Great tasting in mixed berry flavour! I’m a huge fan of EAAs and the the reasonable caffeine kick you get is a great bonus to make it perfect for a morning coffee replacement or pre workout.

Did the job well

I had the Blue Raspberry flavour and it was very nice. I used it as my intra-workout and it kept me going in the gym, I would definitely buy it again.

Daily amino energy

Great product, not too much caffeine but a nice pick me up before training. The blue raspberry flavour is my go!

Weak aminos

I wasn't impressed by the flavours, very weak and only 2.5g bcaa per serving so had to double dose. Not worth it in my opinion.

Great tasting energy

Took this in the morning after my workout day and the energy lasted past noon, at least. Tasted really great and the nutrients seemed to help my recovery as well.

Great product

Love this product, I bought green apple and blue raspberry flavour both really good flavours!