coffee and it's okay, not the best for on the go.

NOT what I was expecting...in the best possible way!

I've now tried the Snickerdoodle and the Birthday Cake ones - and wow! They're delicious - they don't taste like most vegan biscuits, and definitely not like most protein bars. They're soft, crumbly and delicious. Definitely excited to try other flavours!


White chocolate macadamia is so good, warm it up gently in the microwave (not too long) and its even better!

Excellent snack

Just had a Snickerdoo flavour cookie. Huge cookie and very filling. Extremely tasty and this will stop me snacking until my next meal. Well worth buying!


They are very good!

Delicious Protein Cookie

I would only have these on a bulk as the protein/calorie ratio is on the low side. Great for fibre intake and a great guilt-free treat that will help you hit your macros without coming off track. Having tried every flavour I would say the Chocolate Chip ones are the best just due to the number of chocolate chips you get!

Warm it up!!!

These cookies taste amazing WHEN you warm it up in the microwave before consuming. It takes you five seconds and makes the cookie go from boring three stars to the amazing fives.

A real treat

Deliciously tasty and super soft.

Good little treat

Best cookies by far, good little treat which is healthy and can be eaten every day even when cutting.

Good taste

Tastes nice, and has a good amount of protein

Taste great but...

The macros aren't amazing, plus one cookie is two servings, I spent a full holiday thinking each cookie was about 200 cals, safe to say I put weight on!!

High kcal but wonderful taste

I love them, fantastic texture and flavours. To be consumed in bulk phase.

nice taste but heavy on the calories

these are a nice way to get some protein in your treats but they are that a treat unless your on a bulk its hard to fit a whole one in considering its only 16g of protein compared to 20+ you'd get from a bar for 100 calories less. best flavour for me is snickerdoodle and the birthday cake is not too bad either

Really Nice for what they are

I Bought the Chocolate chip ones and they are really tasty, better that some i had tasted in the past. I wasn't quite sold the first time i had them, but they really grow on you. i am now addicted. They are quite massive which is awesome, need to try other flavours

So much flavor

These are soft and have a very nice flavor. Probably the best protein cookies out there

Scrumptious Treat!

These cookies are really big and saturating compared to ordinary cookies. I had 'Chocolate Chip' and it tasted really good with real chocolate chips and a pleasant texture. It was not too soft or crumby. I can recommend these cookies and will get 'Birthday Cake' next time