18 genuine reviews
Does the job

Works nicely, doesn't provide ultra euphoric feeling as the old 13' version. However it is good for heavy lifting sessions.

Best booster for intense workouts

I love this preworkout for heavy lifting sessions. I don't mind the taste and was never disappointed. Nice energy and focus without crash half way through the workout!


Gives you clean energy, which for me is more of a really good "normal day" pre workout. It`s not one of the hitting hardest pre-workouts but it fills a missing spot for the mentioned daily workouts, without making you have to stay awake all night because of a super high stim.

Good Focus

Really good product, gave me a lot of focus, and a good pump!

Not effective

The Craze OG product I received was completely ineffective if I’m honest, I’m not one for writing poor reviews on things, but after paying £47.99 for it, I was extremely disappointed, there are much better (and cheaper) pre workouts on the market. There was no feeling from it, no increased energy or devastating performance enhancement as it says. Pretty much would have been better having a full fat coke to be honest

Best Preworkout so far

At first i was sceptical, i had the chance to use craze v1 and it was amazing. Sadly i had trouble falling asleep with craze v1, now this product is a new dimension. Insane focus, good energy and pump, some weaknesses however. I did not experience any crashes and had no problems falling asleep at night. Hopefully it will be back in stock soon!

Focus and motivation enhancement

Nootropic-like focus and drive improvement actions. Expensive but effective.

Another Dimension

The first 3-4 hours are about 90% of the feel of the original Craze. Insane mood enhancement, tunnel vision focus, and that feeling of being able to train for hours without getting tired. Time ceases to exist and I feel like I am in another dimension for most of the day. I am dosing at 1.5 scoops and it’s gives me an out of body experience when it first kicks in around 30 minutes after drinking. Everything is better on CRZ!

Phemonenal pwo

Phemonenal pwo. Super clean. Great energy. No spike in BP. Some mood enhancement. Increased V02 like you will see from ephedrine. My lungs can breathe way better. Better focus and pump then average. Not the strong euphoria from craze OG, but a very good PED. Flavor was great. Kept me up half the nite- Also after 2-3 hours I was starving. Which is a good thing. I rate this as A+. When I say “clean” pwo, you don’t hear things, hear your heartbeat, you dont spike your BP to 180/100. Extra strength. Extra endurance. No crash. No beta alanine tingles (I hate Beta-ala) Easily one of the best on the market

Good, could do better

Its good but its not a patch on the original Craze. I'll use the tub but i think i'll go back to Hydrazine afterwards

Good, not too dissimilar to the original

Been waiting for this to hit the UK market having seen it advertised by Driven Sports. I've used this for 3 sessions now and had a great workout each time. My workouts now last longer and i have to make myself leave the gym. Don't take this early evening as i struggled to sleep (i think i fell asleep around 3am). So CRZ gives you plenty of energy and focus, but i now use only for those hard workouts (not every session)

Highly Disappointed

After all the hype I signed up to be notified when this would be in stock. I ordered straight away. Tried 2 full scoops - had a sickish/light-headed feeling for 30 minutes which eventually subsided. Stimulation/focus wise there were no notable effects. I was still yearning through my workout. Much better products out there, this was similar to Rize (by the same company). Highly disappointed in the money I wasted on both tubs.

Driven sports has done it again!

Been using CRZ for a little over a week now and while I do miss the euphoric feeling of being on top of the world from the original, CRZ is not too far off in terms of focus, energy and mind-muscle connection that I got from craze. Will definitely be buying more once my 4 tubs are gone and hopefully by then they will have a new flavor on the way. And hopefully like the original, they will bring back the seasonal flavors! Driven sports has done it again!


I wasn’t sure this would deliver cos I wasn’t a fan of Craze v2 but it definitely does. Great focus and feel good training. Only downside is the price which is way out of whack with the competition.

Outstanding pre workout

Have used Craze since the beginning. Outstanding pre workout. Craze V2 was ok but now that Craze OG has been released, it’s back to basics. Have been using it for a week and it’s pretty damn close to the original. The energy and focus is amazing and the workouts are excellent. Craze is back!!!

Craze my arse

Ment to be like original Craze!!! Oh if only, unfortunately as with there other recent relase Rize, this as a pre workout is an absolute waste of money, dose Jack shit, two scopes nar good I tried three and still very little, concidering the amazing pre workouts on the market this stuff is seriously under dose and extremely over priced, stick with hydrazine or reign, will never DS pre workout again as have let me down twice now, Rize, and CRZ, Rubbish!!!!


After using CRZ AND after a couple of weeks, I can say I do not miss the old craze. The concentration is top and only a serving is enough.rnrnThank you predator nutrition


While this is nothing like the original craze, it’s the best preworkout I’ve used for some time.