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Doesn’t mix well but results are amazing

Does what it says on tub. Nothing but gains. Shame it tastes awful and doesn’t mix well.

Doesn't mix well, horrible taste

Can't fault the effectiveness of the product but as DAA goes, you'd be better off buying capsules. This has a horrible bitter taste and is very difficult to mix.

Quality product

What a quality product for the price! Felt like really doing more reps, harder workouts and pushing myself further. Price is cheap for what you get but my only negative was that it didn’t mix too well, just combined it with flavoured water and swirled it a bit and drank it like a shot. Positives still outweigh that by a long shot though! Definitely recommend.

Mixes well and tastes neutral as it's unflavoured.

Great product that mixes well and tastes neutral as it's unflavoured. Didn't upset my stomach and I had good results.

Doesn't mix, tastes awful

Tastes horrible and doesn't mix. Tried mixing with extra water, hot water but it's just horrible. Persevering because of the science that backs this product but will be getting a capsule product for DAA next, even if it is more expensive!

The effects will kick in after a few days.

This product tastes bitter so it's best to drink it with some sugar free fruit juice! I have noticed aggression at the gym and short tempered at times! Libido was good. The effects will kick in after a few days and continue day after day where it peaks around week 2. I'll recommend cycling this product 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off to maximise the benefits.

Seems to be working!!

I have been using this on and off for a few weeks. I think if you use it continuously for a period of time, it can definitely see some improvement but at the moment, slightly hit and miss for me.

Decent product, strong taste

Has helped me increase strength when cutting on a calorie deficit. Strong taste so think it's best to drink standalone rather than mixed with a protein shake.

So far

So good, starting to feel the benefit of strength and lean muscle increases

great value d aspartic acid product

good value product that mixes well with other products or in a little water with a spoon. tastes a little bitter but this is a bodybuilding supplement not a desert !

Great stuff

To be honest with you I got this just to kind of help with doing gym but it's honestly helped me with just general confidence, each day I've been feeling just better generally.

Great deal

DAA is a science backed supplement and so I will buy it from wherever is cheaper and Predator has a great offer on it!