10 genuine reviews

Best tasting protein I've ever had! Pretty good ingredients too. Cellucor came through with this one for sure. Going to buy more.


Artificial taste and not great nutriotionals but cheap

Good Product

Good product for price, mixes well and pretty good flavour as well. Will be buying agan.


I've always loved cellucor corporformance.....they have amazing flavours and you can do so much with them - bake, drink, mix with oats.....the list is endless. Personal favourite is cinnamon swirl 😀👍🏻 Great quality product for a good price

Low calories high protein

Good for a low calorie high protein shake. Not the best taste (strawberry swirl) but good value for money

Good whey by Cellucor but Trutein beats it IMO

I have tried all the premium protein out there - Reflex, ON, Body Nutrition, MTS and now this and for my money while Cor-Performance Whey tastes good (not quite as good as MTS or ON though) it is not worth buying really when you compare it to the others on this list with Trutein the top protein overall IMO.


really great protein but the taste is not the best

Cellucor Whey

I have tried this protein many times. It's good price for what you get from that money. It has plenty of protein per serving and the flavours taste great also.. I have had Peanut butter Marshmallow and Cookies&Cream, their both very good. Shake dissolves good and does not get foamy. Very good creamy shake. Few proteins has such high content of it. So like it says in description its very delicious and smooth shake. Recommended

good protein

high in protein but the flavours are not too good, way to sweet for me. good source of protein for after your workout

Good value

Good price, would try the vanilla next time rather than strawberry